Uttaran 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 21st April 2014 Written Update

Akash pushes Vishnu and he falls down. Damini comes and asks what has happened to him. Akash doesn’t say anything and leaves from there.

Meethi calls him and tells him about the women getting tortured. Akash doesn’t say anything. She asks him if everything is okay. He tells her what happened between him and Vishnu. Meethi reminds him that Mukta is pregnant and stress is not good for her in this condition. She asks him to go to Vishnu and apologize. Akash agrees and comes to Vishnu. He apologizes to him, but Vishnu seems to have forgotten everything. Akash again offers him a job and explains him that they are a family and there is nothing wrong in working together. He’s not doing any favor to him. Vishnu thinks about the offer.

Mukta comes to Yuvaan’s house. Yuvaan sees her and wonders

if Vishnu told her everything and if he sent her here. Mukta sees him injured and asks why he didn’t tell her. She understands that he keeps his personal and professional life separate, but still. Yuvaan tries to find out if Vishnu told her anything or no. Nani is getting restless and she calls Mukta to come home as soon as possible.

Police inspector decides to keep vigilance of the area from where Meethi saw women getting tortured.

Kajri is given a dress by a new entrant, Maharani (a transgender brothel owner). Maharani praises Kajri’s beauty and at the same time complains that he/she didn’t get that. Kajri refuses to wear it. Maharani tells her to do what he/she says and she will live a queen life at her place. Kajri cries.

Mukta returns home and Nani tells her about Akash pushing Vishnu. She provokes her against Akash, Meethi, Damini saying it’s Meethi who made Akash do that. She’s jealous because Mukta became mother before her. She insults Damini and Meethi which they hear. Mukta asks Meethi if Akash really pushed Vishnu. Meethi says yes and apologizes to her on his behalf. Nani interrupts and says there is no value for son-in-law of their house. She insults Iccha and Damini finally breaks her silence. She reminds Nani that Vishnu was raised by same Iccha that she’s talking about. If there is anyone whom Vishnu respects the most, then it’s Iccha. Their argument heats up.

Precap: Meethi tells Akash that they have to be careful. If anything happens to Mukta, then they will be blamed for it. Other hand, Mukta slips.

Update Credit to: dtb

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