Uttaran 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 10th June 2013 Written Update

Mukku picks the call and is told that she is Kajri, Meethi’s sister-in-law. Mukku looks shocked and Meethi wonders who it is. Mukku sternly asks her the reason for calling her. She cannot talk to you. Kajri notices Nirbhay coming this way. She hides and heaves a sigh of relief when he is gone.
She tells her that she doesn’t have time for anything. Devar ji (Akash) is in hospital. He is very serious and is struggling between life and death. Mukku gets shocked. But then says if they have not hurt Meethi enough already? Kajri tries to make her understand that Akash loves her. I know she has been meted out a very wrong treatment but she is the only one who can save him. let me speak to her once.
Mukku was wondering how she would tell this to Meethi when Jogi interrupts her thoughts asking her about the caller. She says the call is from Aatishgarh sending everyone in shock. It is Kajri. She wants to speak to Meethi. Akash is unwell and is admitted to hospital. He is struggling between life and death. Meethi gets up in shock. Divya tries to stop her but she walks up to the phone.

Kajri feels happy to hear her voice. Meethi directly asks her who told to call her. Akash / Vishnu or Maiyya? What is left for me now? Everything was a lie and now this? Only this was left to be seen for her? kajri says she never lied to her. It is indeed true that Akash is in the hospital. Meethi again shouts calling it a lie. Kajri calmly tells her she isn’t lying for God’s sake. I never lied to you. Akash is in hospital. Sad piya plays as Meethi feels pained to hear about Akash. Kajri says, he has fought with the whole family telling them to stop all this revenge game. Sankrant bhaiya told me that he has slit his wrists. He is not at all well. Only you can save him now. He needs you or he will die. Meethi is crying silently. Say something. Only you can save him. Trust me Meehti I am not lying.
Meethi repeats trust? How can I trust you or anyone else? I did trust your family but what did I get in return? I got cheated. I can never trust anyone now. It is true that in that whole family it was only you who loved me truly. Rest everyone / every relation was fake. I cannot trust you or anyone else. Let whatever happen to him because I don’t have any relation with him anymore. I have even wiped out the vermilion of his name from my forehead. Twadev lagnam chant plays. Even if he dies I don’t care. Kajri still tries to make her understand but of no use. Believe me he loves you. Meethi corrects her. Hate! He only hates me. She puts the phone down and cries in to Jogi’s arms. Kajri too is disappointed.

Scene shifts to Maiyya sitting with blank expressions. Sankrant is pacing in the corridor. Seeing her thus he sits beside her. I have deposited all the money required for my brother’s treatment. She tells him that Akash doesn’t want to get treated. He said he wants to die.
Sankrant looks at her in shock. At least now agree….give up this revenge game. What did it give to you? Pain, sorrow, restlessness what are you doing this for? Dad’s soul to be at peace? Why did Iccha kill him in the first place? There must be some reason. All the newspapers said that she killed him to save her husband. It might be that dad made some mistake. I have already gone far from you. But if your second son goes far from you would you be able to live? If something happens to Akash today then would you for the rest of your life hold on to his pot of ashes? Think why is your son battling for his life right now….what if someone cursed him…..what if it is the curse of that Meethi’s mother Iccha? He walks off with the om trayambhakam chant playing in the background.
She realises what he just said and has a flashback. Ekadashi is feeding her sons when she notices Avi walking out late night. On her asking he tells it to be some work. He leaves telling her to take care of herself and their kids. Flashback ends!

She cries why bade papa. Jogi consoles her telling her to go rest. She tearfully heads off to her room with Damini following her. jogi is super angry and decides to consult the Police Commissioner regarding what action can be taken against those people. Divya tries to calm him down hinting to his health. Vishnu requests him to let him speak to Meethi once. Mukku too supports him. he (Akash) used his name and met Meethi. Maybe she will feel light if she speaks to him.
Divya agrees to let him go. But if she doesn’t want to talk then do not force her. Vishnu says she is Teacher didi’s daughter. Even if she slaps me then I wont mind as whatever I am today is because of Teacher didi. Mukku takes him to Meethi’s room.

Kajri comes back in the room. Kadambari asks her what happened. She breaks down completely and cries. Everything, my last hope is over now. I told her everything about Akash. I told her to come to save him. I had a hope that if she comes then this family its people will be changed for good. But that last hope of survival has gone. Now we will have to pay for the sins of this family. Now the people who will rule this house will be your husband & mine (Agarth & Nirbhay). Its all over. Both cry over their fate and disappointments

Agarth is making the kundli stuff again using rice and turmeric. Nirbhay is getting frustrated by the minute. I told you that Akash will change Maiyya’s mind. Agarth tells him about Saturn being in the 3rd & 4th place (predictions!!). nirbhbay asks if this means that Maiyya would switch sides? What about us then? We have lived with one sole mission our life which is to fulfil Maiyya’s revenge. I have done everything from murder to every wrong deed expected for Maiyya’s sake. If she steps back now then our whole life will be ruined. What about Surabhi? Who will marry her now? Even her life is ruined now. If her wrong decisions affect us in any way then….!
Agarth stops him. If what you are saying doesn’t happen then I will the happiest person. For me my sister is everything. But if what you are saying turns out to be true then believe me I wont forget her ever. Whatever storm has come in our lives has come because of that Iccha’s daughter.


The nurse lets Maiyya meet Akash for some time. Maiyya BLESSES ( :O this is called transformation) her and goes inside. She is pained to see her son in such a condition.
She hears a small Akash’s voice asking her Maiyya, if I hide then how you will find me. She speaks aloud. I will find you son. She cries recalling another incident when Akash had wiped her tears. What if bau ji (dad) is no more I am here! I will always be by your side. She cries touching the corners of his face and head gently.


Akash moves his hand slightly. She notices this and touches his hand and head. He looks at her and thinks, why can you not understand that the love and feeling which you had for dad, I feel the same for Meethi. She is exactly the same to me like dad is for you. I cannot see you taking revenge from Meethi. What will I do by staying alive? What will I do Maiyya by staying alive! The monitor beeps and she tries to calm him down.

Precap: Sankrant asks Ekadish when she will change or if she will change ever or not. He is about to walk off when she keeps her head on his shoulder in a manner of surrender. I agree to what he is saying. Sankrant confirms with her if she agrees to everything that he has asked for. She replies I am ready to forsake the revenge game forever for my son’s life.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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