Amita Ka Amit 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 18th December 2013 Written Update

Baba tells his men to take the baby from Kajri by force and throw this witch outside. Kajri realises his truth. Baba says the truth is so scary that it scares me as well. But till the time foolish people like you are alive then we are in business. No one knows about today or tomorrow and you are talking about rebirth. At times I think that I fool such people. But they come on their own and strengthen my thoughts. Kajri is not ready to accept it. He orders his men once more. They advance towards her and she is scared / worried for Raunak. AA watch helplessly.

Kajri picks up a knife from baba’s plate and warns them not to come forward. She swears to kill Raunak. I couldn’t get my son while I am alive then I will kill him first and end my life as well afterwards. AA are scared.

If he doesn’t come to me then no one else can have him as well. Baba instigates his men not to fall for her lies. The men try to move further but this time Amu tells them to stop. She also removes her veil and Kajri is surprised. Amu begs Kajri not to do anything to her son. Kajri cannot believe they could do any such thing. baba deduces that this is their real son. Amit agrees in frustration. Amu tells Kajri that even baba doesn’t believe in any of it. He is not your Suryansh. Please give my son back to me. Kajri declines. He was right before. You guys have changed his opinion for wrong. I will kill him (while pointing a knife at Raunak’s neck) if any of you take even one step further. Kajri leaves from there even though AA keep telling her not to. Baba makes his men stop AA from going out as they have come to know of his real identity now. I want my money. Amit argues that he has already paid him enough. He wants his full amount. Baba tells him to call his family members and arrange for it. Amu too tells Amit to give him the money. Amit agrees. He calls up Rohan and tells him to reach there asap. Amu is worried for Raunak.

Kajri in an auto with Raunak. She is very happy.

Amu tells baba to let them go or Kajri will take their baby very far away. amit too tells him to keep all the money. They wont say anything about it to anyone. Just let us go. But baba is adamant. You will directly go outside and inform police. I want my money. Till I get it, count them and leave from here you guys cannot go anywhere. Amu explains they don’t care for police or money just let us get our baby. Baba stays put. Amit tells him that the police has been already informed and would reach here any minute. You are a cheat. Baba is shocked. He cannot believe it that police will come here. Amit makes him recall how police reaches at a certain place at the last minute. This is your end. Just then the police come there. They arrest all those men. Amit slaps baba as he has done bad with not only them but a lot of other innocent people too.

Amu cries thinking about her baby. Kajri left a long time ago. Don’t know how we will reach her. Where will our son be? Amit assures her they will get their son back. They spot Kajri’s phone. Amu tells him not to waste time in checking out her phone. This wont help. Amit calls back on the last dialled number which of Kajri’s aunt’s daughter. She immediately asks for her whereabouts. You have missed the train now will you miss the bus too? She also tells them (thinking it to be Kajri on the other end) not to miss this bus as this is the last bus for Gwalior. Amit disconnects the call and explains it to Amu. We will have to stop Kajri from going to Gwalior.

Kajri comes to where her aunt’s daughter is. She was worried for her as she dint even say a word on phone as well. Kajri gets suspicious. It must be Amita not me. Did you say anything about Gwalior? She nods back. Kajri is sure they will be coming here very soon whereas she is sure they wont be able to reach here before the bus leaves for Gwalior. Kajri is still worried.

At Shah House, everyone is busy checking out the route maps. Kirath is on call with Amit. I have got four locations where the bus halts. Nani adds that the bus has already left from Andheri. Amit says we too wont be able to reach there. Next stop is Dadar which is also almost next to impossible to reach. Amu gets sad. We wont be able to get our Raunak this way. Amit tells her to be calm first. They will definitely get their son back. Rohan deduces that Kajri would board the bus from Ghatkopar as that is the nearest stop from baba’s place. Kirath tells him to go there. Amit agrees. He tells Amu they will take a short cut because of which they will be able to reach Ghatkopar before the bus reaches there.

Bus comes at where Kajri is. Kajri tells something to the driver in mute….I need your help!

Amu is worried for her Raunak. Will be able to reach on time? Amit nods. She prays to Kanha to give them their son back.

The driver says I have understood everything. He tells her to sit on her seat. She thanks him and boards the bus. AA are still on their way to Ghatkopar. The conductor tells the driver to start the bus. AA reach there and locate the bus. They start running towards it. Amu falls down but Amit keeps on running. She prods him to keep going. Amit taps at the bus shouting out loudly to stop it. Kajri hears his voice and is pensive. Amit is not able to stop it and looks back for Amu. Amu is crying for Raunak. Amit comes back to where Amu is. The bus is gone. Amu cries desperately for her son.

Amit calms Amu. They sit back in the car and decide to follow the bus. Kajri is happy now. Amit overtakes the bus and stops his car in front if it so as to stop it. AA get into the bus. Amit tries to take Raunak from Kajri but the conductor stops him. He in fact asks others to help as well. Kajri points out to him that these are the very same people. Amu begs her to return her son to him. amit tells him that it is their baby. The conductor tells him to get down the bus first. Kajri is adamant and calls Raunak her son. Everyone pushes AA off the bus and don’t let him even come near Kajri or the baby. Kajri is holding onto Raunak very tightly. Driver starts the bus. Amit runs along it begging them to give them their baby. He is my son. Please give him to me. kajri you cannot do this. AA lose out as the bus gains speed. AA cry out for Raunak. Kajri is feeling a little bad from inside.

Precap: AA come back home crying for their son. Kirath is sure they will get Raunak back somehow. They all see someone and have different different reactions on their faces.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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