Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th December 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Kartikeya expressing his feelings towards his father by saying that he could not do anything to put his mother out of this dilemma, but explains him that Parvati is Jagat Mata, and would you ask Jagat Mata, to run away from her responsibility, to which Kartikya could not answer it. There Arunasur frees Chandradev from his clutches, and Chandradev goes from there.
There on Kailash, Parvati says that she was able to withstand the pain, if Mahadev was not by her side. I cannot imagine life without Mahadev. Mahadev says that if he encounters such type of problem, but Parvati stops him from saying something else.

Ganesha is shocked to see both Shukracharya and Brihaspati together, but Brihaspati tells Ganesha that they are

not Devguru or Asurguru at this time, but right now there just devotees of Mahadev and Parvati. Mahadev comes there and Shukracharya tells Mahadev that they would do anything to give Parvati strength, Brihaspati also further says that they want to worship all the Shakti Peeths, so that Devi Parvati could gain strength and positive energy from this Puja. Mahadev agrees to this.

Daksh all the rishi’s to assemble at Manikarnaika in view of Shakti Peeth’s Puja. Mahadev tells all about this incident to Parvati, but says to Mahadev that she just wants Mahadev to stay with her. Mahadev promises Parvati that he will stay with her and so is Ganesh, Kartikeya, Nandi and all the Gann-Prets.

There Arunasur calls Bhoothnath, and Bhoothnath. The fight begins between Bhoothnath, and Arunasur remembers the death of his father and mother. A great fight starts between both of them, with Arunasur throwing weapons on Bhoothnath, but Bhoothnath dodges them.. Bhhothnath says that fire is giver and taker, it gives birth and also destroys and it depends on you on which side you choose. Arunasur remembers of how his father killed his other, and how Arunasur killed his own father.

At one point, Bhoothnath opens his third eye, to face the weapon sent by Arunasur. Bhoothnath further states that fire of jealous and anger destroys us from within, and those who are not free will not be able to defeat me {Bhoothnath}. Arunasur is defeated, and is forced to free Agni Dev.
There Daksh welcomes Mahadev in the puja, and so does everyone. There on Mount Kailash, Ganesha is thankful to everyone for performing the puja which gave strength to Parvati. There Arunasur frees Agni Dev. Before leaving Agni Dev says that there was a king who wanted everyone to see him, but now he is running away from everyone.

There in Ksheersagar, Narad tells that we should all go to Kailash, to which everyone agrees. Everyone is assembled on Kailash. Shukracharya thanks Mahadev for his presence on yagna, but Saptarishi’s also tell that Mahadev was present in Kamakhya. Vishnu says tells there is no need to get confused as Mahadev was present in each 51 Shakti Peeths during yagna.
Shukrachaya feels happy that Mahadev was present for Devi Parvati’s pooja. He also further says that, Mahadev knows everything, resides in every particle, and he is also Mahakaal, and whenever there is pooja for Devi Parvati’s, Mahadev will be always there. Parvati remembers the promise Mahadev gave to her and she is happy that Mahdev was with her and also during pooja for her.



Precap :- Arunasur asks Samudra Dev for Bhoothnath, Arunasur challenges Samudra Dev as he was not telling him, Bhoothnath comes there.

Update Credit to: kalyani_shiva

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