When I met you,my world changed -A Shivika ff by Tanz(Part-20)(Last part)

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Hello everyone, this is Tanz back with Part-20 of my ff. I know I’m terribly late and I’m really sorry for that…ok now without further ado, I’ll start straightaway and if you have some time to spare,do read the author’s note at the end.

Recap- Annika tells about her feelings to Shivaay but it turns out that Shivaay was talking to his employee over Bluetooth and doesn’t hear her confession. Moreover, he asks her to bring sandwiches to the terrace which further raises her anger.

—Picnic spot—
All the youngsters are busy playing cricket, Saahil has become the umpire after much pleadings of Jaya but on the condition that they’ll again go for a picnic after his recovery from the operation and all readily agree. Jaya and Jhanvi have gone for a walk around the area.Shakti and Tej are standing in a corner, sometimes talking to each other and sometimes watching them play. Daadi and Pinky are sitting on the chair kept nearby and Pinky is continuously looking at her phone as if waiting for a call. Getting agitated, Daadi speaks out,
Daadi:”Stop it now Pinky…how many times will you look at that phone…. what’s so important in that phone than our children?”

Pinky:”I’m really sorry mummy ji for disturbing you…Yes, our children are very important that’s why I was waiting for Shivaay’s call….he said he would….May I call him…”
Daadi:”No need to disturb them Pinky puttar…. Moreover, I don’t think they’ll come (she smiles)”
Pinky(confused):”Huh?….Why won’t they?”
Rudra comes there to drink water and listening to their conversation,interjects in between,
Rudra:”Because Shivaay bhaiya is going to propose Annika Di…..or….maybe Annika Di will propose to bhaiya (Scratching his head)….ummm….. we’ll Exactly know that later….”
Daadi:”Yes puttar, if God wishes….your wish to see your son getting married will be fulfilled soon..”
Pinky(surprised and delighted):”Oh my Maata….. this is a great news…..I had always loved their pair and deep in my heart,I knew they were meant for each other…. I just can’t express my happiness….”
Rudra:”But choti maa…. your ‘Oh my Maata’ just did….”(saying so he runs away)
Pinky:”Rudra….such a naughty child he is….. I’ll be the Luckiest mother in law to get Annika as my daughter in law…. she’s more like my daughter….See mummy ji now I have both a son and a daughter, just what I had wished for always…. Now I just can’t wait to go home..”
Daadi:”Yeah…..me too”

—-Oberoi Mansion—-
Annika was disappointed and also angry due to the turn of events.What all she had thought! But the one whom had to hear her confession was busy with his phone.Dejected, she decided to propose him some other day because it would be quite impossible for her with such a gloomy face. With the plate of Sandwiches in her hands and with a lot of not-so-good thoughts going on in her mind,she finally reached the entrance of the terrace. To her surprise, she found that all the lights were switched off and there was complete darkness(please note that Oberoi Mansion was more like a penthouse and the terrace was mostly covered.The areas which were not ,were covered by thick curtains which did not allow the sunlight to enter,so it was pretty much dark).
Annika called out ,”Shivaay,are you in there?”” Come inside”came the response. It was Shivaay’s voice. Although she’s afraid of darkness,she mustered up her courage and started entering through the entrance.She knew her Shivaay was nearby and wouldn’t let anything happen to her.But at the same time,she was confused too,”Why on earth would Shivaay be inside this dark place?”she thought to herself.
While she was trying to walk without colliding with anything in the darkness, she could smell lilies, the white ones ,her favourite.But in the darkness she could hardly think of anything good.Suddenly, some fairy lights,white and golden in colour, started twinkling on the side walls. At first, she was a little relieved to get rid of the darkness, although the amount of light which those fairy lights gave were meagre but more than enough to make her feel a little bit comfortable.Then, before she could think more about it,she heard a voice,a voice she knew too well.

Voice:”So the day has finally come…our day…”
Annika knew it was Shivaay’s voice but he could not be seen anywhere.She could not understand what was happening.
Shivaay (continued):”You remember Annika, the day we first met…it will always be the most memorable day of my life…well not because you were going to give your life ,but because that was the day when we first met each other….The first meet was not really great,infact it was one full of tadi,as you say. Even then, I had a feeling that there was something that connected us, some thing that would again bring us together , that’s why I asked Khanna to know about your condition. I always felt drawn towards you, from the inside, but I could not decipher this feeling. This feeling,such a wonderful feeling, whenever I see you my heart is filled with delight, whenever I talk to you, your sweet and pleasant voice keeps ringing in my ears and it so melodious… Although I keep scolding you for using the language which you use, such Ajeeb words, but now I’ve started enjoying that too.Ok but that doesn’t mean you keep using such words in future too…only sometimes. We fight a lot, don’t we?But you know what, it’s a secret…. don’t tell anyone else…. I love to fight with you because when you’re angry, your face turns red… like a tomato and you look so cute. I continue fighting with you just to see that face…”
Annika (totally confused.In a state of fear, disappointment and anger her brain’s processing has become really slow…so she’s unable to grasp the facts quickly):”but ..why are you….”

Shivaay (continues):”Shhh….just keep listening and give your answer at the end…So yes, I was describing that good vibe I get being around you. But … I’m getting short of words to describe that feeling…. I know you can understand my feelings by just looking at my Kanji eyes….and so I I’ll leave the rest of it to you.Earlier, I wasn’t sure if you felt the same for me but now I am sure and I won’t delay it anymore because from the day I met you,my world truly changed,I changed…So Annika will you please turn back…”
Annika slowly turns back and she’s surprised to see the fairy lights which were now just infront of her. They were arranged in the form of some words and it read,”I LOVE YOU”… while she was admiring it’s beauty she saw that someone was sitting just in front of her,on his knees. Yes, it was Shivaay,her Shivaay…. sitting on one of his knees with some lilies in his hand and a small box in another, smiling sheepishly at Annika…who was trying hard to put two and two together…. and the picture was slowly and gradually becoming clearer in her head…
Shivaay:”so many why’s….shhh….just listen….ok?(Annika nods her head )So , Miss Annika…. I, Shivaay am in love with you,deeply and madly. I know it’s quite difficult for people to handle us but we can handle each other perfectly.I assure you that I’ll stand with you in every phase of our lives, happy or sad. So,Will you become the wife of this Tadibaaz Baghad Billa ?”

Annika goes in a repeat telecast mode to just confirm whatever she had heard was correct or it was just her wild imagination. When she confirms that whatever she heard was correct,she becomes numb for a moment.She just keeps staring the fairy lights and then Shivaay and so it goes till Shivaay interrupts her thoughts…
Shivaay:”Annika, please do consider that I’m sitting here on my knees and it has started to pain… Please come out of your Dreamland and tell me what’s your answer….”
Shivaay:”Answer Annika…. I proposed you just now, remember?”
Shivaay:”Yes for?”
Annika (wiping her tears that had made their way through her eyes):”Yes, I’m ready to handle this Tadibaaz Baghad Billa for the rest of my life….I love you too Shivaay, deeply and madly.”
Shivaay jumps on his feet and moves forward to hug her.She reciprocates the hug.
Shivaay:”Thank God you said yes….you know my knees were really paining….”
Annika breaks the hug and hits him on his chest lightly.
Shivaay:”Ouch…Ok Ok.. I’m sorry… I was just joking…by the way I forgot to give you these….(he hands over the lilies to her)”
Annika(after smelling them):”Aahh… wonderful! Lilies…. you’re smart….”
Shivaay:”Why? Did you have any doubt about it earlier?”
Annika:”No.None at all.”
They both start laughing.
Shivaay:”Oh yeah, one more thing… close your eyes…”
Annika:”But why ? what’s left now?”
Shivaay:”Just close your eyes and no cheating ok?”

Annika first closes her eyes partially but then Shivaay makes her close them fully.He then takes her delicate hand into his’ and slides a ring down her ring finger.
Shivaay:”You can open your eyes now…”
Annika opens her eyes and looks at the ring.
Annika:”It’s so beautiful Shivaay…but there was really no need for such a costly ring….”
Shivaay:”While I was selecting it, I didn’t see it’s cost Annika….but it’s design… I was looking for a design which you would like and then it would not have mattered if it cost me 40,000 or 4 lakhs, I would have bought it anyway…So don’t worry about the price just think about the feelings associated with it.”
Annika:”Ofcourse, I value those feelings a lot…. What you have done for me till date is just….. I can’t even describe it in words….Thank you so much for everything…”
Shivaay:”See, you again started crying.You promised me that you’ll not cry anymore….”
Annika:”These are the tears of joy Shivaay… I can’t control them…they come on their own….but Ok I’ll wipe them….”
Before Annika could wipe her tears, Shivaay wipes them with his hands.He cups her face in his hand and then kisses her forehead and then again draws her into a hug.She doesn’t hesitate.
Shivaay (after a couple of moments):”By the way, I am hungry… aren’t you too?”
Annika nods her head and then they both look at the sandwiches kept on a table just a feet away from them.
Annika and Shivaay (together):”Sandwiches…. let’s eat….”
Then they take the plate to a table which has chairs kept close to it. Shivaay removes the curtains to let some light enter and then they sit down eating.They talk to each other on various topics and then Shivaay let’s the cat out of the bag.

Shivaay (while eating):”By the way… your proposal was equally good.”
Annika(almost instinctively):”Yeah, I know…but you didn’t lis……(after thinking about it)…wait wait wait… how do you know that I proposed you? That means you listened to all of it and pretended as if you heard nothing….Am I right?”
Shivaay:”Umm…let me explain…”
Annika (in a taunting tone):”Yes….you should…”
Shivaay:”Actually…. when you came, I had no idea that you were going to propose.You asked me not to turn so I decided to play a prank on…..but then as you started speaking out your feelings, I had already taken the act half-way….. and you know,the happiness you got after being dejected was just priceless… your face,it was beaming.”
Annika:”Yeah , that’s kind of true… I wouldn’t have been this much happy if you had accepted my proposal….but you know I could have suffered from high BP , my anger knew no bounds then. Also, I was quite angry on Mishra ji…. when it was not even his fault….”
Shivaay:”I’m really sorry for this… I really didn’t intend to hurt you.”
Annika:”I know Shivaay….but if we see technically… I’m the first one to propose….”
Shivaay:”That you are…..”
Annika(with a concerned look):”But there’s a small problem… ”
Shivaay: “And what’s that?”
Annika: “I haven’t made you wear a ring…as you did……It’s all your fault..you should have told me earlier that you were going to propose to me and I would have been prepared…”
Shivaay (laughing): “You’re worried for such a small thing… Do you think our family would settle for an engagement that they haven’t witnessed… Don’t you worry ,you’ll have ample time to select a ring for me….because this was just a kind of practice engagement….”
Annika: “OK then…we’ll engage within 2 weeks …what say?”
Shivaay: “Your wish,my command…”
Annika: “Ohho ,So Shivaay Singh Oberoi does obey someone else’s commands…that’s quite interesting…”
Shivaay: “Well I do things which profit me…”
Annika: “And what’s the profit in this?”
Shivaay: “Hmm…(going close to her)…what Profit you ask……(He kisses Annika on her cheek)..this is my profit, see you’re blushing and you look so cute…”

Annika: “You….(she pushes him away and runs towards the staircase and then turns towards him)….. Well Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi,you’re not going to get this profit easily.”
Saying so Annika departs from there and Shivaay too follows her. They spend the whole day with each other,sometimes embracing each other,sometimes just staring at each other and sometimes just talking about random topics. It seems that both of them just want to be in each other’s company and why wouldn’t they? All the doubts and second thoughts have vanished now. Now, they are free to express their love for each other. The connection which they share is something divine and blissful.
They didn’t realize when time passed . The rest of the family members returned home an hour before dinner time. The hall was made to look like a conference room, Shivaay and Annika in between and the rest,sitting in a circle around them,carefully listening to their tale of Love,more precisely the proposal part. It was unanimously decided that the engagement would be done a week before Saahil’s operation and the rest of the functions after that. All were equally Happy and excited and it was decided that Annika and her family would spend the night in OM.
Days passed and the day of the wedding finally came. Saahil’s operation had been a success and he was able to walk without any support. The wedding was grand.Finally, Shivaay and Annika’s relationship was given an official green flag.
——–After 8 years——-
Annika is peacefully sleeping on the bed. A girl of around 6 years,comes and sits on the bed near her.
Girl:”Mumma get up now….else you’ll be late…get up na…(she tries to shake her with hands but there was no use)”
Annika (in a sleepy tone):”Vaani ….just 5 more minutes…. I’ll wake up after that…promise.”
Vaani turns to look at her Dad,Shivaay and then they share their usual morning expressions. Then,Shivaay’s lips curve in the form of a smirk. Vaani understands what her Dad is up to and gets down from the bed to watch the show.
Shivaay goes towards Annika and shakes her vigorously leading her to get up with a jolt.
Annika(without realising where she is): “Earthquake….. It’s an earthquake… Vaani…Shivaay…. Move out of of the house fast,I’ll inform the rest…”
Vaani:”There was no earthquake Mumma…”
Annika (wide awake now):”No….Vaani there was…”
Shivaay: “Not an earthquake….. It was the work done to wake up a KumbhKaran….”
Annika: “Oh…so it was you Shivaay…. You both father and daughter will make me go mad someday……”
Shivaay: “Annika do you have any idea what time is it?”
Annika: “What?”
Vaani:”It’s already 8am Mumma….we have to reach the school for the interview by 9 and then you have to go for your work….”
Annika: “Oh Bete ki!I’m so late….I’ll just get ready….”
Saying so she moves towards the bathroom with the speed of light.Seeing this,both Vaani and Shivaay laugh.Shivaay then picks up Vaani in his hands and takes her to have breakfast. Vaani had the eyes of her father,kanji eyes, and her temperament was just like her mother,bubbly and lively.She was in fact a combination of the best of the traits of her parents and with a lot of Tadi .
Once,Annika was ready,the three of them left for the school. The principal interviewed Vaani and she was quite impressed by Vaani. Vaani was selected for being admitted in the school. While returning, Vaani fell asleep in the car.
Annika: “She looks so cute while sleeping, doesn’t she?”
Shivaay: “Yes,and the same is true for her mother too…”
Annika: “Come on Shivaay…. (After a couple of minutes)….Shivaay, do you remember I told you that we were going to be great parents….”
Shivaay: “Yes,I do..”

Annika: “I think today we have proved that…”
Shivaay: “This is just the beginning Mrs.Oberoi…..there’s a long road ahead….”
They look at each other and then at Vaani and smile. There might be a long road ahead but as long as they are together, it won’t seem to be long.
******THE END******

Pheww(sigh of relief)… So here it ends. These 20 parts of my ff were a great journey for me….with all of you. I am greatly thankful to all my readers, silent as well as those who comment. By the end of it, I’ve found some really great friends,sisters and a bro-yaar too..
I express my heartfelt gratitude to all those mentioned bellow and also to the the silent readers whom I don’t know–
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Loads of Love for all of you❤

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    Fantastic ff dr….
    Perfect ending…. Totally luv d ff….
    Waiting 4 ur nxt work cme back with another khidkitode ff….
    Till then bye… Tc…

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Banita ?
      I really appreciate your support for my ff and I am glad that you liked it ?
      I’ll try my best….
      Take care ?

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