Madhubala 12th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 12th April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 12th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tamanna calling Madhu a thief. RK hears that and does not feel good. Pam asks Madhu is she not ashamed to steal things at her home. She says call Abhay, he should also know what she did. She calls out Abhay. Tamanna says its not her mistake, but her blood’s, her background. She taunts her. RK pushes Tamanna and she falls. Tamanna says you pushed me? RK says yes, I will push you, my doll is not a thief and you called her thief. Abhay comes there and stops RK. RK protects Madhu by standing in front of her. Abhay asks whats going on, why did you push Tamanna, say sorry. RK says no, I will not say sorry, Tamanna is a liar. Tamanna asks Abhay to kick him out of the house, she is hurt by him.

She shows him money and earrings of Dolly which Madhu has stolen. She says give Madhu to police. Abhay says RK, that Tamanna is not a liar, Madhu is a liar and a big thief. RK says no, she is not a thief. Abhay says you think your hero will lie to you, no heroes don’t lie, see this money and earrings, its Dolly’s. He says ask Madhu how did she get this. RK looks at Madhu. Abhay says Madhu did a mistake, she will be punished, you will decide her punishment. Madhu gets tears in her eyes and looks at Abhay with anger. RK is silent. Abhay says punish her such that she does not think to steal again, tell me what did you decide. RK looks at Madhu. Abhay asks what happened, what are you thinking, she did a mistake and should be punished.

He says tell me fast what will be her punishment. He says will you not listen to your hero, fine, I will call police then. Madhu gets tensed. Abhay says police will take her and beat her. Abhay takes out his phone and calls. RK says no police, I will punish her. Abhay says superb, so what is it, I love you a lot, I will do what you say, you also do what I say, tell us. Tamanna says you push well, do one thing, take her to terrace and push her from there. Pam asks Madhu to sell the mangalsutra and give the money to Dolly. Abhay says no mum, lets give one month leave to the servants and Madhu will do all the work.

Abhay says RK will decide the punishment and asks him to tell fast as he does not have time. Tamanna says he does not have brain, if he can’t decide, you tell him what to do, he is your fan after all. Abhay says fine, I can do this for him. He looks at Madhu and says one min. He goes inside.Abhay comes back and says RK to give this cloth to Madhu. Everyone look puzzled. Madhu looks at the cloth. RK slowly moves ahead and takes the cloth from Abhay. Abhay says ask your doll to clean the shoes of everyone who are present here. RK and Madhu are shocked. RK drops the cloth. Abhay says she did the mistake and will be punished, come on give her, be a good boy. RK gives it to Madhu and says do what the hero said. Madhu takes the cloth and goes to Abhay first. Nikhil and Tamanna smiles. Madhu cleans Abhay’s shoes. RK feels bad seeing her. Sad music…………..plays………..

RK looks at Madhu. Madhu then cleans everyone’s shoes. Tamanna asks her to clean well and calls her Chashmish (the people who wears glasses). Madhu then comes to Dolly. Dolly feels bad. Madhu looks at RK and sits to clean his shoes. RK cries and moves back. His tears drop on his shoes. Madhu also cries and is shocked to see his tears. Madhu cleans his tears on the shoes and wipes her tears too. Abhay leaves and everyone leave. Dolly comes to Madhu and says if I knew you would be punished to stay silent, I would have told everything, now I can’t even apologize. Madhu says Abhay is yours, and I m no one for you, still you gave me jewels and money. She asks her not to cry as it hurts her.

The peacock feather comes there by wind. Dolly and Madhu look at it. Madhu picks it up and smiles seeing at Kanha idol. She says Kanha says whatever happens has a reason, I know it was bad what happened with me, but I saw something which I did not see before. She says I have seen RK today, he cried for me, he does not understand anything, but he felt my pain, he was sad seeing me and its enough for me. RK comes to her. Dolly leaves. RK says do you know when I stole Rahul’s crayons, my Meenakshi teacher scolded me and told me stealing is bad manners, you became a bad girl today by stealing, but you are good girl. You also don’t steal again, and don’t feel bad of Abhay’s words. He says why are you not talking to me, are you annoyed?

He says its fine, I will clean your shoes then we will be friends. He sits and she says please get up, no. She says how can I be annoyed with you, you cried today and it cleaned my heart. RK says are you not annoyed. She says no. RK says I brought something for you, close your eyes. She closes her eyes. He says forward your hand. She does. He gives her a chocolate and runs out of the room. She sees it and smiles.

Its morning, Madhu wakes up RK and says good morning. She gets a call from RK’s Meenakshi teacher. Meenakshi asks Madhu to bring RK to her. Madhu thinks she has to make any excuse and take RK to her.

Abhay gets a call. Tamanna asks who is it. He says from where you brought RK. Meenakshi talks to Abhay. Abhay says what, you mean Madhu and RK did not come there till now.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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