Ek Boond Ishq 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 18th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kala’s men takes away mj in bus, jailer is informed that some ran awy froom jail, he says to check, he messages rudra.
In villa, tara is keeping an eye on rudra’s room, she says he didnt come out of his room since last night, she says but he doesnt need to come out to do something, one phone call is enough for him, she remembers his words, she thinks that i sent message to mj, he must be alert now.
Mj is unconscious and is lying in bus, tara is worried for mj, she sees white saree and prays to save mj, i cant reach but bhagwan can only save him, please save him from kalavati, in bus, mj gets up and attacks one goon but other goon attacks him with steel rod, he gets unconscious again.

Scene 2
Its holi celebration in villa, tara says he is here since,

maybe he was just warning me and didnt hurt mj, rudra comes to dadu, he ask fahim to bring gualal’s plate, he says to dadu that you wanted kala to died from inside me but now kala will kill all your family and it will start from mj, dadu is stunned, he ask all to come here, he puts tilak on dadu’s head, nando comes to tara and says why are you alone, she calls joseph and tries to apply color on tara but she stops her, nando says why are you angry, she applies color on tara, she says should i pray for colors in your life or..
Dadu remembers kalavati and gets panicked, he says blood, blood, tara comes and says calm down, rudra comes there, dadu gets afraid, all are stunned, dadu says he he.. tara ask what, rudra says what happened, rudra says go inside, tara says he wants to say something, rudra takes him, nando says why this much silence, he ask band to play dhol. nando and rudra comes to nimmo to apply color on her but she jerks her hand and goes, he says soon your color will be on her and that will last long.

Scene 3
aradhna and yug comes in villa, tara meets her, nando comes, aradhna says you are dead for me, nando says why me, why you chosed tara, she says i rule here so i will decide who will come here, she says leave from here, yug says shame on you, aradhna says lets go, they leave.
adi is trying to call meethi, nando aomes and applies color on her, she says on holi, all leave their enimty and becomes one, she says apply color on my good completion, she says apply thinking that i am meethi, he says you cant be her, he leaves.

Scene 4
aradhna and yug are in taxi, she says i know tara will fight for mj, yug says her biggest enemy is her sister, she says i am hating nando, taxi strikes with meethi, they are stunned.
rudra says you sent message to mj but it didnt reach him and i kidnapped him too, media is saying that he ran away from jail, rudra says i will fulfill my promise do what you can, tara runs. she comes in room and see in news that that mj ran away from jail. tara thinks where he must be.
kala is getting ready, she says now its kala’s time to play holi, she apples red color on her face, tara thinks whom should i tell, baba, i should tell him, he will not believe that mj can run. she comes out and see kala standing there, shhe is shocked.

Scene 5
tara is being taken to jungle, kala drags her, all her workers are playing holi, kala says see who came, its mj. tara is delighted to see him, they both crave for each other, kala says you can call me rudra, tayaji or kalavati, she says today i will play holi of blood, mj’s blood, tara pleads to leave him, kala says lets start hearing of court. kala acts as judge. she says today’s hearing is of mj, bring him in box, they drags mj in box, kala acts as lawyer and says he came in kala’s life and destroyed everything, then he married tara who went in kala’s mandir without permission then he hided dadu then he helped my enemy radha, she says i request judge to give him severe punishment, the she again acts as judge, she ask mj do you want to say anything, mj says stop this drama, kala says i forgot you are not allowed to talk, she says without any proof, without any statement, kalavati is is announcing death sentence to mrityunjay son of dont know, mj shouts rudra, he frees himself and start fighting but they grabs him and beats him. kala drags injured mj, kala says i am not god i am just a human and as that i should follow my words, i am fulfilling my promise, i am killing mj, mj is being put on death hanging, tar sits in kala’s feet and says i will do what you say, please dont kill him, mj says dont ask forgiveness from him, i am happy that you are with me in this time, tara pleads kalavati, kala ask mj any last wish, mj looks at tara, kala say leave her. tara hugs mj and cries, kala throws her away, kala puts black cloth n his mouth.

PRECAP- mj is being hanged by kalavati, tara freezes seeing mj died.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    This can’t possibly be …
    MJ can’t die or else this serial is dead

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