Beyhadh : Love heals every wound FF Part 5

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Arjun gets ready for the event. Sharma and Mathur family takes the seat in front.
Maya : Ladies and gentlemen, every month Fashion and City launches new magazine talking about new theme, this time we have something very unique to present
Everybody applauds with media taking pictures.
Maya : So everyone I would like to present you the very talented photographer who covered this new story of magazine, Mr Arjun Sharma

The families are overwhelmed to see Arjun getting the honor.
Arjun : Good evening everybody, firstly I want to thank the person because of whom my talent came out in front of people, Maya Mehrothra (looks at her) thank you for everything
Maya signals him to raise the curtain.
Arjun : Our new story of magazine is passion, we often think passion is only in doing something in love but this story will prove my point that passion is challenge that everybody wants to win, I want to present a face who is a passion in itself (opens the curtain)
The audience is dumbfounded to see Maya’s glamorous look
Arjun : if you look at this eyes, you will see there is passion and fire in that, a passion to achieve something, thank you everybody for joining today, hope you all liked our new cover magazine

The media takes Arjun and Maya’s pictures together. Saanjh and Ayaan comes to hug him.
Ayaan ; congratulations bro, I am so happy for you
Saanjh : did I not tell you aunty one day our Arjun will become big (signals Arjun to take Vandana’s blessing)
Arjun bends down hesitantly touching his mother’s feet. For first time his heart found a solace in his heart with actually accepting Vandana.
Arjun : Ayaan, you had your show, how was it?
Ayaan : it was fantastic after all now I am brother of big photographer (says with Arjun’s style)
Arjun : wow, you have started talking like me
Maya comes there interrupting their conversation.
Arjun : Maya ma’am you already met Saanjh
Maya smiles looking at Saanjh and changes direction to Ayaan and Vandana
Arjun : thats my brother, Ayaan and (stops pointing to his mom) thats our mom
Vandana gets very delighted inside her heart with Arjun calling her mom first time in life. Her heart felt relieved though might for fake Arjun considered her mom in front of people.
Vandana : I don’t know how should I thank you Maya, you gave such honor to my son, god bless you with everything
Maya : I did nothing, its your son’s hard work and talent, don’t thank me

Later after the event Arjun offers Maya a treat for giving him such honor.
Maya : its really okay, you don’t have to do this
Arjun : please ma’am you deserve it
Maya ; fine only one condition, you don’t call me ma’am, call my Maya
Arjun : how can I do that, you are my boss, that our relation status
Maya ; when did I say you are my relative, I am asking for a friendship (forwards her hand)
Arjun : sure, It would be a pleasure for me, come lets have dinner
Both reaches the restaurant but are too late and the guard tell them hotel is closed
Arjun ; so sorry bad luck, I would have take you to the those vendor, but it would be unhygienic for you
Maya ; do I look so delicate to you, I would prove it to you that even I can digest those unhygienic
Arjun laughs at her antics and warns her not to eat outside food.
Maya : I said I would eat and thats final, come I am starving (drags him to the panipuri vendor)
Arjun : brother, don’t make spicy for her, she already has spicy tongue
Maya : excuse me, brother, don’t listen to him, make my panipuri spicy than him
Arjun stares at the innocence with Maya eating the food. Though he had group of friends and bunch of girls flirted with him but never his heart beat for any girl. His heart want to give the fill the color in Maya’s life seeing her loneliness.

Arjun drops Maya at her house at night.
Maya : thank you Arjun, I will always remember this day always
Arjun watches Maya go inside and sees her purse left in his car. He goes inside but guard stops him.
Maya is coming to her house happily when she hears Ashwin’s footsteps. She starts shivering in fear and her heart starts breathing rapidly.
Ashwin : Hi Maya baby, why are you so scared of your father (tries to go close)

Janvi comes out of the house and sees Maya on floor shivering. Ashwin threatens Janvi to give money to him but she refuses.
Janvi : get out from here, or else I will have to do unacceptable, leave me and my daughter alone, security kick him out of here and don’t let him come inside of this building or else you will lose your job
Guards throw Ashwin out of the building.
Janvi : he went away baby, relax come (makes her stand up slowly and takes inside)
“Mom, he will come again, please save me” says holding Janvi’s hand tightly
Janvi : he will not dare to come again trust me, now chill and lets have dinner
Maya : mom, I actually had pani puri on way sorry (holds ears like child)
“You what? you might be kidding” Janvi says with shocked reaction
Maya ; I went with Arjun, he took me out for dinner but it was closed so we went to eat on vendor
Janvi ; how was your event, I am so sorry I had club meeting so could not attend it
Maya ; don’t worry, you attend each of my conference parties, I am very tired I will go take shower
Janvi : good night baby (hugs her)
Maya : good night mom (runs to her room)

After taking shower Maya comes out drying her hair reminiscing the moments with Arjun recently. While doing something on her phone she sees the video of Sufi’s dance on the college realizing she is in Mumbai. She immediately calls her
Maya : Sufi, where are you
Sufi : how are you sis, I missed you so much how did you remember me today
Maya : really? then why don’t come meet me soon, after all you did such hard work for the competition, you deserve to get gift
“Actually sis I was about to tell you” says Sufi
Maya : lets have this discussion when we meet, come home tomorrow, mom will be happy to see you
Sufi : okay see you tomorrow, good night

Next day everybody praises Sufi for her dance.
Payal : wow, you were amazing I must say
nobody can defeat you in that
Sufi : thanks after all I am the best
Ayaan comes to college riding his best friend’s expensive car to impress Sufi.
Payal : he is so handsome
Sufi too is quite impressed with Ayaan’s charm and looks.
Ayaan : hi Sufi (says casually and walks away)
Sufi : oh he is ignoring me, so much attitude so what if he is richer, yesterday he was praising me so much
Ayaan laughs with Rohan making fun of Sufi and faking his richness
Rohan : I am sure you are enjoying this drama, but remember about our bet
Ayaan : alright fine, poor girl will be upset, I think she is quite impressed with me
Rohan : really? don’t tell me you have fallen for that girl
Ayaan : no way, she is not even my type of girl, I want to break her arrogance
Payal : Sufi what are you doing here, come Ana ma’am called you in audition room
Sufi ; coming
Ana : yes Sufi, you remember that about the event of the talent hunt, every year all people from other countries comes to see this event I want you to take charge, you reach the venue and start the arrangement
Sufi : but ma’am how will I do this
Ana : don’t tell me you are not competent, know you can do it after seeing your performance yesterday
Sufi agrees to take the responsibility of the selections. Ayaan looks lovingly at Sufi who is busy with the designers.
Sufi : Payal, why don’t go into the audio room and arrange this CD’s, won’t you help me Ayan
Ayaan ; if you say this lovingly I will die for you
Sufi : shut up will you, I don’t have time for your silly jokes, I have so much things to do, go call the contestants

Rohan explains his plan to Ayaan who gets hesitant initially but ignores it thinking it only as prank
Ayaan goes inside the music room and replaces the wrong CD’s for audition. He hides inside the back room when Payal comes back
Sufi : is everything ready Payal
Payal : yea, do you want me to play the music
Sufi : yea
As soon as the music plays the crowd starts laughing. Everybody mocks Sufi for the irresponsibility including Ana
Ana ; Sufi what is this,
Sufi : I don’t know what is happening ma’am, I told payal about the CD’s
Payal : I am sorry ma’am I should have checked that

At college
Ana : Sufi, I didn’t expected this from you, how can you be so irresponsible, do you know how much important this event was for us, we sponsor this show every year
Sufi : I am really sorry ma’am
Rohan adds fuel in the situation for biased all students face due to Sufi
Rohan : you underestimated all our talent’s because of this girl
Ayaan comes forwards and tells the truth to everybody even after stopping by Rohan. He tells about the bet and staking reputation of the college. Sufi agitated by everything goes into the trial room and starts breaking things.

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