Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th April 2013 Written Update

“Past, Present and future are with me… 3tatvas & 3 gunas are with me” says Shiva
May the darkness be as darker or as ancient but the fire of knowledge destroys it in a second.

Then Mahadev grows in his size and his aura gleams, when Apasmar attacks Mahadev instead it gets a huge blow.
Then the dwarf gets up and Mahadev gets back to his original form. Apasmar challenges Mahadev that he couldn’t possible be defeated.

Back at Vykunth:
Vishnu dev says that, along with Pavrati devi’s memories her 10 Mahavidyas too are lost in Apasmar. This moment Apasmar’s powers are greater than all the devtas.
Naradji says if tat happens the world will be overshadowed by Apasmar- ignorance.

Back at Apasmar’s cave… Shiva says untruth in the shadow of truth.. unjust in the shadow of just… are always nurtured. But to destroy it there will always be a chance before the world.

Then Mahadev pucks off a strand of his hair and throws it down..from which another form of him appears… The essence of this world is in ‘Nadvaram’ which always sustains the world and will forever defeat it. It will compel Apasmar to keep it in limits.
And many such forms of Shiva appear with a damru playing in his hands.
Apasmar feels terrible hearing the damru sound.

Back at patal.. Jal tries to get up, only to be stopped by Vrinda.
When she says that he need to rest which is inevitable he says that its a waste of time. Sleep can never be waste of time! A king ought to be fit for a better kingdom.

One would be weak both in mind and body…if not have sufficient sleep and rest each day.
And that his subjects are waiting for him and as a king he shouldn’t be heedless to his subject.

Saying so Vrinda convinces Jal to have rest.

Jal questions her that she hasn’t cleaned her wound she changes the topic saying that he need to be taking care of his wound…

Shiva says that then end is gonna come to Apasmar.

He stakes the Natraj posture and does his Natraj dance. (Which was beyond words…although Mohit did quite a few excellent steps I found someone else do the tougher one)

Hearing watching the Natraj dance Apasmar falls down


Shiv says to rishi Dhatich that there are difficult times yet to come.

Jal sees Vishnu idol at Patal and is furious about it upon whcih Vrinda says that its her deity.

Update Credit to:Killer_Shark

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