Devon ke Dev Mahadev 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 21st April 2014 Written Update

Ganesh says that hey where afraid if Parvati ma would curse Banasur..Parvati ma replies that Banasur needed a child to warm up..
who would fill in the emptiness in his and his wife’s life. So Shiva and herself, created a baby and gave it to him.
They named it USha and gave it to Banasur…Ganesh ji says she is like his sister..Kartiekya asks if they can meet her..Shiva tells that its not the right time for Banasur and Bani have started a new journey wid a new responsibility..getting in terms with their new duty as parents. But they would surely meet her in the future and not only that they’d both (K n G) would play an important role in her life.

Banasur at his court asks his minister to announce that a Baby gal has arrived at his place…the

minister asks what exactly should be announced, that a baby gifted by Shiva has arrived at Banasur’s place. To this Banasur gets pissed off and gets wild on his minister…She is is daughter. Vani stops her husband from strangling the minister as its a good day for them..forgive teh guy for Usha atleast.

Then Banasur in civil asks his minister to announce the arrival of a baby gal..his daughter.
Shiva discuss with Parvati devi abt Banasur being successful in controlling his mind. That means her decision if blessing them with a child was right.

Banasur is excited abt the child n shares it wid his wife..he wishes to hold his daughter…he is so happy to hold her..the wife fears that Banasur might turn wild even in his overwhelmed emotion of affection and refuses to give him their daughter by giving him excuses.
The main purpose of the child is to help Banasur control his mind..and Vani would make him unstable by keeping him away from his won child

When paravti devi suggests that they should help Vani know abt this, Shiva says its not right if they interfere, they both have to sort things out themselves.
Shiva leaves on another work..pending work.
Naradji goes to Banasur’s place and informs him abt his popularity around the world..for he has been given so many blessings from Shiva along with great he brought Mahadev himself to Shonik pur to honour his ancestors..
Also that he has been blessed with a daughter- he too wishes to get the privilege of meeting SHiva Putri . to this Banasur feels hurt…he says Usha is Banasur’s daughter…Naradji agrees and wishes to meet her.

Naradji follow him…he tells Usha Naradj has come to meet her.. Vani gives her respect to Naardji and says that Usha is v fortunate of having his meet n blessings.
She gives Naradji her daughter..seeing this Banasur feels that his wife even after his request didn’t give Usha to him and now she hands her to Naradji without his asking.
Naardji blesses the baby and says that she’d have spl powers and would be doing a great deed in relations with Mahadev n Adi Shakti.
Banasur intends to hold her..but Naradji sees Vani gesture not to give him and then the baby cries..saying that the baby might be feeling hungry he gives her to Vani. Bansur is annoyed.

Mahadev goes to Bhirav..Bhairav apologizes for not fulfilling the promise he made.for failing in the pursuit..SHiva says no he never failed and never would…he tried his best to follow his orders…but the only mistake he did was to know the subtleties between following the orders/duties with his existing rights and forcing ppl to follow his control them.

one need to know the orders given and rights of it..Bhariva realizes his mistake for ill treating all..he’d try to be good if he gets to another opportunity to serve them.

Bhairav asks when will he be freed from his curse…Shiva says that since he was cursed on the work given by him(Shiva)..he’ll come to Mrityu lok and free Bhirav from the curse. Bhairav says he never want him and Devi Parvati to be away..Shiva says he need not worry as she too would help him as devi Sharda rup…in his purpose at the mriyu lok. blessing bhairav Mahadev leaves.

A servent informs Vani that the baby is missing,,she freaks out if Banausr knows this he’d kill they search she finds the baby with Banasur…he plays with the child..His alter ego tries to mislead him again…
The ego tries to control him and tells that its all a conspiracy against him..
It tires to brainwash that the baby is a trap..Banasur tells the baby is important to him now and he might go,..the EGo says that ..the worst part is his own wife doesn’t trust him as she thinks he’d harm their child.

And in the proses he throws the baby kind of misses his catch while playing with her..Vani freaks out.

There will be a war btw Adi Shakti and Mahadev..Mahadev tells that he had to stand by his devotee, come what may…on asked on till when he ahs to do taht..Shiav replies that till the devotee’s mistakes turn into sins.
Banasur sets the room in fire as his alter ego laughs..

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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