Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Dev Get More Protective Of Sona

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona looks from window and sees Dev standing outside. She signals I love you Dev. He says I love you too and says he is happy with only her, him and Soha. Sona says he will be more happy with their new baby joining. He says he will come up. She says maa will know. He says she will not. Ishwari comes and closes window. Next day, Dev calls 3 docs for Sona’s checkup an says he called them to protect Sona and baby. Sona says their main concern is baby’s safety. Doc says fetus is safe now. Ishwari asks her to call fetus by name, Shubh. Doc asks what if it is girl. Ishwari says Riddhi. Doc says Shubh is fine till 3 months and after that it is risky. Another doc says medicines can help to some extent, but not completely. De shouts what does he mean. GKB asks him to behave with docs, he called them for opinion. Dev asks docs to leave. Sona asks to calm down. Dev continues. Doc says she can understand his condition as a father and husband, he has to keep Sona tension free and give her healthy food and take care of her well. Dev says he will take care of Sona and asks them to leave. They walk out. Sona apologizes Ishwari for not telling whole truth. Ishwari asks not to apologize she is not at fault, she is worried about her instead. Sona asks not to get tensed, else Shubh will complain. They both laugh. Dev comes and tells Sona that he will take care of her well and will not go away from her even for a minute. He lifts her and leaves.

GKB congratulates Ishwari that a new member is coming in the family and reminds how she called baby as Shubh. She tells Vicky has shifted to his new pent house and has become a businessman. Ishwari is surprised and smiles.

Golu calls Soha and scolds if she cannot find time to play with his brother. Soha says she is busy. He says whatever it is. She says she will talk to him later. Golu insists Vicky to get him a toy. Vicky says he got him play station just yesterday. GKB says Vicky that she wants him to have a baby girl and complete family and asks him to hurry, else pregnancy will be complicated over age, else she will do same trick like she did with Golu’s time. Vicky reminisces Elena telling him that mummy ji hid contraceptive pills, else Golu would not have born. Golu asks what dadi did. Vicky says nothing.

Sona wakes up and seeing Dev hurriedly gets up from bed. Dev asks her to not get up so hurriedly, it is bad for bad. She asks him to relax. He shows books and says he wants to be best father. Sona tries to calm him down and says right now she and baby want to hug him and sleep. He says he will read book’s last chapter and leaves. He calls Sourav and asks him tips. Sourav says he gave him all tips and he is also becoming father for the first time. Dev asks what is abruptio placentae and preeclampsia. Sourav says he does not know and gives phone to Ronita. Ronita says even she does not know about these and disconnects call. Dev calls landline. Sourav shouts if Dev is not his jija, he would have got him arrested. Dev continues calling.

Precap: Doc does Sona’s ultrasound and shows baby moving on monitor and heart beats. Sona looks tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Sign conversation??such a lovely scene??

  2. Dev dev dev you are so handsome so good so cute so caring

  3. Neha1

    Dev becomes more protective towards Sonakshi….
    He hold her in his arms…?????????
    Dev also sometimes did Mr.Obhodro things….like reading books and taking tips of caring pregnan t wife…?? and also disturbs Sourav-Ronita by calling them in the night…?????

    Waiting 4 Monday’s episode coz Precap was interesting but suddenly Dev-Sona looks tensed and worried…. What will going to happen..???

    Guys, only a week left from ending of our favourite show KRPKAB….! I’m very sad and Disappointed from Sony TV…! If KRPKAB ends then I’llnever ever watch Sony TV’s show, untill and unless it will be of Shaheer or Erica’s new show on Sony….or else never watch Sony TV…!

    1. Hi Neha

      Only 5 more days. I am so sad. So depressed that I have no interest in watching any other serials.

      Hello I am joking yaar. I am happy that only 5 More days to see my fvaourties Nikita and Namik Paul in Sony. Have a nice week ends

      You will

      1. Aryana

        Are U sick ?????? If U love other shows …. Please don’t come here.
        In simple words just get lost .

      2. Shahina

        Hello rutika,ronita,444…blah blah blah….
        Oops,than all this names only fake I’d suits you,
        So dr fakeid, your EDKV’s curtains were pulled down before 1 year.????????
        But still , u come here to vent out ur sickness.
        Ur in need of a psychiatrist immediately.

      3. Neha1

        Yes, completely agree with you Shahina…

      4. Varalakshmi

        well said shahina

    2. Neha1

      Aryana, Dear just ignore her…. You know what dear, they are bursting or bashing here coz their Favourite show EDKV had gone off-air before KRPKAB…. and they didn’t able to digest that…

      That’s why Rutika/44444.???? Whoever…. They’re soooooooooo Frustrated and irritated with this fact… And you know they’re not in touch with their EDKV fan club, coz only they come here to spread negativity….if they had, then she won’t come here to comment, obviously she will go to EDKV FF page….So she had no other option to come here and badmouthing about our show KRPKAB… and Bashed
      here by saying bad,wrong things to our show KRPKAB…

      And Rutika….Show start hua nhi hai….itna over confident hona Sehat ke liye HAANIKARAK hai-…. Sony ke show bht time tak survive nhi krte- chahe EDKV ho, KRPKAB ho….Or Nikita-Namik Paul ka show Sony pe aa rha hai….Best of luck to you EDKV Fan’s….Yaad rkhna Sony TV ke shows ki TRP bht kum hoti hai..in comparison to Star, Zee, Colors channels….

      Or KRPKAB Fan’s, KRPKAB end hone ke baad Sony TV ko kabhi nhi dekhenge…Jab tak Shaheer or Erica ka koi new show nhi aata….Infact We all Pray ki Shaheer or Erica ke koi bhi shows Sony TV pe nhi aye….waha show 1-2yrs mein THE END ho jata hai…! agr 3yrs tak chal gaya toh bht badi baat hai….vrna possible hi nhi hai…!

    3. Neha what will u do to kill the time. We have no option but weeping over the spilled mil. Count down starts today, 4 will remain after 10.00 pm today

  4. Sneha Sugumar

    I really love today’s episode. It was very emotional and at the same time funny.
    It covered everything. The love of a husband, the care for a girl from her mother In law and what not.
    Par jab mein ye kabar suni ki the show is going off air I really felt like crying.
    Jab mein koodh se ek saval poochi ki after the show ends mein 9:30pm se mein kiya karoongi tho muje meri saval ka javab milla hi nahi. Tab muje koodh mahasoos hua ki mein is show se sirf pyar nahi balki issae beyhadh pyar karthi hoon laken hum kar kiya saktae hai.
    I am totally helpless. Ithna pyar meynae kisi show say nahi kiya. This was the 1st time for me to get addicted to a show this much. I think it worth it. Because meynae is show se bahuth kuch seka hai.
    Maa se pyar karna seka.
    Bhai,behano ke sath wakth bethana seka.
    Unkae problems ko apne problem manna seka.
    Parivar mein adjust karna seka.
    Auor pyar karna seka.
    I would really love to say the makers thanks, for giving a wonderful show.
    Meri favourite show hamesha krpkab thi, hai aour rahagi.
    I don’t have any words to say after this.
    Kyonki feelings ko batho mein convey nahi kiya ja sakta hai.
    With a heavy heart waiting for the future episode.

    1. True sneha..fans r literally begging on twitter but no one is bothered☹its depressing..??..this show is worth watching?

    2. Shahina

      U r right.
      This show has taught us a lot of life lessons???

      1. Oh seriously!!!! What lesson u learnt. Imagination overdose. Pitty u girls

  5. Shahina

    Vote for the best scene of this week
    Fuze poll
    Pls friends,vote for KRPKAB

    1. That will be on 25th Augst when curtain fall permanently he hehe

      1. Priya9876

        Sickness overloaded ???

      2. curtain tho hamare ishu ke paas bahut saraa hai.

      3. Priya9876

        Oh @Chinu u rocked..???
        Wid different shades of colour kyu chinu ??

      4. Oh Chinnu,

        Calm down dear. 4 more episodes after 10.00 pm Today. Good riddence KRPAB

    2. Neha1

      Shahina I did it… And Most votes are for our show KRPKAB…107 votes.

      1. Shahina

        Neha dr,wow??
        Yeh toh hona hi tha….
        Jalne walon Ko jalne dete

      2. Neha this itchwari is the reson.

    3. Priya9876

      Done ?
      Krpkab is leading ??

    4. Minnel Noorsai


  6. Shahina

    What a lovely episode❤❤
    The sign convo of DevAkshi was the best.
    Dev carrying Sona in his arms and the last bedroom convo ……and what not…. ???everything was fab in yesterday’s epi.
    With a heavy heart,Im trying to accept the fact that KRPKABis going off air????

  7. Shahina

    This weekend.
    Hum dialogue dialogue khelenge…..??

    R u ready krpkab ans???

    We’ll share the best DIALOGUES and let’s cherish the memories of Kuch Rang pyar ke aise bhi❤

    So let me start…
    My favourite are….
    1.I love u as a man loves a woman??
    2.aap mereliye itne important ho chuke hain ki aapke alava mujhe aur koi hurt nhi kar sakte??
    3.koi perfect nhi hota dev, feelings perfect hote hain❤❤❤
    4.Tum mere Subha utne ki wajah,saans Lene ki wajah,aankhein kholne ki wajah ban chuki thi??(Dard e Dixit phase??)
    and many more…
    I’ll share in upcoming comments.

    1. These dialogues r love??

  8. Shahina

    Funny dialogues
    Dev-Meri maa bahut Ziddi hai
    Sona- To,aapka yeh problem hereditary hai??
    Don’t worry,ill take care.

    Dev-Aapke haath se kuch gir nhi Sakta na…to phir yeh gira kaise??
    Sona- Atom bomb nhi gira hai, aata hai vo bhi multigrain??
    Dev- toh aap mujpar multigrain aata girake meri health Bana rahi ho????

    1. Aryana

      Wow shahina u remind me of that episode. U made my day .

      1. Shahina

        Aise kaise chalega??
        U ppl should also share some best DIALOGUES of our BEST SHOW

    2. To apka problem hereditary ha??❤

    3. Priya9876

      This one is HILLAIRIOUS ????

      To aap mujhepe multigrain aanta gira kar meri sehat bana rahi h

      Hahaha ??

    4. shahina tu bhi naa…
      mujhe tho emoji hee nahi aarah.isliye writing se adjust karooo.protest mat karna…

  9. I was wondering ish will atleast ask sona to give 2nd thought to continue pregnancy if she is risking her life but she was glad rather proud of sona for this?and devs mindset change was also abrupt..?

    1. point to be noted..
      lekin kya kareee sony tv wajah se abrupt ending….but happy vicky shayad ghar se bahar hee rahegaaa.

      1. All due to unexpected ending they had much more to show???

  10. Iss weekend k baad there will be no reason to wait 4 monday??i usually hated them before but krpkab caused me to love them??i never missed a single epi even during university exams???

    1. Shahina

      Even I watched KRPKAB b4 my GATE exam?

  11. Shahina

    Phirse aagayi yeh fakeid.
    Kuch log itne shameless hotein hain,ki unka Kuch nhi ho Sakta.

    1. Neha1

      Shahina, In logon ke pass koi kaam nhi hai….Isliye apna muh or gandi soch leke yahan aa jatey hai….
      Ab inko ignore hi karo, yahi best option hai…. 5 days left …. So we should enjoy these 5 days to the fullest…

      1. Priya9876

        Arey neha unka show aa raha h na Nikita namik– jiska koi aata pata nhi hai…..
        Too uss undekhe show k page pe kaise comment karenge uski rehearsal kar rahe h….coz becharo ko to jyada time tak comments karne ka saubhagya hi prapt nhi hua…??

      2. You are sbsolutely right. They dont have work like you. U have whole day before you to waste writing bull **** in the forum a

    2. Priya9876

      Ab kya kare bechari/ bechara ( not decided yet ??)

      Uska show to raha nhi iss duniya, bohot pehle duniya se rukhsat kar diya gya….tooo bhai uska v enjoyment hona chaiye na….
      Kardoo help, krpkab fans bade dildaar hain kyu ??

      1. Shahina

        Haan Priya…
        Woh toh rehearse kar Rahi hai????

    3. Aryana

      Guys it’s a good thing . Let them comment .. issi bahane comments count is increasing .

    4. reharsal…..hahaaahaa.
      priya we are agree with u ham karne deteee.
      uske wajah se bhi hamare comments bada rahee hai..(dekhloo frnds krpkab wajah se kya hau negative bhi positive dekha rahii)

  12. https://youtu.be/pQ3D0va1JW8
    Guys plz watch it ……. so funny and entertaining
    I loved it

  13. Shahina

    I want to share some DIALOGUESof beautiful promos of KRPKAB.
    “Kya pate hain aur kya khote hain jab dilon ke faisle bhi dimag se hote hain”
    “Ab baari Teri hain, baat payegi dev ke pyar Ko”
    “Dil ka Raaz na batayenge,teri duniya se chup chap challi jayenge”
    “Main tumari maa Mana nhi Sakti,aur Tum apni maa ki Mana nhi kar sakte”
    ” Aankhen band karke Dil ka darwaza kholke,man ki awaz suno,toh pata chalega pyar ka rang”
    ” Jab aapmein chehekna ,mehekna,behekna yeh sab kuch dikhe, then ur in love”
    “Aap ki maa ne mujhe aapke saath Kush nhi dekhna chahthi thi,aur aap mujhe kisike saath Kush nhi dekhna chahthe ho,bas mein ritwik se shaadi karungi-”
    “I promise kuch galat nhi karunga…..Miss.Sonakshi Bose…… Congratulations”
    Sorry…. really….if it’s too lengthy….
    KRPKAB ka Hangover hain??

    1. In yaadon ka hangover puri life nai utre ga?these dialogues and vms are making me more senti??

  14. https://youtu.be/pQ3D0va1JW8
    Guys watch this .. funny and enjoyable
    Selection of clips is so nice that will make u laugh

    1. It was awesome????

    2. Shahina


  15. Varalakshmi

    i loved devakshi moment dev sonakshi lift sooo adorable episode, sign conversation bed room scene sooo cute Mr & Mrs Dixit aap dono ithni cute kyu hu

    1. Count down begins for the curtain raiser. Oh sorry for the curtain down.

  16. Varalakshmi

    best dialogues of kuch rang pya ke aise bhi

    holi incident sona: to you i am Dr. boss
    Dev: happy holi

    pehli baar dev dixit flirt kiya v sonakshi se dance ye lanmhe hazzar se song
    aap chali jayi ye tho maa ko bura lagega
    sona : kyu
    dev aap hi best i mean best nutritionist aur main apko pane ke liye ithni mehanath ki
    i mean as a nutritionist of course

  17. My favorite is propsal and after proposal episode….”like a man loves a woman” my god I died hearing that….i haven’t seen so simple and yet passionate proposal either on TV or big screen….
    sona and dev conversation after proposal episode…was so naturally it gives me goosebumps…”main aapko aap se bhi jiyada Janna chahath tha join”

    Dialogues like “I want u for myself..”, “main soch tha ta ka ms Bose meri ma ka kiya kitni important hai.. Phir o kab mere kiya important bangayi para nahi chala”

    1. Shahina

      Dev- I have gifted saree to the most important person of my life, now it’s time to get gift the second most important woman of my life.
      Sona- Second most important!!!!!
      Sona- don’t worry dev, hamara rishta purane rishte se compete nhi karega ,use complete karega???

      Believe me or not, this show has made me understand relationships in a best way??

      And the scene ,where dev asks asha how did she live with a person like Bijoy.And when Sona was about to yell at dev…
      Asha’s dialogues to Sona was really fab….
      One of the most beautiful scenes of KRPKAB????

      1. S I like Asha ‘s dialogues to sona …only wife will know whether a her husband….

        KRPKAB has really thought as so much abt relationships…the makers have gone really deep to make us understand..

    2. Yes pinky! Best love proposal ever “I love you as a man loves a woman”simple yet passionate??

    3. Priya9876

      I need u for my self ? hayeeeee woo episode

      1. these episodes are like flying in air.tikala tikala tin tin..tikala tikala..gems…and 5star also dekhloo kojavoooo.
        kuch rang dekhiyee chocolate duniyaa mee khojayayeee..

  18. Dev-Mera sab kuch ha iss chehre par??

    1. next reaction of sona “mere face pee …(inside…)shayad dimag kharab hogayaa.mujhe tho ek nak aur doo ankhe haina”

  19. Shahina

    How can I forget Elena and Dev’s first meet.
    Elena-woh na….ek bahut bada….kya kehte ho aap log,….ek bahut bada EHSAAN KHARGOSH hai…??
    Dev- Ehsaan farmosh….
    Excuse me,aap meri taraf dekhiye….
    Mr.Dev Dixit?
    Dev- unfortunately!!!!!
    Elena- Tumiiiii….chup chap mere secrets sun rahe the…..

  20. I also like neha’s mehendi episode, where dev gets jealous for the first time after becoming couple (he also gets jealous during neel episodes unknowingly) when sona says that she has written someone’s name on her hand (video call)…

  21. Priya9876

    Heights of dumbness award goes to Mr. Dev Dixit… But for what ?? Batati hu Batati hu …..

    Elina & Vicky’s 1st night ?
    Vicky knocked:
    Dev: arey tu yaha kya kar raha hai?
    V: bhai wo meri room ki Ac kharab h too mujhe aaj k liye aap apna room de do…..
    D: ok
    Dev confused aatma asking with sonakshi,
    Sonakshi Ise thand k mausam mein Ac kyu chalana hai??
    Sonakshi (in her inner voice) : ??bokaraam


    1. Shahina

      Sona will singing like
      “Main kaa karoon raam,mujhe Buddha milgaya”

      1. Shahina

        **Will be singing like

      2. Priya9876

        Aaahaaa! Correction plz
        Not Bouddha
        “Buddhu” mil gya ??

    2. budhu tho dev heee..
      elina:aap mujhe gar tak chudenge.
      elina:mujhe kya mere sis ko kabhi nahi chodiyeee

      dev:aapne kaha apke sari family members ayenge lekin vo tho nahi aayee.
      elina and sona:…….(budhuram)

      sona:aapka beta budhuram
      ishu:mera beta nahi tumhara patii..

      hohohoo buddu dumbuu hamaraa dev heee.aaj ke epi kitna cute tha pen ko ear pe rak keee..chooo chweett..

  22. Priya9876

    Guys i know… this is a most difficult work to chose one favourite EPISODE But fir v koi ek epi select karo jo aapko sabse jyada pasan ho aur us epi ki kisi v moment ki Dp lagao…….
    Mazaa aayega lets do it…I have done already ?

    My favourite epi 77 ??

    1. Shahina

      Wow, I’ll do it.
      My favourite is also 77??

      1. Shahina

        I’ll change it to 86.
        My favourite DIALOGUE also ” koi perfect nhi hota, feelings perfect hote hain”????

      2. Priya9876

        86 se my fav:

        Ms. Bose mujhe pata nhi tha aap sharmati v hain…

      3. Priya9876

        Same pinch Shahina ??

  23. Priya9876

    & The 2 Mrs India @ Shalini nd @Asmita
    Where r u guys?????
    This is our last weekend ?

    1. Neha1

      Chalo Tum aa gayi…Engine aa gaya to train ke dabbe bhi jaldi aa jayenge…????? glad to see you…
      But kaha kho gayi thi yar….Inna lamba break KRPKAB ke TU se…

      How much I missed you all old fan’s… Or dekho tum logon ke jaatey hi KRPKAB pe sankat aa gaya…! Daily aatey rhte toh shayad yeh naubat nhi aati…Kitna bulaya tha tum logo ko…mgr tum log nhi aye….sab chale gaye …only me, Varalakshmi and sometimes Chanpreet also commented…baki koi nhi aya…but kaafi naye logo ki entry hui TU pe…!
      Ho sake to 5 din hai…plz yeh next 5 days zarur aana Priya…! ??

      1. Priya9876

        Lets hope for d best, sab aa jaye….
        Hillarious Queen to aayi ( talkin abt PIYA )

    2. Subhashini

      Priya tum na mujhae aur ganga ko bulgaya…yaar…

      1. Priya9876

        I mean tum too aati ho na isliye tumhara naam nhi likha

    3. Behna i am here keeping eye on each n everyone…i am getting so emotional i can’t believe that this the the last weekend where i’ll be waiting for krpkab.after this my love for monday is gonna die

      1. Priya9876

        thanx for coming swetieeee….

        donno kavi fir mil payenge ya nhi… 🙁

  24. shahina ye tho cheating hai…maine socha dialogues likhungi naa sokee.lekin tu nee mujhe surprise kiya.ab mee kya lekhu.ab itna sari msgs aaya ki replies likhne ke liye raat khatam ho jayegaa.by the way dear u written so nicely..me kush hu sari tu frnds.
    krpkab given us many best dialogues.aap sabnee likhdiya aur mee kuch likhungi what i remember.ab maat kehna ki mee budduram hu as i dont remenber correct dialogues.
    mami:kya ye dev …dev:aapko yaha aane ka kitna time lagaa…mami:25min….dev:aapko yaha aane ka 25min lagaa mere maa ko25saal lag gayaa

    1. Shahina


      That was the first dialogue in KRPKAB that gave me ‘Wow’ moment?

  25. sona:aunty jii apka “almarah” ko “shirt” ke right side par rakii.
    sona:sab tumhara “shirt”kar rahi hai tum ab tak wait”bhi nahi pahnii
    sona:tumne “hot”kiya bahut haircut lag rahi hoo.
    sona:ami tumakee(i love u)

    dev:tum rithwik see anguti pehna rahi tii mujhe laga mere saas rukh gayee.mee tum se bahut pyaar kar rahi huu lekin mere itne sari responsibilities.mee kya karu sona…

    dev:javoo sonakshi hamee alag hona chahiye.sona:gud bi mrdixit.
    dev:sonakshi maa banagayii.suhana mere beti…
    dev:in saat saloo me roj lagta hai kii ankhe kul naa jayee.lekin kholna padta hai aur phirse dard mehsus padtaa hai.
    these were sad dialogues but still they are awesome with great feeling.

    1. ??❤??

    2. Shahina

      Lovely dialogues??
      Dard e Dixit phase?

  26. emotional dialogues
    mere maa mere bhagawan hai.

    ishu:mee garv hu kii dev meraa beta hai.
    full accident scene….oh god sona open ur eyes.dev:tujhe pata hai sari frnds mujhe ranganathan bulathe hai..pocho kyu…uske behan ke paas drawing karne ke liye book nahi tii….

    dev:aaram se chot lagti
    tho.sona:aapko kya farak padta…farak padta hai damn it farak padta tujhe bura lagti tho mujhe feel hogaa…

    sona:kuch rang alag hote dev.kuch rang aise bhi hoteee.

    passionate dialogues
    dev:gusse me aaj bhi khoobsurat lagti tum
    dev:dev dixit suit pehne se nahi banta.uskeliye dimag ki jaruri hai..

    sona:kya kar rahe hoo dev.dimag karab ho gaya kya.have u lost it.
    dev:me dev rath dixit huu kaise bul gayee tuuu.
    khatri:tunee kya socha khatri nee kachi gol kheleee…..boi..biii
    dev:ab kya karega takar ko phone lagayega kya..mujhe tujse khelne me maza nahi athaa..

    ishu:in saat saloo tuu nee ek hee reshta rakha hai vo bhi sonakshi see chahee vo nafrat kyu na hoo jayeeee.

    1. Shahina

      Last one was a bang on???
      But I was quite irritated at the time , because that great dialogue was given to ishu maataa???

  27. funny dialogues
    dev:aap baitake arguement bhi nahi kar sakte.sona:mujhe washroom jana hai..dev:hooooohhhoooo..devilsounds

    sona:mr dixit aap icecream kayengee.dev;nahi.sona:aap bhina music ke kaise jaa sakte hoo.dev:aap bhina arguement ke nahi reh saktaaa.maine kab argue kiya.ab kya karoo.
    accident before scene.dev dancing with children.

    sona:aap mujhe dekhenge meee aapko dekhungii tho road kaun dekhegaa.

    neil:sona bahut ache se khana banatii hai.elina:tu tho gayi sona (inside)mujhe kitchen me kaam hai.dev smiling…

    golu:mere bigcha dinasor se ladii tii.soha:dinasor tho abhi nahi haina.
    golu:ankhe pe patti lagake mere bigcha ball ko daal sakhti……..dev:aur kya believe karaya tuu neee.
    snake incident

    dev:ek kaam karoo chaku see mere chathii me goob dhoo.tum vaisa driving kar rahe kii accident tho hona hee..
    sona:golu aur soha tho tujhe batsmen superman kahte hai lekin tuu tho hulk hai..
    ok mee mante hu mere doo bache hai..

    sona:ab tho t shirt utaroo…

    sona:aap apne office ke files mujhe dijeyee.dev:kyu.sona:mee apke kaam aapse jyada jantii huu.

    1. Neha1

      Yes chinnu, All these scenes was one of my favourite scene and still I love to watch these scenes…
      But Honestly, I love that night scene where Dev-Sonakshi get consummate their marriage…. The Shimla track…..was Superb, Amazing….???❤??? and The Bbackground Music…Hum-Tum, Hum-Tum…Saanson ko saason mein dhalne do zara……???

      It’s very difficult to choose one scene among all the Best Devakshian Scenes in KRPKAB…..

      And How can we forget The 8yrs leap….almost in many serials After leap show was just dragged but its not happened with KRPKAB…. After leap it’s became more excited and interesting…. coz of CUTIES KIDS Suhana and Golu…??????and Fan’s was also excited for REUNION of DEVAKSHI…..!

      And Few Past episodes we witnessed that How Ishwari accepted Sonakshi wholeheartedly….. How much Ishwari’s character changed…and The miracle happened when–GKB bhi Sudhar gayi…!???

      But I always Love the Title song, Background Music…..

      1. Choolhe pe phulke sa phoole……krpkab
      2. Badle se din hai, meri badli si raatein….. krpkab
      3. Yeh lamhe hazar se, hote hai rang pyar ke……krpkab
      4. Saadgi achchi lagi, hai mujhko teri….krpkab
      5. Rang rahi hu, yeh kaise rang mei….krpkab…. and Ha.haaannnn (Female version)
      6. Iss tarah se tu aya hai mujhme..Tu mujhme mujhse zyada hai.
      7. Kismat ke lekhe, kisne dekhe…..krpkab
      8. Waqt ne kiya, kya haseen sitam…Tum rahe na Tum, Hum rahe na Hum…
      Ye sabhi songs kitne achche hai….going to missed all these songs…

      1. Shahina

        Yup, I was searching for that Hum Tum song ….and still now it’s there in my playlist??

      2. neha dear songs are highlight of the show.tuu yee comment karke phirse udnee diya….ur choo chweet

  28. Dev-Pyaar haq de deta ha sonakshi??

  29. Sneha Sugumar

    Thank you arshia.
    Your words are very soothing. Not able to come out of the shock that the show ends. I feel myself very stupid for this. But I knew very well that this would end a day but never thought this soon
    Very disappointing?
    Do u know I am a girl from tamil Nadu and krpkab Comes in tamil too that’s how I started seeing and found that the show runs in the name of krpkab in hindi.
    Watching it everyday or in the least case reading the written updates before going to bed was my daily routine.
    It is going to change totally from the next week.
    I know I talk a lot. But what to do I am very sensitive and got attached to the show emotionally.
    Any way still have a week more time. Let me enjoy for a week more. What else can I do?

    1. Shahina

      Hii dr Sneha….
      I’m also from TN….
      Well, it was very difficult for me too, to accept the end but now it’s time to celebrate the farewell of our beautiful show….
      Join the club?

      1. Subhashini

        Hi shahina iam also from Tamil Nadu…

      2. Shahina

        Then u ppl would have also fought with ur parents to snatch the remote just like me??? to watch KRPKAB at 9.30 pm.

    2. I’m also frm TN

    3. Yr welcome sneha…?.we all got emotionally attached to show ???thats why its hurting much it was really a stress buster after hectic daily routine it brought smile on face but feel yourself lucky to watch it as i feel it was worth it??

  30. Subhashini

    Harae yaar chinnu,priya,neha tum logo nae best dialogue bol karkar…mujhae bohot rulathiya yaar…kaise miss karo iss show ko…i wish 25 nai aaja…

    Abhi abhi lagra tha mein kal li phele promo dekha lekin ab show ae katham horiye…kuch tho baathav mujhae ae baath accept nai hora…

  31. Subhashini

    Omg kaise bolo ho scenes
    1)First meeting…ho takkurar..full aata packet waste hogayi…????

    2)road pae dev kaise sona ko uski patient ki wife samajkar…issi thara patni ki saath raina pagal hojaiga…pagal patni bol kar chalagaya…???

    3)uss hospital mae thono fyt karkar doctor ko confuse karathiya yaar…

    4)holi wala din kaise bulungi…kya color laga tha dono..kya tashan ae uss din..???

    5)when current chalegayi…sona ko tho anthera bohot dar ae iss mae dev kaise smile karratha…first time he smiled tat day in our show…????

    6)phir bar bar phone karke sona ko rishta dhodthiya…phir ho matrimonial site phar sona itna profile bana thiya without her knowledge..???

    7)restaurant mae dev sona ko waapas ghar lanekiliye itni time wait kar ratha…uska back pain bhi hogaya…

    8)phir accident most emotional wala episodes ae ho….tat time only sona ko realize hue ho dev pyar karriyae…???

    9)phir Natasha aana…usme sona kitna hurt hue tha…phir dev sisters nae uss nyt dev ko imagine karke bola…tat tym only dev realize his feelings for sona…????

    10)immediately ho natasha bolkar engagement dhokar…itna beautifully propose karna….?????????

    11)phir chup chup kar pyar karna..yaadae guys payal,gajra,mehandi,fever mirchi wala scenes..
    Proposal pehele bhi itna acha moments ae…sry dhoda long para karthiya…lekin uss feelings ko chupa nai paara…ho sab beautiful moments yaad aariyae

    1. Shahina

      First 100 episodes are the best????
      Each n every episode was memorable?

  32. Subhashini

    Guys yaade sona ko chute wala boyfriend…itna comedy tha ho…

    Titanic wala pose…

    1. hahaah…yee sab tho best scenes hai.krpkab tho hame ek mauka bhi nahi chodi.

  33. Subhashini

    Humari show mae har character special ho…Dev,Sona,ishwari,soha,golu,neha,ria,nikki,mama ji,gkb mami ji,vicky,elena,saurabh,ronita,bejoy,asha,
    Even hum nai bul sakthi bunty,tina,kichu baiya,ranveer ko….

  34. Subhashini

    Guys mujhae samaji nai aara raha ae.. wat sony is doing???ae sony bhi na bohot confuse….
    7’o clock ymmkd end karthiya…
    So 7-peshwa bajirao..
    8-vignayar new serial
    Phir 10’0 clock kaunsa show ae…

    Their is a free time slot also but y they didn’t give extension to our show…

  35. Trishaa

    Hi to all krpkab fans. I am not new here but I don’t frequently comment. I love to read all your comments. Now I am here to tell you that much wrote a fan fiction on devakshi. Please read it and share me your views.
    Thank you

  36. Atleast we crossed 100 comments??

    1. Its so unfair??how could he do this??he knows he is wrong??such an unprofessional behaviour and not giving any value to fans? thats why they dont get trps like colors and star??no business skills i see??
      I m sure they r going to repent it later??
      No sony after 25 aug?

  37. Last monday wait for our show??

  38. Friday ‘s epi was bang on. ..dev pampers sona like a good husband
    I too feel bad fr tht this show is gonna end up. ..

  39. Friday ‘s epi was bang on. ..dev pampers sona like a good husband
    I too feel bad fr tht this show is gonna end up. ..assalam u alaikum shahina

    1. Shahina

      Wa alaikum assalam dr?

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