Junoon 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 1st August 2013 Written Update

Ip is on the phone outside when lakhan comes and IP says dosti or dushmani ka hisaab I attend to definitely and walks away. Lakhu smiles evilly as IP gets in the car and drives away and IP shouts behind the car Prithvi I am here to kill u.

Db is gardening when Mishraji comes and is curious why she is working instead of the gardener, so she says she wants to doit and asks for his update.. Mishji respond he asked around 25km radius of the city and got no news or his body. He heard rumors that IP is helping a business man to setup a factory. Db knew that.
IP is with a client in some warehouse and the client gives IP 25 lakhs. IP is sure the money is counted or else he will take revenge. H smells the money and gives a note to someone to have sweets. He assures the client the factory will start and this amount will be a starter and he will complete the work and collect the rest.

Miji is surprised she knows about it and she brags of her news gathering skills. The client heads out with Lakhu watching secretly..

Db n Miji discuss how IP pretends to be prithvi at home and IP outside. Mji asks how can meera allow that to happen. So she responds IP can make it happen and they plan how to turn the game. She asks him to call all IPs enemies to meet her so as to use them against IP.

IP looks at the money and then the map. He recalls escaping with some jewellery and senses someone so he hides the suitcase. Lakhu is outside in the heat mad at having to wait in the heat.
IP comes out and heads out and is followed by lakhan. He hides the car and loses lakhan. Lakhan calles DB and tell her IP is entering the border ka jungle and it’s a good opportunity to kill Prithvi. DB warns him not to do that. IP stands in the jungle and looks around. He remembers running the night when he hid the “treasure”. Lakhan follows him. After walking around a while IP identifies the spot but continues to walk and leads lakhan on a chase. He notices lakhan hiding near his car. Db call and lakhu whispers and says he is waiting near the car for IP so db is curious why he is near the jungle.

RK asks Meera why she is refusing a gift so lovingly brought by Prithvi. IP eneters and says that’s what even I am saying. DB hides and is seen by daadi who calls her in. DB asks tum yahhan? So Ip responds where else should I be?

Precap ‘ DB shouts at Lakhu who is still sitting in the jungle. IP takes the dress he bought and in front of everyone says if Meera doesn’t want to wear it he will take it back and these days he doesn’t feel as if he is married.

Update Credit to: Prem_diwani

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