Devil Reloaded ( Brahmarakshas) Chapter 4A (New Version)

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Ramesh parked the car at a distance from the temple. Rishabh & Raina got down from the car. They saw many villagers are going towards temple with puja thali in their hands. They also came near the temple. Both felt tension in the whole atmosphere, whereas village festivals are full of joy & happiness. Rishabh stopped at his track as soon as he heard a tune. He looked here & there & noticed a middle aged lady playing an instrument sitting in the stairs of temple. Raina looked at him.
Raina- What happened?
Rishabh pointed his finger towards that lady. “That instrument…”
Raina- ohh, that instrument is Ravanhatta, ancient form of violin, very much popular in Rajasthan & Gujarat as folk instrument.
Rishabh- You were than humming this tune.
Raina- really?? May be. I don’t remember. Actually, I heard people playing Ravanhatta before, when I visited in Rajasthan. I felt so nice & enchanted that I brought one piece from them.
Rishabh ( in a low tone)- Yes, it is a nice piece. Those who collects folk items, it’s a must buy thing for them.
Raina- Not only that, this instrument has mythological importance. Ravana did musical offering to Lord Shiva using this instrument & according to folk lore, people believes that playing this instrument they can attract evil souls.
Rishabh- What??? ( His face became serious). Raina just stay with me. Please don’t get anywhere. The place is unknown & the puja is not giving me any good vibes. By the way, why anyone want to invite evil souls by playing music? ( in a fun tone)
Raina- obviously, to destroy them. The tune is pure, blessing of Lord Shiva, so evils lost their most powers hearing this tune.
Rishabh- hmmm.

But he himself is feeling a strange pull towards the tune & he wants to shut his ears as his concentration is breaking. Now, they both removed their shoes & entered into the temple. There is an idol of Maa Durga, she has ten hands & she is killing Mahisasur with her trishul. The pandit is enchanting some holy hymns. Suddenly, the lady, Phooli, came in front of the idol & started playing a tune in Ravanhatta. Some village girls started dancing. They are doing some classical steps. Raina murmured “Tandav”. Rishabh looked at her. He felt she is not in herself & to his surprise, she joined with the girls & started dancing. Raina saw flashes of a man playing Ravanhatta & a woman sitting in front of him, keenly listening him with a looking of admiration on her face. Soon, the woman got up & started dancing. The man looking at her & his eyes full of desire. Soon, he stopped playing & came near her. His hand brushed lightly on her cheeks, thumbs running along the curve of her cheekbone leaving a trial of goosebumps. Her eyes closed in apparent pleasure. She felt his hand encircle her. He pulled her against him, her bosom touched his muscular chest & brushed her lips with his. Her lips parted, offering him free access to the delighted heat within, she also felt his warmth sipped into her.

Raina taking rounds & rounds. She is breathless & she felt her legs giving up, drops of sweat covered her forehead. Rishabh is also in a hypnotic state. His heart shuttered to stop in his chest. His mouth parched into dryness. He noticed that Raina may fall down any moment. He composed himself & hold her hand & pulled her towards him. Raina looked at him. Her hands on his chest, she can feel his heart beats. Her face drained of all energy. Rishabh hold her more tightly. Raina closed her eyes in submission, a droplets of tear escaped from her eyes & in a low tone, she murmured “Ranvijay”!!!! Rishabh felt a strange sensation within him. His hand hold her tear drop. But soon, his trance broken as he noticed the gaze of Phooli on him.
To be Continued…

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