Devon ke Dev Mahadev 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with mata parvati thinks about mahadev’s conversation. Ganesh ji comes with gann. Nandi says to ganesh ji, mata is really looking so angry, what happened? Kartikaye says, i thinks it is really due to rohitang and if rohitang will done something wrong then i will not leave him. ganesh ji stops him and says, dont take any wrong decision in a hurry, lets go near to mother and ask from her, what happened and how will we help her. Ganesh ji says, maa, if you want any type of help then please tell me. Mata says, i want to tell something very bad, rohitang will misuse of his knowledge. Kartikaye gets angry and moves. Mata stops him and says, remember son, he has only think about to attack and if he will do this then he will get punishment.
Rohitang gets excited for attacking on kashi and then he sees his food and remember tulsi’s wordings and then move from there. Tulsi starring towards sky and rohitang reaches there. Tulsi says, swami wants to join assembly and i am expecting that you will not go anywhere. Tulsi then moves from there. rohitang says, if you really like me as brother then please stop and recalls his oath. I know i have done my duty but if you think that i have done wrong then kill me with this sword. tulsi says, you have not done anything wrong. Rohitang says, i am giving you promise that i will make you happy. Tulsi says, you are saying really very big thing. I will worship from whom. You have to save my husband till your last breathe. Rohitang promises to tulsi.
TUlsi says, then i will forgive you and then move from there. Rohitang says, i am promising myself that i will take revenge of my sister unhappiness and i will show it tomorrow.
Anusuiya’s husband worships mahadev and says, i cannot live without you mahadev. Anusuiya says, you are looking so tensed swami. Saptrishi comes and says, mahadev has already informed us that rohitang will attack on kashi. Anusuiya’s satitva will balance the world and world will run with it.
All devta waiting for shankchur and rohitang. Rohitang comes with shankchur. Shankchur says, after becoming raja, i want everybody equal, nobody is greater to anybody. Devta has got so many things until they did so many wrong thing but this time it will not happen. devta will also do some work and withdraw all the luxurious parts of their life. Musician says, my main work is to create music. Shankchur says, everybody will have to do hard work. Indra says, we doesnt depend on you, Shankchur. Rohitang interrupts and says, king shankchur. Indra says, everybody will get opportunity. Rohitang says, yes. But now this time, i got the chance.
Dev guru says, indra dev, you have promised to shankchur that you will follow all instructions of shankchur. Dont worry shankchur, all devta will follow instructions of shankchur. Musician says, i think shankchur will tried to develop himself. Indra and all devta goes from swarg. rohitang says, now i get, why will you call me in assembly. Dev kampan says, now its time to go to kashi. rohitang says, no guru dev, its time to destroy kashi. Ganesh ji remember his childhood days. Mata comes and says, swami has given you opportunity and it is really big responsibility.
Ganesh ji says, i will fulfill my duty. Kartikaye says, if rohitang will decide to attack on kashi then he has to fight with us. Mata says, rohitang has seen only tridev’s power and from now, he will see tridevi’s power. We will back you soon.

Precap:- Rohitang trying to put his leg into kashi but he is unable to enter in it. Kartikaye says, you cannot enter into kashi. ROhitang says, nobody is here to help you here. Bhram dev says, rohitang doesnt know the power of tridevi’s.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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