Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arpita shouts at her friends. She says in which house there are no fights, fights and annoyment shows love. her in laws love them, she tells her friends to leave if they cant respect her in laws. They begin to leave, suket comes with an employee, he was one of the girl’s brother. He asks what she was doing there, the girl says she thought he knew about the plan and tells him that Arpita was having problems with the family so they thought if doing this drama.
Bhawna comes downstairs and scolds Arpita. She says this is the way she thought of telling sorry to elders. She is telling a lie to hide one lie again. Arpita cries, Akshit shouts at Arpita saying they already had so many problems in life. Bhawna says for a moment you fooled me well with what you said there. Arpita says she didn’t do it. Suket comes forward and asks who did this then. Bauji calls from behind that I did it. He says one should look at the reality that is shown at drama. Arpita left her parents house to live with them but what is she getting. And Akshit, who is miserable to hear some sweet words from him. Bauji says you must forgive them. Suket says they can never know what is true here and what is a drama. He says it was decided together that no one will speak to them, does he want to get farther from his son? Suket leaves, Bhawna and Bauji follows.
Avni comes to Bauji’s room. He says to Avni that Suket is already a tough man and for what happened today he must be angrier. But they will have to do something.
Akshit says to Arpita there is only one way now. Arpita says if it can bring our family back together I will do it. He tells the plan. Arpita cries and says she will do it. In the morning she packs bag to leave and tells Akshit she will stay at her parent’s house. She assures him she will do what he wants, and that she always wants to help the family. She tells him to rest at home as he is also tensed and leaves.
Bauji sits with Avni and Raj, says that for the first time his experience was of no use. Avni tells Raj how Bhawna got emotional listening to all of it. Avni says everything was ruined because of that Namita. Pratab comes and says nothing went wrong because of Namita but it is Sanvri behind this all. He apologizes Bauji but Sanvri ever liked Arpita. Raj says Sanvri only wanted the betterment of the family . Bauji says but that resulted into such problems in the family. Paratab says it was because of this that he argues Suket in the dinner table. Avni suggests that the problem was that they involve any third person, what if they get involved only the family. She says what of something happens to Akshit Bhai, she says maa gets worried for Akshit bhai whenever he gets fever. Bauji explains that Akshit got brain-fever in childhood and doctor warned it can be a problem for him in any life. Raj says that this is possible only of Bhawna is alone with Akshit. Avni says Arpita is at her parent’s house, she can take Sanvri out, Suket will be in office and Raj will keep him busy there, and Bauji and Pratab can go together at his friend’s place. Avni thinks that now the problem is to get Akshit agree for this drama. Akshit denies, they all insist. Akshit says do you really think they will be affected by his falling sick, he says they are already upset with his lie. Avni says they can get his family back through a little one lie, Pratab says do you realize how much they love. They all insist and urge him. Pratab says you have to do this drama when all of us are gone from home. They all leave, Akshit thinks he will have the fever but not in a lie.
At dinner table, Bauji says he is going to his friend today. Suket offers he will leave at his friend’s place, Pratab also offers him the same. Bauji takes Pratab’s offer. Avni asks Sanvri will she go with her, as she has to go to Devika’s place to take some important notes. Sanvri agrees. Pratab asks can she do some shopping for him, he will text her with the list. They all leave one by one.
Avni informs Raj they are leaving home, Raj says let’s hope for the best.
Suket talks on phone and says someone is coming to meet him, he will go to office after meeting him. a guard brings papers of property for Suket. Bhawna asks why is he seeing the papers of property. He says he hasn’t finalized anything right now, will tell her after sometime. He begins to leave, she asks worriedly what is he hiding. He tells Bhawna he is buying a house for Akshit and Arpita as he doesn’t want them to live in the house anymore.

PRECAP: The servant comes to tell Bhawna Akshit is shivering with cold and fever. Bhawna runs to his room and sees Akshit is pain.

Update Credit to: Sona

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