Devon ke Dev Mahadev 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 18th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with nahush meeting Mahadev for his blessings. Mana dev tells him to do his duties without thought of ego and thoughts of over ambition. You should do your duty with purpose of upliftmeant of people. In that only his good is also embedded. Nahush says he will take care of these words

At Devlok Ashoksundari is in deep thought. Nahush comes there and asks her what happened? She says I was thinking what will be the impact of your becoming dev raj on our married life? Nahush asks her why it should have any effect on it, he says of course his responsibilities have increased and now he has to think of things other than married life
Ashoksundari says are you thinking of Indrani ? He says no why do you mention her??” Ashoksundari says you restored

all her previous powers. She may still consider her wife of dev raj. Nahush says nothing like that will happen

Indrani comes to her room and she sees Apsaras dressing up Ashoksundari. She gets angry and says this is my room and these are my Apsaras. How dare you use this room??? She says to Ashoksundari this is my abode and you are temporary here, when my husband returns you will have to leave. Ashoksundari says sorry this will not happen again

At Devlok court Nahush asks dev guru to tell him Indra’s faults so that he does not repeat them and also his Qualities so that he can adopt them . At that time Devrishi Narad comes there and says you are doing all your duties properly but one duty you may not be able to do. Dev guru says Indrani . She is very upset and needs reassurance, Nahush says he will talk to her. Everyone tells him it is too early to talk to her. Nahush says if any one is unhappy means he is not discharging his duties properly so he will go talk to her

At the lepers camp king tells shambhu who is Mahadev in disguise that he is feeling hesitant to serve the keepers Shambhu asks who is your favourite God, king says no one but my wife worships Mahadev and hense I also worship him. Shambhu says then know that by serving the lepers you are serving Mahadev. King goes and starts serving the lepers. The boy who had opposed him earlier comes to him and says that he mistook the king earlier and he is sorry. King says I am glad I am no longer a criminal in your eyes

Indrani is sitting in her room and a maid comes and says dev raj has come, she scolds the maid saying that dev raj is only one and that is her husband.

Nahush comes inside and says sorry I came without informing. He says I heard you were not comfortable, please tell me what you need, as Looking after people is part of my duty. indrani says this my abode and there are many people here to think of my comfort, she says that what does he mean that her husband didn’t discharge his duties properly ?? He says indeed everyone knows the mistakes of his rule. Indrani says at least my husband became dev raj due to his karma not because Japheth is son in law of mahadev. You are dev raj just because of marrying Ashoksundari.

Nahush is sitting and drinking somras, Ashoksundari asks what happened. He says Indrani insulted him, he gave her all respect and she called him misfit , he shouts at Ashoksundari and tells her to go and ask her father that he was made the king because of his qualities or because he was his son in law, Ashoksundari goes

Precap Brahmins plotting against king and queen and inviting neighbouring kingdom to attack

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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