Udaan 13th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 13th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with a heated argument between Bhaiya ji and Ishwar. Ishwar taunts him and Bhaiya ji asks him to be in his limits. His goons aim at Ishwar. Chakor sees this and runs to him. Ishwar asks her to be there and asks Bhuvan to stop Chakor. Bhaiya ji threatens Ishwar about himself. Abha looks on. Bhaiya ji makes joke on Ishwar and asks him to see his wife. Ishwar says my wife and I are not scared of the guns. Bhaiya ji scolds him and says I have got you on knees, you came to our haveli by give away Chakor to us, are you not scared, this is fear. Ishwar says you feel I got Chakor here by your fear, no, I got her as it would be big loss of her, don’t feel Chakor came here by your pressure, she came here by her wish. He says she made me helpless to come here, else no one has power to get Chakor even if you searched the whole world.

Bhaiya ji gets angry. He says who will be witness that you came here, who will support you, they are my bonded labor. He hurts Imli and yells on Ishwar. He asks Lakhan to kill Ishwar and Abha. Chakor is shocked. Kasturi closes her eyes. The police comes there. Bhaiya ji is shocked. The goons are stopped. The inspector says Bhaiya ji that its legal crime to aim gun at a govt officer, what are you doing. Tejaswini says Bhaiya ji is just joking. She asks him to check rifles. The rifles are empty. Bhaiya ji is shocked. Tejaswini recalls how she told the goons to empty the guns, as Bhaiya ji’s anger is more sharp than this guns.

Bhaiya ji asks inspector why did you come here. He says Ishwar has legal protection from Lucknow police. Ishwar says like I got Chakor here, one day I will take her and free all your bonded labors. He says this is not my warning, this is my promise to you. Bhaiya ji smiles. He asks Chakor to take care. Abha and Ishwar wave bye to her. Chakor smiles. Abha cries. Ishwar takes her and leaves.

Abha says she was afraid of this. Chakor went away from us, she saw dreams for her, she had to take flight, she will stay by her smartness but still she is trapped. Ishwar says Chakor is stone from within, Bhaiya ji can keep her in cage. Abha says she was part of our life, what will Aditya do when he knows Chakor is not coming back. He says Aditya is intelligent, no need to explain him, he will understand, I m worried about you. She cries thinking about Chakor. Bhuvan and Kasturi take Imli back home. Dadi hugs Imli. The people ask Kasturi to thank Lord. Kasturi gets angry and says Lord has give us this sign, I got one daughter and sacrificed the other. She says she does not want Lord in her life and cries. Bhuvan pacifies her and takes her home.

The car stops at Aazaadgunj’s limits. Abha wakes up and asks why did we stop here. He says Sitapur’s inspector wants to talk to us. The inspector says Aazaadgunj limits end here and my duty ends too. Ishwar thanks her. Abha says she is very worried, I feel something bad is going to happen. Ishwar asks car driver to drive ahead. Some goons stop them. Bhaiya ji gets down the car. Ishwar is shocked seeing him. Bhaiya ji gives a relaxed pose.

Ishwar asks whats this happening, why did you stop my way, maybe you don’t want me to leave Aazaadgunj, fine I will stay here. Bhaiya ji says no, have patience, I m not stopping you, and don’t want to keep you in Aazaadgunj, someone else wants to stop you and I m helping them. The inspector comes and says it was his duty to take him out of Aazaadgunj, and now he has another duty. Ishwar asks which duty. The inspector arrests Ishwar and says we have kidnap case against you, Chakor’s kidnap case is filed by her parents. Ishwar is shocked. Chakor is taken in big chains, tied up and sent to a dark place and is caged.

Bhaiya ji tells Ishwar about law and jungle. He says law can do anything, but jungle has its own rules. He greets him and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How can the Police be so stupid dey dnt have full proof yet bechaari emli or chakorxxx

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