Devon ke Dev Mahadev 13th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 13th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts, Mahadev does meditation and mata reaches near the den and see his trishul and close her eyes and see the whole incident. Mata laxmi says, devi parvati and mahadev is again on same place after so many ditches in their life and now their association again generate positive energy in world. Mata parvati remembers kumari’s wordings. Mata says, swami, shiv and shakti is always one but unity with kumari is not destiny. YOu came and you guided her. It was her mistake that she didnt identify you but now its time to again associate and this time, i am calling you. Please open your eyes. Mahadev doesnt open his eyes. Mata laxmi says, swami, it didnt happen before that devi called him and he doesnt open his eyes. Narayan says, mahadev didnt accept bahan parvati in kumari’s face thats why he disappeared himself. It cannot be seen before. Adi shakti is not appropriate for recall to mahadev. So many positive power is required for it. Mata says, now i will give exam for recalling. World will again get mahadev.
Nandi says, i am eager to my God on this throne. I want to see prabhu and mata. It is really so sad that mata and prabhu seperated for this world. Ganesh ji says, maa and pitaji is not seperated but they have done for this world. Kartikaye says, i thought so many time that father rejects mata but i got that father always love to mata and it cannot be understand to anyone.
Mata comes to kailash. Ganesh ji ask, mata, where is pitaji. Nandi says, will we decorate kailash for welcome to prabhu. kartikaye says, but you gone to amarnath. Mata says, he didnt come back on my call. Ganesh ji says, then what will be the solution. Mata says, you and you have never told me it. Kartikaye says, what? Mata says, will i tell. Ganesh ji accepts and says, ok maa, you tell to everyone. Mata says, ganesh is now become father. Everybody gets happy. Ganesh ji takes blessings from mata parvati. Ganesh ji ask, how will father return on my child birth. Mata says, your children will generate positive energy and by it, swami will return back. Mata says, swami, i know you will definitely return back but unless then everybody will face problem in absence of you. Saptrishi request in front of mahadev but mahadev doesnt open his eyes.Mata does meditation. Narad ji says, mata is doing so many practises to recall mahadev. Indra says, if mahadev will not return then whole world will detroy. Dev guru says, ganesh’s son is going to born. Ganesh ji says, mother, now time is near. Ganesh ji’s children takes birth.
Mahadev gets happy in meditation and whole world again rejuvenates. Everybody on kailash gets happy. Ganesh ji bring his children at kailash. Mata laxmi says, it is really nice to see it. Narayan says, whole world is become positive and everybody gets result of it and mahadev will return by it. Ganesh ji says, please give name of children. Mata says, whole world is now become positive and gives name to subh and labh. Bhram dev and narayan also comes at kailash. Narayan says, whole world was waiting of Ganesh ji’s children. Now mahadev will return. Ganesh ji says, it is reallly priviledge for us that mahadev will return by my children. Narayan says, sister, now it’s time. Mata parvati bring subh and labh at amarnath. Bhram dev says, devi, now its time to move inside. Mata comes in front of mahadev and says, congratulates swami, now you become grandfather. They came here to see you. Please see swami, they are happy to see you. Please open your eyes. They take birth to flow positive energy in world. THey will flow love and sacrifice in whole world but i want that if you will see them then only their journey will begin. Mahadev opens his eyes. Mahadev cries in happiness. Mahadev says, parvati and then pick up their grand son.
Bhram dev says, this smile is not world regulator narayan but it is devotee narayan. Narayan says, yes i am happy to see mahadev’s deed. Mahadev is now express his views in very smart way. Mahadev sings lorry for their grandson.
Narayan says, see the calm in front of mahadev’s face. Now mahadev become grandfather. Mahadev has completed his all formalities but his main motive is for world wellness.
Mahadev ask from Ganesh ji, how are you feeling. Ganesh ji says, it is really nice to feel and now i feel how much you care for me. When i see them, it seems that i again become child. What happen if they will like modak. Now new journey is starting, we require your blessings. Being child is so easy but now being as father, it is really difficult. Mahadev says, why are you frightened. Everybody can does mistake. All children is different. Every children require guidance from their parents. Give time to their children and give proper manners to them. Kartikaye says, and remember Ganesh, you should share your modak with your children. Nandi says, prabhu i am requesting for all of us. Mahadev says, speak nandi. Nandi says, we all want to worship you and we want knowledge from you. Mahadev says, we didnt stop anyone. Nandi says, we require your acceptance and it will make us happy.
Nandi says to everyone, we will start mahadev poojan. All devotee fights on mahadev poojan. Saptrishi stops them and says, it is impossible to do poojan in this environment. Mahadev comes and everybody takes blessing from him.

Precap:- Mahadev says, i am everywhere and you can find me everywhere. You have to just transform your views. I am always with you

Update Credit to: Tushar

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  1. Very thankful to you tushar .. You update show very well !!
    Great show.. Will miss it !!

  2. Mahadev singing lori for his grandchildren very touçhing seen .(cried) real lord of lords mahadev ( mohit raina) Such a pleasing serial.

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