Devon ke Dev Mahadev 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 11th April 2014 Written Update

At Banasur’s palace…he makes a mini Kailash at his place just to make his deity Mahadev feel at home..he says that he knows Kailash is very dear to Mahadev and tried to ape it…Mahadev says that its beautiful but he couldn’t stay there…Banasur says if he has done anything wrong he’ll straighten it.
Maahdev says his main purpose to come there was to save him from his negative energies..which only be possible if he stays with Banasur every moment. He can’t reset.
Banasur feels emotional to see how blessed he is to have Mahadev giving up even his rest time..Mahadev says that its the duty of a deity to see to it that their devotees get required help and advice, at the same time its upto the devotee to take the help from their deity and use it in taking the just decisions. Banasur feels its a dream to see Mahadev is forth him…Mahadev reminds him of the clause of he coming to earth only if Banasur calls and would leave only on his say.
Banasur says that he can never ask Mahadev to leave…

The minister comes and reminds them of the public session at the court ..and its first time in the history that so many ppl have come to a public forum at the court

At Kailash, K n GAnnubhayy..wonder why Vishnu mama has not turned up there…which he usually does to meet Paravti ma..they must be worried abt the happening…

Mahadev asks Banasur to sit on the throne as he is Banasur’s protector..and his place will be at side the king.
The rishi says that his ancestors must be v proud that everyone is gonna get a chance to meet Mahadev..they open doors for the public to come in.
Banasur’s court room is echoed with praises of Mahadev..of ‘har har Mahadev’
When Banasur asks them be be calm..they still go on shouting har ar Mahadev…then Mahadev comes and asks them to calm down..they all stay calm..this troubles Banasur’s ego.

They request Banasur if they could individually take Mahadev’s blessings..Banasur’s ego is hurt..his wife observes this…
Banasur’s ego taunts him saying that everyone is going to Mahadev and cares a damn abt his great doing…

At Kailash, Bhirav darts a spear at Parvati ma to stop her..he says he will not allow anyone out and it was only one time he would allow them to go and come back..
She says he better recall himself of who she is..and she surely doesn’t want a doorkeeper who is a headache..not listening to her orders.

Bhairav says that he only follows Mahadev’s orders..he better listens to her say or he has to bear the consequences.. Bhairav says he doesn’t care abt the consequences

Gannu bhayya, K and other ganas come there…

Back here Banasur recalls how his own subject ignored him…his alter ego taunts him saying Mahadev is praised ..he says thats how its should be..
The alter ego says that if he stays there for long then he’d stay like a slave to Mahadev…his own subject won’t even ask him..and thus he has to go.

He tells the ego to stop the negative thoughts, its cause of his he had to call Mahadev for his own rescue..and if Mahadev stays there he’d destroy his alter ego . He stays resolved against the ego.
The egi again tries to provoke him saying that 100 powerful hands and not using it is misusing it. the ego says that its itching to lift a sword and show its power to its peak strength..he has to make some noise in order to grab the world’s attention to realize his greatness.

If he doesn’t want to send Mahadev, then ateleast this should be done..and there is nothing fight against other kingdoms and increase his kingdom…as for now his subject has gained from his achievements ..and if he increases his kingdom then many others would be benefited from him.

Then Banausr gets ready for the war…wearing his armor and stuff…Mahadev arrive and asks abt the whole get up.
Banasur says he’s gonna spread his reign by attacking the other kingdoms..Mahadev tells that he has given powers to him to help and do righteous acts and not to show off..King’s duty is not only to raise his reign but also to see to it that the subject’s well make the kingdom prosper…to have colloidal relationship wid other kingdoms…if he attacks other kingdom then it’ll be his cruelty.

Banasur fears that his powers would make him do wrong..Mahadev replies that he can just guide him in the war – its his decision of whhat banasur chooses. Its his war against his own mind…how well he can control it, he is always wid him (Banasur).he’d be always there he calls him.. he’d be pleased if Banasur decides to control his mind on his own without anyone’s help.(indirectly Mahadev is saying plz lemme go…I have other IMPORTANT issues to solve)

Banasur says he’d try.

Parvati ma says that she is not acting agsint him cause he is Mahadev’s ansh…and she doesn’t wnat to use her anger n power against him..she can come n go in n out of Kailash as ehr wish..
Nandi sternly asks Bhirav what is he doing…he is not following Adishakti’s its equal to Mahadev’s say.
Bhirav says it may be…but he has promised Mahadev and not her.
K is raged to see this and asks him to move aside of Mata’s path or get ready to fight him.
K and Bhairav are in attacking position with their spears aiming at each other…

Everyone is shocked to see this.

Precap: Parvati ma asks Vishnu dev why is Mahadev and his issues altering their equation..
Vishnudev says HariHara can never be apart…he resides in Mahadev, and whoever tries to insult Mahadev, he’d punish them.
Parvati ma asks what is he exactly referring to?
Banasur’s ego says that he doesn’t accept Mahadev’s interference..and if anyone is agreeing to this they better accept this challenge and attack him.

Update Credit to: sankalp

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