Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th August 2013 Written Update

Everyone is present at Raja Janak’s palace. Ravan creates thunderstorms as he is collecting energy from earth to pick up the bow. Everyone is worried and looking tensed. Mahadev and Mata Parvati is also witnessing the happenings . Ravan tries his best to pick it up but he couldn’t get successful doing that. Mahadev at the other hand says Ravan will know today what a real devotee is and also who is a fake one. H’ll get to know the power of my Original and real Devotees .

Ravan leaves picking it up and notices that every one is happy with his failure. Ravan says to every one that they all are fools and they don’t know what mistake are they doing while laughing as if he is not able to pick the bow up then also in that whole conference no one can

pick that up so they should stop laughing.

Raja Janak is now worried and he starts accepting his undone fault that he says he had done a mistake that he thought the person who can pick that bow up he’ll get the chance to get married to her daughter. He says he thought what he has as his dreams he had decided that is only his fate. Janak says that he was over ambitious about his daughter’s marriage and he thinks no one can pick that bow up in that Swayamvar.

Hearing this Laxman gets annoyed and he starts opposing of Janak’s Statement that this is a insalt to them as how could he say that there is no one able to pick that bow. He also can try to pic that up as he has not that much power as compared to his brother. So How could he think that no one can pick that up.

Ram Interrupts and laxman keeps saying that how can u think that man cannot pick this bow who has killed Tadka, and with the touch of whose feet a rock can turn into a beautiful lady Ahalya so he can do anything. Ram Again tries to interrupt and Raja Janak says Ram to let laxman finish. Laxaman says we are the sons of King Dashrath and my brother is able to to anything.
Ravan is listening to everything. Ravan says will he accept this humiliating situation to happen again and again rather than this he should stop it now. Rishi Vishwamitra Comes in and says Rather than stopping that he wants that his disciples should be given a chance as he has trained them and he knows what he taught them.

Vishwamitra says to Raja Janak that he is too much sure of his disciple that he can do that so they should give him one chance. Ravan interrupts and says if he couldn’t picked up that bow then how could any one else can pick up that and Vishwamitra should tell who is that sisya. Vishwamitra says Ravan should have better understood the relationship of a Master and his disciple if he would have got that process of Yogi Training from his guru, but he has not so he can’t be trusted by any of his gurus. Ravan says then now he must say who is the disciple is . Vishwamitra says every one knows here that if Vishwamitra is saying something so he has some truth in his words. And Truth is also that Even Ravan accepts that. Ravan says fine he should invite now his desciple.

Precap: Mahadev says Ram will now complete his duty towards the earth as he’ll be representing the truth of Power to the world and also he will complete his duty towards his father’s and sita’s trust.


Update Credit to: Celestial

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