Dil Dosti Dance 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 15th April 2013 Written Update

Taani is in the fire-exit when she remembers about her tauji’s words.Re asks her what happpened.She tells Rey that please let him not misunderstand her and asks him to hide hid Dance identity to her tauji.She tells her tauji does not like dance and he needs to hide this fact.She asks him to promise her.Rey asks this is not possible and hat her tauji feels is wrong.Taani says only he can change it as when he comes to know Rey totally he will change his opinion.Rey says this is tough.Taani starts to get tears in her eyes and Rey promises her and says its really tough to hide the identity and moves out.

The girls in the rehearsal hall where reading and editing a letter by Aashi to the NDC head and Simii reads it out which has “types” in each pause.They edit it up ans say to Aashi that while speaking its fine but not in writing.Aashi says that its first time and she was inexperienced in drafting a letter.Sharon comes and asks where is Swayam.Aashi says he informed that he will late.Sharon feels Aashi knows everything about Swayam.Vicky asks any issues.Sharon says its about the budget.Vicky asks they has less amount.Sharon says Yes and adds that they will sort it out.Rey is in the boys locker room where he thinks about his convo with Taani.Swayam comes in and asks Rey if everything is fine.Rey is still calm .Swayam asks if he spoke with Taani.he adds he knows how it feels.Rey is all gloomy gloomy when Swayam does some crazy acts and makes him laugh his heart out.Sharon watches this and smiles.When she comes forward Swayam stops.Rey says to Sharon that she must have seen how Swayam performed in the event.Sharon agress that Swayam is equal to stupid.Swayam says to Rey that he must move and speak to his boss about the NDC.Rey asks his sister.Swayam says your boss.

Sharon is in the girls locker room when Tani comes up and asks her for the fee.Sharon says they will give it soon.Taani replies that they must at-least let her know by when can they give.Sharon nods her head and Taani moves out.

Swayam asks Sharon to find out who is coming in their zone.Sharon says Taani will feel bad and so Rey ages and moves to speak with his boss.The team is practicing at the rehearsal hall.Taani comes in and watches it.After their final posture they were speaking when Neha asks her when did she come.Barath asks you always wanted to see our dance so tell me how is it.She tells its half.She asks where are Swayam,Rey and Sharon.Aashi replies saying they are busy.Vicky comes up and says this routine was set up by the and so they don’t need rehearsals.Vicky also says that they are not under her.Simmi says they are behaving patiently.Taani asks she is just doing her work.Rinni says that she must support them and not comment on their rehearsals that is not her work. as Sharon did previously.Barath says how will she when she does not know about Dance.Taani says Yes I dont know about dance so does it mean that you will make fun of me.Aashi says Yes.She comes front and says untill you act like a bechari we will.There are so many sources like Internet,the gang and her boyfriend.

Taani saysshe will tell them what she is here for.She came here to inform Swayam that unless they pay the amount for rehearsal hall they cant practice for their events here.

Precap:Rey and Taani in the rehearsal hall with some mastii moments.Sharon is worries.Swayam asks her what happened.She tells Taani asked for the amount.Swayam says they will use their pocket money.Sharon asks what will the say to team.Swayam says they need to hide it.Vicky comes from behind and says they will get it.The gang tells they will put some plan.the march into the office of Swayam’s dad and speak up.Barath asks them that they must move out else Swayam’s dad will kill them.Swayam says no and moves forwards asking for their due.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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