Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st June 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Parul telling Bhoomi to call Kishan to lower the differences. Bhoomi call him but he didn’t pick her call. Bhoomi feels bad and cries. Dilip asks Kishan to talk to Bhoomi. Bhoomi tells Parul that kishan isn’t picking her call as he is still angry with me. She says she was indirectly helping him and her intentions was not wrong. Parul says she knows but in a husband – wife relation if something happens like that, husband’s ego gets hurt. Bhoomi says Kishan completed the order through his knowledge and experience. Parul says he will be fine as soon as his anger goes off. Parul asks her not to cry as Dilip is with him.

Dilip tells Kishan to talk to Bhoomi and then decide whether she is wrong or right. Kishan tells him not to take Bhoomi’s side. Kishan says he was happy when he got the order, he completed the order amidst all problems. Kishan says Bhoomi proved that their mill and respect is saved by her. Kishan says Bhoomi hurt him and he will never forget it.

Lily fayi asks Parul about Bhoomi. Ansubaa says Kishan hurt Bhoomi by not talking to her and she will talk to Bhoomi. Ketki says We should thanks paddy bhai for giving us the order. Ansubaa stops her and asks her to keep quiet for everyone goodness. Hasmukh says what Bhoomi tried to prove by doing all these things as they all know their family status is low than her family. Hasmukh says she didn’t think about Kishan. Ansubaa says she dont think she did anything wrong, she asks help from her family and not like others who shake hands with the enemies.

Avni says Bhoomi’s nans call is coming from America. She picks the call and greets Jai Dwarkhadeesh. Nans says she wants to talk to Ansubaa alone. Ansubaa asks everyone to have dinner and she will join them after talking to Nans.
Ansubaa comes to her room and talks with Nans on the palmtop. They greets each other. Urmila behen asks for forgiveness and says she talked non stop without sensing anything.She says Paddy didn’t know anything about the cancellation of Rohan order and Bhoomi just suggested Kishan’s name to Paddy when he was in trouble. She says she will asks for forgiveness from Kishan, but Ansubaa says to give them Aashirwad and says Kishan is like a son to her. Ansubaa says her sorry and says she didn’t talk to her properly when he called her. Ansubaa thanks her for making Bhoomi, her bahu rani. she says bhoomi proved to be grah laxmi and because of you she had values in her. They cancels the call.

Karsan asks Parul, did Bhoomi have food. Parul says no. Karsan says we should help Bhoomi, if she asks for help from paddy, it is for us. Ansubaa comes there and Parul says what Bhoomi did was right. Ansubaa says she wants to talk to them about Kishan and Bhoomi.

In the car, Kishan feels restless whereas at home Bhoomi too misses him while the song Bin tere bin tere plays in the BG. Bhoomi send sms to him requesting him to talk to her. She calls him but he disconnects the call. Bhoomi is in tears. Bhoomi thinks Please Kishan talk to me once.

Lily fayi and Ketki is cooking in the kitchen. Parul comes there and Lily asks about Bhoomi. Ketki says everyone is talking about Bhoomi and feels irritated.

In the morning Kishan and Dilip comes back home after the meeting. Karsan asks about the meeting. Dilip says it was good. Karsan asks them to freshen up. Kishan thinks Bhoomi is nowhere seen. Kishan looks at Dilip, who nods no. Then Kishan looks at Hasmukh and Mayank, but they didn’t say anything either about Bhoomi’s whereabouts. Kishan asks Avni did you saw Bhoomi, Avni nods no. Kishan comes to the kitchen and thinks everything is tensed. There might be something wrong. Kishan asks Parul did bhoomi went outside. Parul says whatever happened between you and Bhoomi, we all know. After you left for work, Ansubaa scolded Bhoomi as you got hurt because of her. Ansubaa is right, Bhoomi didn’t think about you or family. She says Bhoomi unable to take it anymore. Kishan says she is upset till now. Parul says she is not at home, she could not bear Ansubaa’s words and left home. Kishan gets shocked and says Bhoomi left home. The episode ends on his shocked face.

Kishan asks what did Ansubaa told Bhoomi that she was hurt to leave home. Parul says you know Ansubaa’s anger and when it is about family prestige she will not tolerate anyone. She says Bhoomi was wrong and made them feel low…

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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