a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 31)

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Chapter 31 ~
Kunj looked at her surprised on her attitude and boldness…!! She grinned at him. ???
T – (putting her hand on her waist) ‘Bachhpan se aaj tk nhi seekhy acting…!!! Bilkul wesy ke wesy hi ho tum…!!!’ She said and smirked…. ?? his eyes widened in shock… he was startled..!! It took time for him to really believe what she just said..! ?????
K – ‘What did you just said…??’ ??He asked mistaking it to be a dream.
T – ‘I said tum bilkul pehly jaisy ho… bachpan ki tarah…!! Jb bhi acting mein zero thy or aj bhi….!!!’ She said being calm…! (I know tum sb bhi shocked ho… surprised ho ke kya horaha hai…..!!! Hai naaaa????? Flashback me padh lo…!! Second waly…!!! Lekin direct fb pe mt pohanch jaaana … sabr ka fal meetha hota hai…!! ??????)

Flashback ~
When SidMin’s annual function preparations started, they both were selected for a tableau. Sid had to do a role of a king and Jasmin had to do of a queen..!
She did it beautifully but Sid wasn’t able to do acting. That was when Jasmin said him those lines, ‘bht hi bakwass actor ho mujhse classes ly lety…!’
Fb ends ~

Tears came to his eyes. He looked at Twinkle with an unbelieveable look on his face.
K – ‘Twi….twi…twink…!’ The words refused to leave his throat. Without wasting a second Twinkle jumped on him hugging him tight as she could. Kunj was surprised with her sudden act but then hugged her even more tighter. Tears started flowing from their eyes unconditionally. He hugged her so tight that all her broken pieces of heart got fixed. Their was silence filled, and was the vpice of only sobs and sniffs.
[Dekhe jo khwaab the,
Gire jo aankh se
Toh aansu ban ke dil beh gaya

Toote jo aayine,
Sach aaya saamne
Ab tu hi mujhe ye bata

Kya main hoon hero tera ?
Kya main hoon hero tera ?
Kya main hoon hero tera ?]
K – ‘Ttt..Twi…twink….twinkl..twinkle…!’ He said with much difficulty.
T – ‘Ssssshhhhh…..!!!!!!!!! Just live this moment.’ She said broking the hug, placing a finger on her lips and then hugged him again. He wrapped his arms around her tightly. She wrapped her hands around his neck. His shirt got wet with her tears and her shoulder got wet with his tears. Both were feeling heavinly in each other’s embrace.
[ Saanson se door main,
Ho sakta hoon magar
Tujhse na ho sakunga juda

Duniya na samjhegi,
Dil ko mere abhi
Jo ehsaas tune diya

Haan main hoon hero tera
Haan main hoon hero tera
Haan main hoon hero tera]
Kunj was happy as well as confused. He broke the hug and asked her through his eyes. Twinkle looked at him. With his hairs mussed up and his red swollen eyes, he didn’t look like the devil she knew him to be. It pricked her badly. His condition was making her guilty. She cupped his face with one hand and from one hand holds his hand.
T – ‘Btaungi sb btaungi, lekin tumne apni haalat kya bana rakhi haii?? Kya hogaya hai??’ (I will tell you everything, but what condition u have made of yourself? What has happened to you!) He held her hand.
K – ‘Pata nhi tumhara haath pakadne ka bhi haqq hai ya nhi mere pass..!’ Twinkle stopped him in middle and spoke.

T – ‘Har haqq hai tumhare pass..! Only you have the rights on me..! Bivi hun tumhari..!’
K – ‘Janta hun.. mgr jo kuch me ne kiya uske baad to …!’
T – ‘Don’t talk about that, please!’ She said pleading to him.
He hugged her suddenly and spoke.

K – ‘Twinkle don’t ever leave me again.. kyunke jb tum jaati ho na .. to me jee nhi pata….!!!’ His voice choked. She hugged him back and consoled him.
T – ‘Kunj…!!’
K – ‘Hmm??’
T – ‘I wanna tell you something!’
She said and goes into a flahsback..

Flashback ~
Twinkle opened the door only to be surprised by the persons standing in front of her. The camera revolves and showed Yuvi and Chinki standing on the door…! Twinkle gave them the way to come in. The three of them settled on the sofa in the lounge.
T – ‘You both came after so long..!’
Y – ‘Only after 1 week yrr..!’
T – ‘Haan so.. that one week is so long for me…!’

C – ‘Twinkle, I want to straightly get to the point.’ She said seriously. Yuvi asked her to calm down through his eyes.
C – ‘No Yuvi, its almost three months.. I can’t tolerate it anymore..! Kab tk ye dono ek dusre ko saza dety raheingy..! Nd I can’t lie to Kunj anymore..! Mujhse uski haalat nhi dekhi jaati ab..! I m tired of lying to him ke hum nhi jaanty Twinkle kahan hai..!’ Twinkle’s delighted face dropped down.
T – ‘Chinki, I don’t want to talk about that.’
C – ‘Twinkle you need to… kb tk aesy rahega..! Or kya haan?? Is bachhe ko uske baap se dur rakhegu tu…??’

T – ‘Wo khud bachha nhi chahta tha..’
C – ‘Kabhi us din ke baad us se baat kerny ki koshish ki?? Kabhi ye janny ki koshish ki kyun wo aesa tha?? Kyun ban gaya tha aesaa??’
Y – ‘Chinki, I’ll talk to her. Calm down..!’
C – ‘What calm down Yuvraj..!! She doesn’t care about him at all..! Or wo din raat iske liye rota rehta hai.. per iske ko kyaa…?? Ye to selfish hogayii hai.. heartless hogayi hai..!’ Chinki poured all her anger on Twinkle and she got shocked.

T – ‘Chinki, I m not heartless. I’ve just learnt to use my heart less…!’ She said as tears stung her eyes… chinki’s anger vanished seeing her tears.
C – ‘Twinkle.. I m sorry..! But its high time..! Us galti ki sazaa khud ko kyun de rahi hai jo tu ne ki hi nhii!!’
Y – ‘Twinkle, I won’t force you but ek baar.. sirf ek baar dil se socho.. or wohi karo jo tumhara dil kehta hai..!’
C – ‘Twinkle, I need to tell you a truth..!’ She said and Yuvi eyed her not to. Twinkle looked at them both and said.

T – ‘What is that???’
Y – ‘No chinki, He will tell her himself. Don’t tell her, she couldn’t handle it..!’
T – ‘No Yuvi, I need to know..!’
C – ‘Twinkleee…!!’

T – ‘Chinki, u r my best frnd.. tell me. What u both r hiding..??’
C – ‘Twinkle, Kunj loves you. He loves you unconditionally…!!!!’ Twinkle was taken aback. Yuvraj sighed as she didn’t tell about Kunj being Sid..
T – ‘Love… realllyyy?? He doesn’t even know the meaning of it. He is a devil, he can’t feel anything. Emotions are toys for him. No, he can’t. Nd if you call that love, then u r highly mistaken… its lust.. not love..!’ She said as she carried away with the flow of emotions.
C – ‘Uske pyaar ko hawas keh ker tum uske pyaar ko gaali dy rahi ho…!! Twinkle no… I didn’t saw that love in my life which he has in his heart … that after years he still loves her and is waiting for her…!!’

T – ‘HER not ME..!’
C – ‘What if I say HER is YOU only…!!!’ Twinkle looked at her surprised…. she then looked down and spoke..
T – ‘He only know me for some months… how come yearss???’ Yuvraj asked Chinki to stop but she didn’t.
C – ‘That’s problem. You still haven’t understood..!’ Tears were continuously flowing from Twinkle’s eyes.

T – ‘Chinki, I’ve always loved one person and I’ll always love him only. He is my everything, My Sid. I don’t care what others feel for me…!!’
C – ‘And what if I say Kunj is the one whom you love from years.?’ She asked making twinkle’s eyes widened in shock. Yuvraj cursed himself for not stopping her. Twinkle looked at both of them with widened eyes and tears flowing. She became like a statue.
Episode ends
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Precap: Flashback continues…..!!!!

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