Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st August 2013 Written Update

Mahadev is watching Ravan’s Asuras killing the rishis. Parvati says Ravan has decided to attack rishis.
Ravan warns Asuras to kill rishis, their swards should have rishis blood on it. Sumali comes. Ravan says only you understand me. Sumali is happy at Ravan taking revenge on rishis after the Swayamvar. Ravan tells him to go to Patal loka to awaken all the Aasuri Shakti to kill the rishis. Those obeying him will get his protection. Rishi Pulatsya asks him to reconsider his decision. Ravan says you care more for rishis who laughed at me. Ill punish all of them & restore my respect in this Sansar.
At Brhma loka, Brhmaji tells Saraswatiji, its time to do something to help rishis.

Mahadev is worried seeing rishis getting attacked by Asuras.

Says its my duty to protect rishis but at times not stopping bad deeds can make way for some good deed to materialize. Interfearing now will be like stopping that event.

Anjani is praying to Mahadev. Wind starts blowing. She says I know you are around son. With Hanuman Chalisa playing in BG. Hanuman is shown. Anjani compains why is he quiet, she is seeing him after a long time. Says why isnt he speaking? Kesari Says he is searching for answers by being Moun, it was suggested by a rishi.
Mahadev closes his eyes, Brhmaji comes, says due to my boon you are stopped from punishing Ravan. Now I want to do something. To protect rishis & this Sansar. I am performing a Yagya. Your presence is expected. Mahadev- Parvati both want to be part of it. Saraswatiji explains Aadi Shaktis Ida & Mahadevs Pingala Nadi with Prakriti & Purushs Energies will be directed to this Brhma yagya. They agree.

In Mithilas garden, Urmila is teasing Sita about her praying to Ma Gauri, who granted her wish so soon. Even I should ask for one such groom. She spots Ram, Lakshman coming there too. Sita feels shy, says before the wedding she can not see him, according to mother. Urmila says but she can give msg. Sitas msg is- thanks for coming in my life.
Urmila comes to meet Ram, is stopped by Lakshman, who says before wedding your sis can not see my bro. Urmila tells him she is not Sita & you are not Ram. Lakshman is about to speak. Ram stops him, asks, is there anything to worry? Urmila says I have a msg for you. You are called Maryada Purushottam. Is there any Maryada in hearing the msg? Ram says she can give the msg. The msg is thanks for coming in my life. Ram answers, thanks for today. Urmila is surprised at this short msg. Lakshman says, my bros msg has deep meaning. You wont understand, you be only a messanger. Ram says after the wedding hell get chance every day to thank her.

Urmila is about to speak but Sita, says, thanks for today. Urmila is surprised. Sita says, thanks for every moment.

Precap: Ravan gets to know about the Brhma Yagya. He says protection is someone else’s duty. I’ll not let this Yagya continue.
Precap: Brhmajis yagya starts. Mahadev tells Parvati, both of them will have to play an important role now. Asuras are moving towards the yagya place.
In Mithila Dashrath comes with Ram’s Var-yatra.


Update Credit to: mnx12

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