Devon ke Dev Mahadev 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Mahadev seeing how the time passes by. And Ganesha tells Mahadev that ashubhta is spreading in the world. Kartikeya asks Mahadev whether all this is related to Mansa as a lot of time has passed by and she could have forgotten everything. Mahadev tells Kartikeya that there are 3 types of bodies namely Sthul, Sukshma and Kaksh and Mansa falls into the last one as the past of the person is always in their mind. And the shield that I and Parvati have given to Mansa is for controlling the panch maha bhootas that were hampering Mansa’s thoughts.

There Saptarishi comes at Brahmalok and ask about what will happen if Mansa knows the truth. Brahma tells them an important event will unfold.

There Mansa gets out of the shield aand starts to walk nearby and she reaches her house where she finds Diti and Saptarishi worshipping Mahadev. Vasuki first sights her sister and is happy to see back her again and so is Diti and Saptarishi.

Seeing Mahadev shivlinga Mansa remembers all has happened in the past to her father Rishi Halahal infuriates her a lot and she starts abusing Mahadev. Everyone tries to convince her but she does not listen to anyone

There at Brahmalok Narad asks Brahma what will happen if Mansa knows the truth that she’s daughter of Mahadev, to which Brahma says that Diti will tell her the truth.

Finally, Diti decides to tell Mansa and she tells her that she Mahadev manas putrid and that she’s orn from Mahadev mind. And so does Vasuki tells her everything from the start… his wish for a sister… Mahadev fulfils his wish… a daughter is born.. Vasuki is unable to bear the heat… he hands to Rishi Halahal. Hearing all this, Mansa decides to meet Mahadev and ask Diti where Mahadev stays. Diti answers Kailash,

There at Kailash Nandi asks Parvati why they did not let Mansa stay here at Kailash to which Parvati says that she did not wanted Aari’s incident to repeat as Mansa hates Mahadev.


Precap: – Mansa arrives at Kailash; she calls for Mahadev; Mahadev comes in front of her

Update Credit to: kalyani_shiva

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