Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th March 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th March 2013 Written Update

Mahadev collects flowers …(@ supper slow I know why it would take a whole year!)
And says to Parvati he has collected which blossom only in Vasant ritu (Spring season) and there is a wait of just 5 more seasons.

Back here Parvati devi is making an idol of Shiva with the sand on which Shiva walked an until he comes she is gonna talk to the idol.

And then there is a long wait for both..

Then comes Grishm ritu (Summer) there blossom the flowers of champa.
and 4 more season to go…
Shiva picks out the flowers lovingly.. and Parvati devi waits.
She talks to the idol of the past events when she went out of her father’s palace to collect flowers and saw him for the first time.
they say one needs to focus on present not past… but since the past is so wonderful what would one do?

Shiva then again waits for the next season to arrive…

As months pass the sky is covered with clouds… darkness engulfs…
Parvati ma stops the clouds… and asks them to convey her mesg to Mahadev that the wait is filled with unease…and the rainy season symbolizes the season of a couple’s union, so the wait is even more unbearable.

Back here the cloud goes to Mahadev… and tiny droplets of water fall on… on Mahadev who is already missing his wife.

Guess Mahadev gets the mesg from Parvati devi, so he asks the cloud to convey his mesg that the fire of separation makes the love pure and also tell her your story of how it lived in the ocean and how sun’s heat made it in vapor form – it got separated from the ocean and only when it gets coolness its gonna shower.. and through a river it is reunited with the ocean
which is only to reunite with the ocean and like wise he – to reunite with his Parvati, has gone afar.
(Now that is what is called Cloud computing… who knew that ‘cloud’ was used to send important messages to one another, that to without any expense)
The cloud shows up at Parvati devi’s place and drips droplets on her conveying Mahadev’s mesg.
Parvati devi feels touched by the mesg.

Rain showers heavily and Parvati ma follows Shiva’s foot steps and remembers him drenched in the love and rain
where as Shiva sits under a tree…
After some time he picks out flowers for the task.

And so times passes by all all 6 seasons see Mahadev and Parvati devi’s virha- love.

Mahadev now makes a big garlend of those flowers which he collected from all the seasons.

Trishina is deep in penance and the heavenly nymphs say to Indr dev that they are unsuccessful in distracting him from it…
Indr threatens him if he doesn’t open his eyes he’d blind him.

But Trishina never does.. Indr dev is vexed up and shouts to stop the penance.

Then Indr takes a sword and again warns for the last time.. but Trishina is deep in meditation over Brhmdev’s name.
As Brihaspt comes and stops by then Indr dev slays Trishina head.
Brhaspti tells Indr dev that Trishina was a Brham bhakt!

Brhaspt says Tridev will be angry at this..Indr says that he is not afraid of anyone!
And after taking the Elixir (Amrit) he has become immoral and he has all right to fight for his thrown.

Brhaspti warns him that if Tridev become angry neither the elixir nor his over confidence is gonna help!
And as for the thrown of Swarg is concerned its not his property to claim forver! Its just a position which is only given to the one who deserves and capable of it!

And no one can get read of such sin of Brhm hatya.
Indr dev turns to Brhaspati and tells since he his guru he has to guide him!

He advices that Narayan or Brhm dev wont forgive him and there can be some relaxation if he accepts his mistake.
AS they move on they find a sadhu sleeping on the way which hinder’s the path.

Indr dev talks to the man in an uncouth manner… and asks him to follow his orders and get up from the place.

Brhaspati asks Indr dev to quite up but Indr dev wars the guy.. hearing that the man wakes up!

The Avdhoot (Mahadev) tells that he cannot go further
Indr asks who is he to hinder his path!
Indr boost his position..he is already angry and has killed one evil one..
The sadhu says that the path leads to the divine place of Kailash and he as no permission to walk over it!
Brhaspti realizes that this man is no ordinary one!
Indr tells his guru to ask the guy to move away and not test his patience.
Brhaspti says that he might be one of Mahadev’s ganas and asks him to request the man!

Indr feels it below his dignity.
Indr tells if he is one of the ganas tell Mahadev that he has come to meet him.
Avdhoot tells Indr to give away ‘Mein’ (I) and asks Indr to purify his mind and penance if he wnats to see Mahadev!

Indr says he doesn’t want to do another killing.
Avdhoot says thnn go and redeem for the first killing and then he might get a glimps of Mahadev.
Indr unmannerly tells he send Indr the forerunner of swarg to penance.

Indr tells he’d get his punishment of disrespecting Indr dev
There follow an arrow fight starting with Indr dev..


A sphere of fire comes off Mahadev’s third eye and moves ahaed.

Voice Over: Mahadev’s biggest enemy is gonna come.

Update Credit to: Killer Shark

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