Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 10th June 2013 Written Update

Dashanan heads towards Kailash on his pushpak vimaan as he sees Kailash he foot boards on the edge of the viman .. and the time he enters the vicinity of Kailash it losses balance because of divine energy and crashes down. Dashanan falls with his face down to the ground..he then tries to fix himself only to be laughed at by Nandi who happened to be there with a basket of fruits.
The live audience talk about Kuber and Dashanan’s talk

Dashanan insults Nandi saying that he needn’t laugh like an ape and behave.. Dashanan shows his Mahadev’s- great – devote arrogance, saying why did Mahadev eva appoint such uncivilized, dumb animal at Kailash.
Nandi warns him that such arrogance isn’t help him…and arrogance is banned at Kailash.

Nandi tells him that he can himself punish him for his insulting behavior.

Dashanan humiliates Nandi telling that to call a lessened person lessened isn’t any insult or is calling a low grade animal and animal an insult?
Dashanan time and again insults Nandi saying that he is an animal, foolish and mischievous who think having that form he has reached the level of a human being..

He also says that he forgave Nandi only cause he is Mahadev’s sewak or else Dashanan would have already killed him. The reality is that no animal like him or human or any devta has the caliber to even touch him and giving a curse is out of question.

Nandi feels ridiculed by Dahsnana’s contemptuous talk and curses him that in the future he’d be humbled by an ape, the arrogance and riches which he shows will be burnt by an ape whom he calls unfitted for the world.
He also curse Dashanan that his downfall will happen when a man with the help of an ape destroy him.

Dahsanan shares with Nandi that the purpose of his arrival is that he is gonna tale Mahadev with him..the whole Kailash.. and when one has Mahadev on his side no one is gonna be standing against him. Nandi is shocked to hear this and tries to stop him.


Live audience look at this and Lakshmi devi asks Vishnudev what’s going on.. why aren’t anyone stopping Dashanan?
Vishnu dev tells that Mahadev knows all but still he gives Dashanan one last chance to take back his thought of owning Devadhi Dev Mahadev..will the wise Dashanan come back or not


A few brhman arrive at Kailash who requests Kartikeya and Ganesh stop them from moving further with regards to Mahadev’s orders not to enter beyond that line. They earnestly request Kartikeya and Ganesh to let them meet Mahadev as there place Kashi has got some problem.
Then Mahadev’s voice asks them to let the brhman people to enter and meet him.
They go in and pay there reverence to Mahadev and Parvati mata Parvati devi welcomes them and asks what help they want as Kashi is very special to them. .. they put there pb forth regarding a dayte Dudumbi who is one of the vanshaj of demons and is determined to resetablish the pride and honour of his family .. he is hell bent on destroying the ancient and sacred Vedas as he very wll knows that devtas rely on vedas, yagy and all. And he is very good at changing disguises and if he is not stopped at Kashi itself its gonna be difficult in the future!
Mahadev tells that the essence of ved itself is knowing thing which cannot be know from direct, proof or mere analysis. Ved are the essence of all dharmas
The one who tries to destroy such divine, traditional scripture will be the enemy of the whole world, there end will be for sure.

Dashanan talks to Mahadev that he wont leave Kaialsh, thus he (D) with his powers have come to take Mahadev to his place.. so that his diety will be forever there with him!
Dashanan says that he is the only biggest devote that Mahadev every had, no one can serve more than he (D) does!
And the world from this moment will call Mahadev as Dashanan’s Mahadev..

Dashanan goes to the foot of the mountain with praises to Mahadev.. and try to lift the mountain..

Due to this act of D the whole place observes the tremors, Kartikeya and Ganesh are perplexed over whats happening.

The mountain starts to movee inch by inch due to Dashanan’s force… Dashanan tells Mahadev does any of his devote has the capability, passion and strength to lift a mountain.. its only possible cause of Mahadev’s blessings.

…then Mahadev puts his leg down by mere pressing his toe on the ground of Kailash.. the weight of the mountain increases and Dashanan struggles to lift it up or take away his fingers under it.. literally crushing his arrogance.
(It seemed like Mahadev is telling.. cut the crap and put the mountain down crazy guy!)

Shiva puts his toe on the ground.. Dashanan feels the Kailash mountain become extremely heavy!
seeing him struggle Nandi suggests him to pray Mahadev who is Bhole Nath…
Then Dashanan sings the Shiv tandav stotra.
The live audience are in trance listening to the stotra..
Mahadev tells Dashanan that cause of his cry& song the three worlds have been effected.. this Mahadev gives him another name ‘RAAVAN’

Update Credit to: Killer_shark

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