Chanchan 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Chanchan 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 21st August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the organiser’s or the business associates asking Gomuti to come on stage to say a few words about Mokut. Maithili calls Chhan chhan and says she needs to talk about Manav. Chhan chhan cuts the call saying she will speak after sometime. Gomuti goes on the stage and speaks in English. She thanks everyone for coming to the function and giving award to her husband. She says Mr. Parekh said that behind every successful man there is a woman, but I believe that it is the hardwork of both, husband and wife are equal. They are partner in everything then why not in success also. She says I help him because he is a perfect father, son and husband. She says today he is also a perfect businessman. Mokut gets shocked. Gomuti forgets her lines and says she don’t know english. She begins

talking in hindi and says she got the motivation from her husband and her husband is her ideal. She says that’s why her husband is after her success. She says today I can say that behind every successful woman, there is a man only. She says today I am very happy that you all are here to give this award to my husband. She again speaks in english and says she is very lucky to married to him. She thanks all for being her and making this evening special. She thanks again and says Jai Hind. Everyone applauded for her speech. Mokut feels bad. Mokut holds her hands much to her surprise. He thanks everyone for the award and says he is thankful to lord for giving him Gomuti as his life partner. He says my wife is my achievement. He says I will remember my family, which starts with my wife. Mayuri comes there to give him a surprise but gets surprise herself. Chhan chhan tells Umaben about Mayuri. Mokut holds Gomuti and walks down the stage, while Mayuri stares at them. Chhan chhan feels happy at their closeness.

Umaben’s husband says that their modern bahu Chhan chhan saved Gomuti’s married life. Umaben too praises Chhan chhan and says she is beyond my expectation. Manav comes and asks them to praise him as he is the one who selected her. Chhan chhan comes and asks his father in law to drink milk. Suddenly he feels suffocated, Umaben asks Manav to call the doctor immediately. Doctor comes and informs them that he got a minor heart attack. Manav says we shall take him to the hospital. But babuji says he will not go anywhere. Doctor asks them to take care of him, and he would be fine soon.

Manav tells Dadaji that papa will be fine if they take care of him. Mokut also says the same. Mokut says we will not allow him to take any tension about the business. Manthan asks him whether he took the sign from Papa. Manav says no. Mokut says he should have taken his dad sign before itself on the power of attorney so that he can sign in his dad’s presence.

Chhan chhan tells Manav that papa will be alright and asks him not to take tension. Manav says his brothers are worried about the business. He tells her everything. Manav says they dont care about Papa. Chhan chhan says one day you will earn the respect in this house.

Dadaji comes to Gomuti. He talks with his son. He says he will be fine soon. babuji says he is tensed about the family’s future as your four son’s have to take care of the business. He tells they are fighting over the rights and who will take care of the business. He says this is a sensitive issue. Dad says they are fighting to get power. He says he will give the rights to the one who deserves it. He says he will held the competition without their knowledge and will give the responsibility to the one who succeeds.

Babuji calls his sons to talk something important. He says he is worried about them and says one can’t trust on life. He says everyone is equal to him. He wants them to prove competent in everything. He asks do you agree with me? Everyone is shocked.

Babuji says he wants his daughter in law to support their husband’s. Chhan chhan tells Manav that she is going to attend an interview tomorrow. Manav asks whether it is needed. Chhan chhan says both of us needs to do the job.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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