Devil Reloaded ( Brahmarakshas) Chapter 2 (New Version)

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A lady dressed in Royal Attire was sitting beside a river holding a new born baby in her hands. “My Son” she murmured & lovingly caressing her son. His small hands touched her face & gave a toothless smile. She failed to hold her tears any longer & they made their way out. She fed her milk to her son & he soon fell asleep in the comfort of his mother lap. She carefully looked at his handsome face & kissed his forehead. She wiped her tears & put her son in a basket. “What if he drown? What if any animal harm him? What if nobody noticed him? But I have no other way left to protect him. Maa Durga please save my son.” She floated the basket in the river silently praying for his well being. Soon, the basket disappeared in the flow of water.


Mohini Srivastava woke up with a start. She fall asleep sitting in her arm chair while reading a book. She was sweating & breathing heavily. Mitali rushed inside. “What happened bua?”
“Rishabh, where is he? ” Mohini asked frantically.
“Bua, bhaiya is in Kamalpura. He informed me from the station, you were taking rest, so bhaiya told me not to disturb you. He will call as soon as he reach his quarter. Now, you drink water. Definitely you saw some bad dreams right??”
“I don’t know Mitali, everything was blurred. Plus I don’t exactly remember. I just felt I lost my Rishabh.”
“No bua, it’s only some bad dream. Nothing will happen to my bhaiya, He is the best.”
“It is a mother intuition Mitali. I was against of his this Kamalpura posting. But no, he will never listen to me.”
Mohini got up & lighted a diya in front of Durga Maa idol & prayed for her son’s safety. Mitali too joined with her.
Mohini Srivastava, wife of Nalin Srivastava. Nalin is also the business Partner of her brother Aditya Singh. Nalin & Mohini’s only child Rishabh never was in good terms with his father. The day, Rishabh got the appointment letter of his IPS job, then happened a huge arguments between father & son. His father wanted him to join his business, in which Rishabh was not at all interested from childhood. Mohini tried to restrain. But the situation worsens, Nalin almost tried to slap her, but Rishabh hold his hand & left the home with his mother. Mohini also followed her son without any protest as she is also fed up with his abusive nature & when Nalin crossed all limits in front of their son, she was devastated. Mitali also left with them. She always lived with Mohini & Rishabh as her father Aditya never cares about her. May be because she is a girl or may be because her mother died giving birth to her.So, her father considers her as ominous.

Raina was impatiently looking at her wrist watch while her driver trying to fix up their car. It’s already started getting dark. She was looking tensed. How she will manage to reach Government Guest House with all her luggages?? Her driver already informed that they can’t get any mechanics here. She certainly don’t want to spend night in this jungle route. There was a village nearby, but reach there is almost impossible. Suddenly, she noticed a car is coming from distance. When the car came near, Raina noticed it’s a Police Vehicle. She & her driver rushed to stop the car.
Rishabh was reading some important documents when the driver suddenly applied brakes. Before asking anything, he heard a knock on the window glass. Rishabh rolled down the glass & his eyes struck at the girl standing outside. Beautiful face, Bright eyes, but there was a soothing feeling in her eyes, Raina also froze at her place. Not a single words escaped from her lips. She was just looking at the man sitting in the car, Fair complexion, thin lips & a pair of lotus shaped intense dark eyes. Finally Rishabh broke the trance. “Yes??”
Raina also came out of her dreams.” Sir, our car has broken down. Will you please give us lift to Govt. Guest House?”
Rishabh- Yes sure, Please come in. ( & he looked at his driver)
The Old Police Driver smiled. “Here in Kamalpura, Govt Guest House is opposite side of your Quarter Sir.”
Rishabh ( with a smile)- See, our destination is same. Then there is no problem in going together.
Raina’s driver put her luggages in Rishabh’s car, when Raina enquired what will he do now? The driver replied he know the shortcut route towards the village & he will spend night there.
Rishabh & Raina both looking at each other in the corner of their eyes.
Rishabh- We met before??
Raina- I don’t think so.
Rishabh- But… well, btw, I am Rishabh Srivastava. New ASP of Kamalpura.
Raina- Raina Sharma, Junior Research Associate of Archaeological Survey. Nice to meet you Sir & thanks for the help.
Rishabh – Don’t say Sir, It’s give me feelings that I am getting old. Only Rishabh & don’t say thanks also, its my duty to help you mam.
Raina ( with a bright smile & twinkling eyes)- no mam please, gives me elderly feelings, Only Raina.

Both smiled & shook hands. Suddenly Raina sees blurred images of a trembling hand of a girl on the large hand of a man, A priest tied their hands together with a piece of clothes & flowers among the holy chanting of hymns.” Raina pulled out her hand from his. There was an uncomfortable silence in the car.
Rishabh- By the way, you came alone here??
Raina usually felt very disgusted about these kind of questions. Why can’t a girl come alone. But to her surprise, she calmly answered, “Ajay bhaiya will soon join me, he is struck with some other important work & I can’t even wait to start my research.”
Rishabh- ohh Great, All the Best. But here is what to research??
Raina- According to some old records, here in jungles have traces of some ancient kingdom.
Rishabh- I think, you are doing your research without any official permission?
Raina bytes her lips. “Actually Yes. But it’s my personal project. I am here in my own risk.”
Rishabh smiled. “This place is not safe. So, it is almost impossible to get official permissions. But Don’t worry, just call me for any kind of help. It is my duty to protect you.”

After refreshing himself & talking with a worried Mohini, Rishabh sat on the bed of his quarter spreading his legs. He was in pensive mood. He took a paper & wrote Kamalpura in between. He said to himself ” people are getting killed in this place for years. Some also disappeared. We can assume that they are also dead. Definitely, it’s a serial killing case. But then why there is no particular pattern? According to Criminal Psychology, Serial Killers disposed bodies in same manner. Plus, this is going on for years. What is the motive? Smuggling of costly trees & wild animals of forest? But there is no such reports. But this aspect can not be ruled out completely. Next, according to Raina, here are traces of some ancient kingdom. Again, the smuggling angle is coming up. Some people trying to destroy our country’s heritage. Smuggling business is one of the most important source of terrorist funding. And the attacks on villagers are may be to spread terror among people. Quite possible. But still, there are many confusions. Need to investigate the matter from the beginning. Brahmarakshas in 21st Century, what a joke.” Rishabh laughed & closed his eyes. Suddenly Raina’s face popped in front of his eyes. Startled Rishabh opened his eyes.”What’s happening?? Why this nagging feeling that I know Raina ? We have some connection & I feel I am attraction towards her. “He banged his head with his hand. “Rishabh, Rishabh, Stop, Stop, Love is not your cup of tea.”

In a dark cave, a woman opened her eyes. Her eyes are red. She has long nails. Her hairs disheveled. “Finally my wait is over. I can smell both of you. I increased my power so much that you both can’t even stand in front of me. It’s time for my revenge. Aparajita is my name, no one can defeat me.” She angrily thrashed her one hand & a big stone broke into many pieces.

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