Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st August 2013 Written Update

Ram and Laxman leave Vishwamitra’s Ashram…
Parvati tells Sita that the pooja is over…and she can return…Parvati asks about the reason behind the Gaurivrat…Sita tells that over and above for the benefit of her kingdom, and for her own too..getting a good hubby
Parvati asks that who is, according to her, an eligible hubby…(Elo why do you want to know…you have the most eligible hubby in the whole Srushti) Sita recounts the sterling qualities…who is Maryada Purshottam and who respects women…

Ram arrives in Mithila (Bacha is having difficulty holding on to his paduka) along with Laxman and Vishwamitra. ..and everybody stops in their tracks to ghurofy both the eligible bachelors Laxman is asking why are the looking at them like that…but Ram it seems is lost in thoughts and he refuses to answer…Janak comes and welcomes Vishwamitra and company to town…He looks at Ram and ofcourse he is all garden garden seeing his future Jamaisa and Mahadev is all proud proud seeing that Janak has lost his senses on seeing Mahadev ke Ram…

Vishwamitra introduces Ram…and Janak also says Ram and pranams him Vishwamitra narrates the Tadka story…Janak welcomes them to Dhanushyagna…and then clarifies that it is infact his daughter Sita’s swamwar *hint**hint*…Ram smiles and mutters the word “Sita”…and Sita feels as if someone has called him…Ram’s attention is at the Gauri Mandir…and Laxman had to call him to move on and not to stand and stare

Sita is unable to sleep at night…and she is watching the moon…Ram on the otherside is praying Chandradev…and on Kaislash Mahadev is standing near the moon with Parvati alongside him

Parvati is saying that since he is a Trikalgyaani this is all very fine for him But the wait for Ram Sita Milan is killing her…Mahadev says that think about him, who knows everything and has to waitParvati remenescing about their intial days…and is telling Mahadev that she is the one who taught Mahadev to love

Ram in the morning worshiping the Sun.. Vishwamitra tells him to go and collect flowers

Ram in the Pushpvatika plucking flowers…and gives Laxman the bowl of flowers and sends Laxman away And starts wandering when Sita comes in…they both feel each other’s presence as Mahadev is giving running commentary …and playing cupid…

Precap: Mahadev in a poetic mode…describing the Sita Ram first meet in Pushpavatika

Update Credit to: Arushti

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