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Hello everyone.. Manasvi is back..
How are you all??
I know I m too late but.. What can I do yaar?? I was too busy with my schools and after that my guitar classes and after that homework and then again schools.. And my fingers got a cut when I was playing guitar so wasn’t able to write.. Sorry hope you all will forgive me, but I m really upset with you all.. My comments got decreased suddenly.. Plz comment yaar.. If you are not liking it or not happy with this story or if the story is boring, then plz do tell me.. I will try to improve the story.. I really got disheartened seeing this much low no. of comments… When you all were commenting, I used to write the story even if I had studies.. But when you all are not commenting, I am not even willing to write.. So plz do comment.. It really means a lot to me..
Okay so, lets move to the story..

Recap: Vk’s introduction…Swara again refusing to befriend Sanskar…

The episode with Swara leaving to her car bidding bye to Shantanu.. She shouts,”shan take care of him” and leaves from there.. She was driving her car. She stops at the temple. She enters in the temple. There was an idol of lord Krishna in the temple. She folds her hand and closes her eyes and prays.. She sees some beggars and give them food. She gives them some shawls too.. The beggars bless her.. She smiles and goes from there. She drives to her company. Everyone greets her and she goes from there. She calls Priya and asks her to get the conference room ready. Priya nods and goes from there.
After the presentation, Swara goes from there…

On Delhi airport a boy is shown. He had wore a white tee-shirt and a black jeans with a red blazer over the tee-shirt. He was setting his hair with one hand and had took his bag in another.
He came in the airport and started smiling. He was looking too happy. He called someone and said,” Bhai. Where are you?? Come n pick me up.” And cut the call. After sometime a car came n picked him up.

Here Swara was driving her car. She was humming a song and at that time she got a call. She was wearing a Bluetooth so she answered it.
Swara: Hello Nikhil..(in a bossy tone)
Hearing what Nikhil said, Swara’s eyes filled with anger. But she smirked and said,”very good.. Keep working like this.. You will get your money soon”.
After that she drove back to her mansion.

At Swara’s mansion:
Swara enter in the mansion. She sees Shantanu with a tensed face. Shantanu sees Swara with a blank face. Swara asked him,”He came??? Shantanu sees her and gestures her something. Swara asks him,”What??” Shantanu gestures her to turn around. Swara turns around and gets shocked. She glares Shantanu and then run towards the boy. At that time only Sanskar comes downstairs. He sees them. Swara was about to hug that boy when that boy moves back. Swara sees him.
Swara: Arjun?? What happened babu??
Arjun(played by Shakti arora. Actually I wanted a young boy, so I took him.. Sorry!!) what happened what what happened?? Do you know how much I missed you?? But you what you did?? For just a stupid deal, you didn’t came to meet me.. You know I wanted to meet you the first and that is why I didn’t met this idiot, but you?? Huhh??
Swara: Aww, mera babu gussa hogaya (aww my baby is angry??)
Arjun: Yes and convince me soon, otherwise it will be too hard for you(angrily)
Swara smiles and hugs him tightly…
Swara: Now happy??
Arjun answers in no.. And turns.
Sanskar is shocked to see Swara like this..
Swara: Again hugs Arjun and whispers ohk don’t talk with me and then when I will tell Shantanu about that video, then you know the consequences..
Arjun sees swara with shocked+horrified expression. Swara giggles.
Arjun: Thik hai.. Thik hai.. Maaf kiya.. (okay okay.. Forgiven..)
Arjun then looks at Shantanu and then Swara and then gulps and then goes to Shantanu and hugs him and says,”I love you so much yaar.. Save me from this devil yaar..”
Shantanu parts from the hugs and says,”someone was calling me idiot” and then goes away from there.
Swara: Ajju, your room is ready.. And then again hugs him.. And said,” I missed you so much yaar.. Was waiting for this moment..
Arjun: (worriedly) what happened jaan?? Why are you tensed?? I was juz joking yaar.. What is there to get this much tensed?? Now smile otherwise I will cry??
Swara smiles and then thinks something..
She goes to Arjun and then messes his hair and runs away..
Arjun shouts at her and runs behind her..
Swara runs to her room and Arjun also goes to his room..
After sometime:
Swara, Sanskar, Arjun and Shantanu are sitting in the dining hall. Arjun was sitting beside Swara and Sanskar was sitting infront of swara. Swara was serving Arjun.
Arjun saw Sanskar and said,”I have seen you somewhere.. I guess in news.. You are Sanskar Maheshwari, Right??”
Sanskar:(fake smile) Yes.. Btw you..
Arjun: Yeah.. I m Arjun Khanna. I m a nutritionist in London.. And now gonna shift in India for jaan.. Looks at swara..
Swara smiles..
Sanskar unknowingly feels jealousy and he loudly says,”am I the only one whom is not your friend over here miss. Shekhawat??”
Swara looks at him..

After sometime in the garden:
Swara and Arjun were sitting together..
They both were on the sofa in the garden.. (you guys may know that.. It is shown in serials)
Swara: Arjun, what happened babu??(cups his face)
Arjun: (blankly) just thinking about my past jaan..
Swara: What happened??
Arjun: It is your kindness that you accepted me even after knowing that I m the brother of..(interrupted by Swara)
Swara: A person’s character cannot be recognized by the character of his family members so leave that.. Understand??
Arjun nods teary eyed… Swara was also having tears in her eyes..
This whole converstion was witnessed by Sanskar and Shantanu..
Sanskar was blank.. And Shantanu was happy and sad somewhere..
Shantanu: Thinks: Now only you can bring my Shona back.. Sanskar..

Precap: Swara and Sanskar become FRIENDS!!!

So done with this part.. Hope you all will like it..
And Tharu dii.. Plz comment if you read this part…

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    Sweetie please don’t be disheartened for anything because that doesn’t suits my sweet little sister at all she looks fab with a smile adorning her face always.
    So keep smiling ?
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  16. its awesome , i just found this ff somewhere and started reading it , all the parts were awesome and wonderfully written , u r an amazing writer , update next one soon . eagerly waiting for the next one . precap seems very interesting

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