Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th April 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th April 2013 Written Update

Devtas and asuras are now ready for the war… wearing their vengeance with confidence as their tool they stand amid of the battle field.
Vritasur reminds himself of his reason to be the part of the war.
Tridev become mere spectators here.

Knowing that Vritasur is desperately waiting for revenge Jal asks him to kick start the fight.

As Vritrasur moves forward Indr sends a few of his devtas ahead to fight him. But Vritrasur takes the from of a dark windy storm form and showers arrows at them, due to which the devtas get injured and a few die.
As this continues more and more devas get slain by Vritrasur. Indr gets frightened seeing ttheir plight just at the start of the war.

Dev guru says that Vritrasur cannot be killed so easily.. he cannot be killed by any metal weapon. wood etc; neither can he be killed in the day time nor at night.
this puts the devtas in a scary position.

At Vaykunth, Naradji tells Narayn that Mahadev has made it clear that Jal is his part and he cannot take any decision without Pravati dev’s consent. And on the top of it Paravti ma isn’t out of her memory loss phase; but this wait will be perilous for the whole world .

Devi Laxmi says that the result is just cause of Indr’s wrong deeds. Beause of him all the devtas are paying it with their life.

At the battle field Indr gets reminded of hwo Rishi Dhatich’s gave refuge to devtas and their weapons. He says that there is one option left though.

Dev guru understands what he meant and asks him to leave the thought itself.
Indr says that he doesn’t find any pleasure in doing so but they have to do it! He says that its time that they get all their weapons from rishi Dhatich
Dev guru retorts on this by reminding him abt Mahadev’s order taht all their weapons are now a part of Rishi Dhatich’s bones.

Indr says that their weapons have become bones..neither metal nor wood.

Dev guru bashes Indr saying that already so much has happened cause of his irresponsible behavior and again.. Indr says he one last time is going to save thew orld.. and besides he is just going to ask their weapons and it depends on Mahadev and Rishi Dhatich how they’d return it.

Brihaspati refuses to grant his Indr on this.. Indr them emotionally black mails him giving him tthe crown to crown Jal the king of swarg.

On Indra’s grumble Brhaspati asks him to go to Brhm dev cause itshe who can solve the issue.

Indr then thinks that arguing to Brhaspatis is useless he’d do what he feels right for his own-self.

Indr says taht he is going to Brhm dev…and disappears.
Asuras and devtas are in a neck to neck combat

Jal gestures Shukrachary taht he would go to the camp..

Indr goes to Mahadev and overreacts saying its terrible… Vrtrasur just at the beginning itself has destroyed half of the devta’s army. And that due to Brhm dev’s boon no devtas is capable of killing Vritrasur.
Its become a bane for the world instead.

As Indr continues his bakwas saying asuras always misuse the boons given by devtas.. Mahadev interrupts him saying that there is no need of that explanation and also that he knows his intention.

Back at the camp Vrind treats the injured asuras and Jal is glad to know that she is on his side..
She counters saying that she is glad to know that he has come there to see his injured soldiers. Is it right to sacrify so many soldiers..
Jal replies that if the rights are given to them they need to snatch it
The one who wins is respected in the world… sShe says that he wishes to win over so many dead bodies.. one day he’d be all alone.

He is not responsible for all this, its devtas… Whom she tursts.
She says that she has full faith in devtas and she has a clear conscious and could sleep peacefully at night ans when she wakes she is filled with mercy and gladness and what abt him could he even sleep without the guilt feeling of being the reason of so many deaths?

Time is precious and as for her, she needs treat many others and he need to kill them..

Indr request Mahadev taht only rishi Dhatich could help the devtas… if they could get their weapons back from the rishi they could fight the asuras… Indr tells Vrtrasur cannot be liked by any weapon… rishi Dhatich replies that he can be killed by a vajr.

Asuras are happy to see they are succeeding in their plan.. Shukrachary says taht thought they are abt to win they shouldn’t be so confident of their enemies.
Jal says that Indr has fled, Shukrachary informs him taht there are a few devtas whom he doesn’t know and they are v powerful too.

Rishi Dhatich says that Jal, Vritausr and other asuras fail to realize that there is no such thing as immortality in this mortal world..

only thing which is important is that how can one make the most of their life in service to the betterment of the world.
Indr satires the rishi saying that they cannot win the war with his thoughts.. they need weapons which dont even exist in the world to kill Vritasur.
Dhatich shares what he knows is Brhm dev has not specified any use of bones as weapon.. Indr feels confused hearing bons.,, Rishi says that if the weapon is made with bones Vritrasur can be brought down!

Indr puts his doubt forth how could that happen… Rishi says for the betterment of the three worlds he’d give away his life gladly. He continues saying a life which he lived in service to Mahadev and if that is gonna be his end what a blessed life he had.
Dhatich tells Indr make weapon with his bones… At that moment Rishi Dhatich’s wife arrives..

Rishi Dhatich’s wife says that she needs to be proud of him but if he is gonna die she too wont stay back..
Shiv says that he needs to take Parvati’s advice on this also…

Jal is obsessed with the thought of killing Indr!

Update Credit to: killer_shark

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