Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 17th April 2013 Written Update

Aadi Guru is watching his shishya concentrating standing on one leg. She remembers his words- even trees are born like you, their life is selfless. Remembers to concentrate well, does so.
Gunesh asks Shivji, has mother mastered Vikshasana properly? He says whoever will practice this aasana will feel same harmony like your mother, now it’s time to go to the next stage for her.
V (Vritrasur) gets angry on 2 asuras, trys to kill them, Twastha trys to stop him but he doesn’t J (Jalandhar) comes there, says you don’t seems to be that strong asura, as I’ve heard of. Vritrasura challenges him to check his power. J accepts it.
Aadi guru asks Parvati to come out of her aasana, she asks was she successful? He stops her, asks her to come with him. Ganesh asks Aadi Guru will she have to be one with this mountain? He asys before that some preparations are needed.
J & vritasura are fighting. J stops his attacks, says he got a chance to use his energies today. He again stops V’s attack tells him you are not that strong. V throws a big stone but J breaks it. V asks him does he still doubt his power, has got boon from Brhmadev. J says he wanted a powerful Asura like him in his army. But V says he doesn’t fight for anyone else. He goes up in smoke creats a cloud of arrows, J breaks it. V falls down, looks at J’s face which looks like Shivji’s face. J asks him to lead his army. V accepts his offer. All the Asuras present does Jay jaykaar of J.
At Swarga, Indra remembers J catching him by his neck, taking Airavat away, is worried as now even V has join J. Brihaspati says you are responsible for this, had you not killed J’s mother this situation wouldn’t have come up. Indra says retaing power as Devraj is much difficult then becoming a Devraj. He has to do a lot to keep himself in power.
Aadi guru gives Parvati a Lotus, says first you have to learn something from this Lotus. Inspite of being in adverse conditions, getting energy from different sources, surviving , a lot has to be learnt from a Lotus. It upto you what you wish to learn. He then sits in Padmasana. Parvati follows him.He takes his hands up, joined above his head, askes her to do pranam like this, close your eye & become one with that Mountain. Parvati does so.
J is preparing Asuras for war, they are practicing Sword fight. He tells them to be alert as devas are cowerd,instead of attacking from front, can attack from back side too.
Vrinda comes there. She has got his medicine, says a Vaidya’s duty to give medicine to the patient, even if he disagrees with her. She needs to make him fit before the war starts. It’s her duty towards Asuras. Whom to worship is upto me, you can not control my independence. J says your coming here is insulting for me & Asuras, go & worship Devas, they are not going to remain for long.
Vrinda says if your thinking is same as Deva’s what’s the difference between you & them? If she wanted to take Devas side, he wouldn’t have been alive today. Trust is trust, try trusting someone for once. Keeps the medicine box & leaves. She is back in her clinic. Sees the ointment, tells her Dasi to take it away. J comes there, wants privacy, dasis leave. Says for all the major stages in life one has to reach a particular age. But to see my mother’s death there was no age decided. I was 8 years old, they wanted to kill me but failed so killed my mother. I want to teach them a lesson for that. I am going to declare war against Devas tomorrow. At that time I wants you to be present, be with me in this war.

Precap: Deva & Asura’s army is ready to fight. J tells V, to go & teach a violent lesson to Devas for killing your brother.
At Ksheersagar, Naradji says Shivji has made it clear without Aadi Shakti’s help, it’s difficult for Devas to win. Lakshmiji says why should all the Devas pay for Indra’s mistake?
Shivji tells Kartikeya to go & lead the Devas, they need their Senapati.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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