Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th March 2013 Written Update

Parvati ma still speaking to the ideal… that she is waiting for him.
The wait for not that painful as the last moments have got her…

Back here Indr leave an arrow at Avdhot roopi Mahadev.. Seeing Indr’s audacity Shiva fumes (literally) and opens his third eye and blazes away a ball fire towards Indr.

And the only thing Indr is expected to do is run!
Brihaspati requests Mahadev to pardon Devraj..saying he has done all that cause of insecurity!

Mahadev tells that he has given enough opportunities to him to mend his ways… time and again Indr has crossed his limits.. He perhaps for got that with great power comes great responsibility.
And lol Indr runs like an 8yr old crying that he’d do whatever Mahadev says.

Brihaspati again requests Mahadev to forgive Indr as more than the punishment he needs guidance.
Mahadev says that he had have enough of Devraj’s arrogance and ignorance… he has to brought to justice.
Brihaspati says being a dev guru its his duty to protect the devtas and what would people say if Indr is punished today?

The ball of fire takes a round and makes Indr come back to Mahadev.. Must A watch scene

Indr falls on Mahadev’s feet and begs for forgiveness.. he asks for one last chance.
As the fire ball comes back Mahadev stops it.. observing this Brihaspati folds his hands and bows his head before Mahadev.
Mahadev then says just on his (Brihaspati’s) request he is gonna free Indr dev from death punishment, but it is impossible for him to take in the fire ball which came out of his third eye as a mark of his anger.
And if the fire ball stays long on earth its gonna be perilous for all.
And no one or nothing can cool the fire so he’d offer it to the ocean.

So the fire ball goes into the ocean and touches the ground.

Back here Parvati devi is still awating for Mahadev… she talks to the ideal saying a plants has signaled that he was gonna come, then what is taking it so long for him to come there.
IS it the freedom that he has to pull her leg or is it another issue of the world that made him forget about her Gajra.
She reminds me of what she said.. that with in an year if he doesn’t come.. she’d forever erase his memories from her heart. And if that’s gonna happen he has to work hard as much as she has done for him.
But she says that she has full faith in him.

Indr speaks that Mahadev is kind and generous.. for forgiving time and again.
Shiva says, it is after 100 Ashwamedh yagya one gets the chance of becoming Indr, and that is not even after possessing riches has the capability of controlling the self is made Indr.
Shiva says that he (Indr) had all these gunas but he has renounced them and forgotten the limits, glory and dignity.

One who has Dharm, does Dhaan and be good all will be called Indr.
And he has done everything but these this day… Indr says his problems that why the hell on earth does he always become so insecure of his position a Devraj. And asks to free him from it.
Shiva says that can only be given after his death and there is no other go.
Mahadev tells that if he wants to get read of this arrogance he has to do it himself as he himself is the creator of it.
Mahadev tells that he is taken away by the outer beauty and the inner beauty is nothing to do with it. Till teh time he gives outer things important he’d be nurturing arrogance. The more he finds happiness in outer things the more he will get unhappiness.

Mahadev gives him one last chance and that is just cause of his guru and there will be no next time for him.
Cause of him his subject has to face the wrath.

Meanwhile the fire ball which was emerged into the ocean turns into a kind of fetus and comes on the surface.

Indr now asks a doubt (lo aise wakt bhe silly doubts!) that in the future if his doing reaps a bitter fruit will he be able to undo it?
Shiva says no, only his redemption will be counted.
And the path of redemption will be shown by his guru.. and guru is above Eshwar.
The one who disrespects, disbelieves a guru will see his end undoubtedly.
Without the blessings and acceptance of a guru for any endeavour never finds its successful end.
Brihaspati tells that he himself has failed to become a good guru and doesn’t deserve to call one, as he couldn’t mend his ward’s wrong ways.

Mahadev says hat a guru’s greatness isn’t measured by his ward’s success.. Guru is an ocean of wisdom.. Mahadev appreciated Brihaspati for not leaving Indr in any situation and brought honour to that position that is commendable.Henceforth he will be called as ‘Jeer’ The highest honour a guru can get.
Brhaspati is grateful for it to Mahadev.
Mahadev tells Indr to start a new life a meaningful one.

The cool breeze lets Parvati devi know abt Mahadev’s arrival.

She runs to him and embraces her Shiva.
She staying their speaks..that all these plants, nature are witness to her wait for him.

Summer was the heat of their separation and rainy became her tears..
This gajra will become the symbol of their love.

Parvati devi is curios to see the gajra; she asks him to put it in her hair with his own hands..

Shiva gradually takes out his leather pouch.. to his horror when he puts his hands into it he only finds the ashes of the gajra

Poor thing Gods dnt even get a chance to romance cause of humans
Parvati ma is early waiting for the gajra and Mahadev is still in his posture.. thinking what he has to do next!


Parvati ma is shocked to know about the gajra … As said she has to erase all his memories.

Mahadev wonders alone in his Kailash.
.. and has no answer to Ganesh’s question .

Voice over: What will Mahadev reply to Ganesh’s questions?

Update Credit to: Killer Shark

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