Savitri 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 15th August 2013 Written Update

Damyanti blames Vidu for her wound and says that she had got up to get water when he went of to sleep and in the process she got hurt. Veer is angry on Vidu and also accepts that he was wrong in telling Damyanti all that he had and that he came to know from the princess that she herself had given her the ornament. Veer tells Damyanti that he would leave her at her house and she denies but she finally has to agree and on his asking her address she tells that let’s god own the hill and she would tell the way.
Damyanti asks Veer about his hobbies as they walk to her imaginary home and he says that he doesn’t have any because he has been working hard from the time he was small. They share an emotional talk where Veer talks about his childhood.
Damyanti is about to fall and Veer catches her and they share an eye lock. Damyanti points towards a unknown house and calls it her own and Veer leaves advising her to take care of her.
Vishkanya finally is able to convince Chandal Singh that he would give her a job in the palace when she tells him and presents him her aiyyari skills and tells him that she would give him information about the happenings at the palace.
Damyanti reaches the palace and gets to know by Uttara that the King has been waiting for her along with the Queen for dinner. She reaches there and her parents ask about the wound and she lies that she got a piece of her broken mirror stuck in her foot and then they have their food.
Sughanda gets the job but she does some magic and Chandal Singh sees her as young while the others as old.
Damyanti sees Veer and she tells Uttara to hide the medicines that she was using to dress her wound. Veer informs her that he has found the house of the Senapati. She tells that she would go with him and he should prepare her chariot. She tells Uttara to dress her wound.

Precap : Veer tells Damyanti that he can’t help her anymore because he is the Senapati’s co – worker now and not her bodyguard. Damyanti is left shocked.


Update Credit to: catty2000

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