2612 15th March 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 15th March 2013 Written Episode, 2612 15th March 2013 Written Update

A lady is in the temple. [I forgot her name] ( Someone plz tell me her name )Jadda is in front of her. She asks him why he called her. He gives her a letter.

The scene changes. Randeep tells Malik ( they’re in a room ) that he’s going to give him a gift. There’s a cry of a baby. Randeep tells him that that child is his daughter. Randeep tells that Sha has forgotten he child in her mission. Randeep tells him that if he dies, his daughter will have no one. Randeep gives him an offer that if he’ll tell him what 26/12 is, he’ll let him see his child. Malik is pointing a gun towards his own head. Randeep calms him down and tells Malik that there’s no kid. It’s just a recorder and a doll. Randeep then forcibly removes the gun from his hand.

Randeep calls Rashmi and tells her to keep calling him at intervals as here is great danger. Randeep sees a van. He asks a man nearby to get him the keys of that van.

Rashmi goes home in a hurry. As she enters her home, there’s a man pointing out a gun at her and Shahana’s sitting nearby. Shahana reminds Rashmi that she had promised her to tell her a way of how to find Malik. Shahana tells the man nearby to take Rashmi with them. Rashmi challeges Sha that Randeep will save her.

A lady ( The one who’s taking care of Suchi ) shows Suchi a pic. Suchi gets scared. ( It’s Sha’s pic ) Suchi says that Sha had locked her in a room and told her that she won’t be able to meet her parents. Jada hears this.

Shahana goes to meet the CM. Sha says that she wants to meet Nikhil. Sha wants some help from the CM. As she is about to ask him, the CMA gets a call and so goes.

Randeep goes to a research center. He goes to a doc.

The CM is back. The CM invites Sha for a function. Shahana asks the CM if those tablets can be returned to her as she wants to distribute it among children. The CM assures her that they’ll be returned and tells her not to be so serious.

Randeep asks the doc about the Nova6 bombs. The doc says they’re really dangerous and all the info is with Shantanu and only he knows how to diffuse it. Randeep asks the doc to tell him all he knew about the bombs.

A person is shown going to a room and is in front of Sha’s tablets.

Precap : Malik tells Randeep hat its impossible to know the plan of 26/12.

Update Credit to: chand1234

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