The air was blowing like a storm. Her soul was stuck in the storm.

“Ouch d… d…. deee” Ragini screamed as she fell on the ground. “Ragu bacha” Pari rushed to her. “D… dee” she sobbed hugging Pari. “Shh… Bacha. See nothing happened.” said she as she wiped her tears. Pari helped her to walk and they reached Kapoor mansion.

“Arrey Pari beta kya hua?” asked Ram. “Kuch nahi uncle she fell down” said Pari and made Ragini sit on the sofa and rushed inside to bring the first aid kit.

She came out and treated Ragini’s wound. “I had told you. You cannot take care of her. For her sake leave her in that asylum that’s best for her” said Ram looking at her.

“She is my responsibility uncle. I had promised Nanny aunty that I will take care of my bacha for forever and you know forever never lasts” she had tears in her eyes.

“Maa” Ragini collapsed in front of Pari’s portrait which was covered with a garland.

“Can I call you Pari maa” Ragini bent her head looking at Pari. Her eyes filled with tears. She nodded her head. “My Pari maa” said Ragini hugging Pari. Her happiness had no bounds. On one hand Ragini got the love she craved from years and on the other hand Pari realized what she lost years ago.

“Pari maaa” she screamed and her heart felt in her mouth. Her screamed touched the sky.

“Ragu” Swara caressed her hair and hugged her. Ragini was still looking at the portrait. “She left us bacha. She left us” said Vikram caressing her hair.

“No… no…. she can’t leave me. She said she will be with me for forever and forever never lasts Bhai” said Ragini looking at him painfully. A three year old who was holding Sanskar’s finger walked to her. She wiped Ragini’s tears. “Maashi mumma loves you” Ragini hugged Piyu and burst out crying more.

“Ragu… ragu…” Adarsh walked to her and she looked at him. “AJ” she whispered closing her mouth. “See na these all are saying Pari is gone. Tell them na that she is not gone anywhere” said Adarsh like small kid. Ragini hugged him and sobbed.

“AJ” she sobbed more.

“Yeh lijiye” said the Pandit handing the Kalash to Ragini.

She looked at the Kalash. In this temporary world her attachment to Pari was permanent. But God snatched her soul her mother like sister or more precisely her mother for the second time from her.

The mother who gave her birth never made her presence felt and whose presence she felt also had left the world to a world from where her soul also could not be felt.

*******Flashback ends******

Adarsh looked at the kalash in Ragini’s closure.


“No this ain’t an accident” she spoke as a hot tear tripped her eyes. “How are you so sure about it?” Adarsh asked her. “Because Pari maa was a left handed person. And she will surely not turn right in such situation and that is the clue that she was killed. And I have to find the reason for it” she spoke determined.

“And your one more step can harm Piyu’s life you know Ragu” said he. “AJ. She was my sister. Someone killed her and you want me to keep quite. If your dad wouldn’t have ended up kidnapping Rohan for assuring Swara’ dee’s marriage I wouldn’t have stepped in this mess. He could have discussed it with me. And about Piyu’s safety. Untill her Maasi is alive nothing will happen to her. And Shesh is involved in Pari maa’s accident though without his knowledge but he was involved in Pari maa’s death. And as far I know him he considered her as his own sister. Now I have to know what made him to get involved. There is something big which is not visible to us. For that I have to go back to him” she said looking at the necklace stone which had a communication device which connected to Adarsh’s secret laptop in his secret office.

“Be careful Ragu” said Rohan as he hugged Ragini after she wore the necklace back. She remembered how Adarsh wrote the coded message on her hand when Sanskar was making her wear the necklace.

“Yes you are responsible for all the mess dad” Ragini deadpanned at Ram. “I mean seriously that girl was ready to run away from the marriage and I did not wanted it to happen. I did not wanted my son to be heart broken. What’s wrong in that?” Ram asked.

“Now your son isn’t heart broken? You wanted to tie my sister to your son without her consent. And as you threatened of Piyu’s life I had no choice but step in this. You could have directly told me” said she her eyes bleeding.

“You know the link between was broken. I was least aware about your involvement in plan Devil. Adarsh though was reporting to me never disclosed the full details of the plan. And you know the rules we have layers in a team and our higher officials are not fully made aware of our plans they are just shown the results” said he.

“And I’m being watched. For that matter all of us are being watched. There are cctvs in our home which were installed without our knowledge. And specially in my room. I couldn’t discuss it with dad at any point.” said Adarsh.

“And I thought someone from your family is involved in Pari maa’s accident so we planned this proposal”


“Why do you feel AJ is involved in all this?” Ragini asked looking at Raman. Raman looked at her with stiffness on his face. “Because of him my wife means your sister Ishita is in coma today. And when it is about duty he never cares about anyone and his phone was traced near to the place where Pari’s car was blasted. What was he doing in the jungle that time. And don’t you find it odd that he lost his mental balance?” Raman waved his hands in air.

“RJ. I know AJ better than you. He loved Pari maa and I agree he is duty freak but you belong to the same category. Does that mean you will sacrifice Ishi maa’s life for your duty?” asked she for which he had no answer.

“Let us go according to your plan I will prove he isn’t involved in this” said Ragini. Raman looked away annoyed.

“Raman bhai please tell us the plan” said Rohan trying to cool him. “We have a golden opportunity to expose him. Her so called AJ. Sanskar’s proposal for Swara” said he and Swara’s world stopped there. She looked at dumbstruck Rohan.

“You will do this na dee for Pari maa?” Ragini asked Swara cupping her face. Swara looked at Rohan who nodded her head and she did the same and Ragini hugged her. She looked at Rohan painfully.

“Why did you made me to do this Rohan why?” asked she as she hugged Rohan later when they were left behind. “Because Pari dee was my dee also and now our family members are involved in this Shona. Pari dee was killed and now this has grown beyond our expectations. Ragu will go back to her earlier mission in few days but then Adarsh Jeejs will be behind the bars and Raman bhai and his family relations with Maheshwari’s will never mend. We have to do this for Pari dee” said he cupping her face.

“I can’t cheat two persons Rohan. I can’t cheat you and Sanskar and moreover I can’t cheat myself. Please let us go from here. If they think I’m selfish then also I don’t mind” said Swara rubbing the Haldi on her forehead. “But Shona” he said looking at her.

“I can’t live without you Rohan. I sound selfish but I can’t help it. I cant suffocate myself in a marriage which I have to do as a compromise” she sobbed hugging him. “Fine. Tomorrow Sangeet ceremony after that we will leave from here” said he as he kissed her forehead.

Ram heard them standing behind the door of the terrace.

“Shona dee” Ragini snatched the poison bottle from her hand. “Someone kidnapped Rohan Ragu. And I can’t live without him. I can’t cheat Sanskar. It will kill me every second. Instead let me end this life” said Swara sobbing.

“You need not do this” Ragini took the bridal dress and walked to the washroom.


“And now we are in a bigger mess. We almost wasted six months running behind the wrong person” Raman spoke biting the nail. “And you do this always” said Adarsh and Raman fumed looking at him. “Can we be less personal for the time being. We have to trace Shesh’s den because there is nothing in his England apartment. Unless I enter his den I will not get any clue regarding his involvement” said Ragini cooling them.

“And now we have to bring him to India and that will be done only if he knows about Ragini’s marriage” said Raman. “But Snow white isn’t he tracking Ragu already?” asked Adarsh making Ragini chuckle in the serious situation also.

“No as per the inputs he hasn’t been tracking her. Majnu ji has blind trust on our Ragu bacha” Ragini looked at him with slight tear in her eyes.

“What happened?” asked Raman. “Pari maa ki yaad aagayi?” asked Adarsh caressing her hair. She hugged him. “She said she will not leave me AJ then why did she leave?” asked she painfully.

“To save you from Shesh” Ragini looked at him. “Aren’t you saved from marrying him though it took her life to bring you out” he said as tears slid down his eyes.

Ragini burst out crying looking at him. “She loved me more than a mom could AJ. If there is any God she is mine” said she and Raman wiped the tear at corner of his eye.

********Flashback Ends********

“And I have promised your Pari maa that I will protect you Ragu bacha. And I will not let anything happen to you.” said he holding the Kalash in his hand.

“And no one of our family will leave us now. No one” said he clutching the Kalash more tightly.

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