a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 2)

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2 –

Twinkle quickly moves from there
Kunj’s POV
She is so cute.. no .. what is happening to me .. kunj no u can’t do this … love is not for u .. did i just say LOVE .. ohh god Kunj what r u thinking .. just stop it … u can’t cheat on Jasmin! But when I met Twinkle … i got the same feeling when i first met my Jasmin..!”
Pov ends
Same time she sits in the car nd started it ..
“Uff Twinkle … ye sab kiya tha .. no u can’t cheat on sid .. he will return .. i m damn sure .. he can’t break my trust .. i know .. i trust him .. more than i trust myself.. but when i met him … i got the same feeling when i met my sid … why is this???” she thought
Both goes into a flashback ..
Flashback –
A cute girl of age 5 years is shown running in the garden with jasmine flowers in her one hand nd an open chocolate in another …! She was looking so adorable …!she was Twinkle … Suddenly she bumped into a boy …! They both falls down … the girl started crying ..
“Meli chotlate … mele flowels … sb tharab ter diye tum ne ..”(Meri chocolate .. mere flowers .. sab kharab ker diye tum ne ..) (My chocolates .. my flowers … u ruined it all) she said crying ..
Boy get up … he was so cute nd sweet … same age as Twinkle …
He was none other than Kunj ..
“I am sholly … plsssshhh mele ko maaf ter do..” he said(I am sorry mujhe maaf ker do ..!) (I am sorry please forgive me)
“nooooo ..! U r bad boy ..!” she said
“Noo plss … see mele pass 1 chotlate hai .. tum wo le lo)..” he said …
“Umm okk ..,!!” she said

He passed her the chocolate .. she started eating … he was seeing her ..
“U r so cute ..!” he said
“U r so kind nd sweet ..tum bhi lo na !” she said passingbhim the chocolate .. he took a bite ..
“will u be my friend??” he asked
“of course .. i would love to be ur friend ..!” the both shakes hand
“what’s ur name ..!?” she asked
“call me sid coz all my loved ones call me sid ..!” he said
“okk .., sid ..” she said
“i will call u jasmin … okkkayy ..!” he said
“okk sid … thk hai .. jasmin is such a sweet name ..!” she said
“just like u ..” he said smilingly
She smiled
They both comes out of flashback …
They were having tears in their eyes ..
“I miss u ..!” they both said…
Next Scene –
Twinkle reaches her home … she entered her house lost in thoughts …!
“Arrray Twinkle puttar ..! What happened .. kahin tu nahi gayi ..?” a voice was heard
“No maa …! Sab kahan hain …? Mujhe ap sab ko surprise dena hai…!” she said faking a smile …
She is revealed to be leela
“Array meri princess …. kya hua …!” some voice was heard
“Papaaaaaaa …!” she shouts nd ran to him nd hugged him …!
“Arrray aarray kuch zyada hi khush hai …!” rt said
“Hmmm i am very happy …where is chinki nd mahi ..!” she said
“we r here …!”
She turned nd saw them both standing
“chinkiiii … mahiiiii ..!” she ran to them nd hugged them …
“Arrray twinkle .. kya hua …” chinki asked
“haan di kya hua…?” mahi said
“Array sunooo sunoo sunoo .. zaroori announcement sunoo…!” she said holding a bottle as a mike ..
“Twinkle Taneja … punjabi patakha … Ms.Amritsar ne Singing competition jeet liya hai … nd she is going to Thailand …!” she said dramatically ….
“SUCHHIIIIIIIIIII…….??????” Rt,Leela,Chinki nd Mahi shouted
“MUCHHIIIIIIIII…….??????” She shouted back
The can’t believe their ears … all were quiet ..
Twinle’s face became pale …
“Koi khush nahi hai kiya …?” she asked

Mahi nd Chinki ran to her nd hugged her tightly …
“Diiiiii … I am soooooo happy for u ….!” she said
“Twinkle .. tu jaanti nahi hai me kitna khush hun … dekhna u will become the greatest singer ..” chinki said
“Thanks alot yrrr …” she said
“Maa .. papa … agr ap dono ko mera jaana pasand na aye toh then i will not go ..!” she said … her eyes welled up
Rt nd Leela felt proud for having a daughter like Twinkle … They felt blessed …
Their eyes became watery …
“Twinkle … mujhe naaz hai tujh pe …!” rt said
“or haan dekh aanso saf ker chinki bilkuk theek keh rahi hai .. tu sabse badi singer bany gi …!” leela said
Her face lit up listening to her parent’s words …
A broad smile appeared on her face but again fake …!
She hugged them both …
“Mera bachaaa …!” leela said embracing her ..
“Thank u so much maa .. papa … ap dono na meri strength ho … i love u sooooo much …!” twinkle said
“Bsss bss .. bht drama hogaya …! Ye senti parent-daughter drama band kero … or happy hojao ..!” Mahi said
“Mahi ki bacchii .. tu to bach mujhse ..!” twinkle said
“Di .. meri koi bachhi nhi hai …!” she said nd started running … twinkle was behind her …
Chinki shouts “array even i am also included in this fight ..!” nd started running
Rt nd leela were adoring the sister’s bond … after some time mahi nd chinki got tired ..
“Array bs … achaa di sorry .. ab bhaaga nhi jaa raha ..! Thoda saans lo ..!” mahi said breathing heavily
“haan twinkle beth jaa .., kitna bhaagti hai tu .. thakti hi nahi …!” chinki said
“Lo … itni jaldi haar maan gayii …” she said
“Haan haan maan gaye haar ..!” chinki said

The trio sat down on the sofa ..
“Maa ,.. mujhe bhook lagi hai …” twinkle said
“Twinkle .. I will make aaloo ka paratha for u ..!” leela said
“Ummm … jaldi maa .. meri fav dish …” she said nd leela smiled moving towards kitchen ..
Rt sat down with them
“Di .., kitna khaati ho … bhukkad kahin ki …!” said Mahi nd giggles
“Chupp kar …!” twinkle said hitting her with the elbow ..
“Achaa twinkle … konsi music company hai … thailand mein jahan tum jaa rahi ho?” rt asked
“I don’t know company’s name papa … but it is owned by Kunj Sarna ..!” she replied
“Ohh kunj bhai …!” mahi said
“Tu kesy jaanti hai ..!” twinkle asked
“Array wo meri best friend hai na Anya .. uske bhai hai na .., Kunj Bhai nd Uv bhai …! They both regards me as their sister ..!” mahi replied

Twinkle’s expression changed after listening to Kunj’s name ..
Chinki noticed this ..
“Array .. wo manohar sarna ka beta hai na …” rt said
“Hmm ..!” twinkle replied
“Haan manohar is my business partner …!” rt said
“hmmm ..!” twinkle said
She was lost in the thoughts … chinki noticed nd felt it weird ..
“papa do u know Kunj Sarna’s company name ..?” twinkle asked
“Ya … but i don’t remember …. let me think …!” he said
“SIDMIN .. yaa i remember” said rt “sidmin is his company’s name …!” he said
Twinkle was stunned listening to the word sidmin ….
Her eyes welled up … she stands up nd moved towards her room …! Chinki goes behind her …
She entered her room nd opened her cupboard …. she messed up all the things in the cupboard .. she was finding something nd atlast found it …
It was a simple yet elegant bracelet … on which it was written SidMin ..!
She hold it close to her heart nd cried …
“Whyyyy .., why u left me Sid … I am waiting for u … plss comeback … but how Kunj Sarna’s company name is SidMin …! No he is not my Sid … agr mera sid hota … toh wo mujhe foran pehchaan jaata …!” she cried remembering about him …!
Chinki saw her …
“Twinklee…!” she came near her ..
“Chinkiii ..!” she exclaimed nd quickly hugged her …!
She rubbed her back in order to console her …

Screen shifts to Sarna Mansion ..
Kunj reached his home …
“Bhaiyyyyaaa ..!” a girl voice was heard … he turned around to find Anya standing with a delighted face …!
“Oooo my cutie ….” he said nd she ran to him nd hugged him …
“Bhaiyyaa .. u know how much me nd Mahi missed u ..!”
“Awww so sorry .. my princess but where is Mahi ..!?” he asked
“Ap uske aany ka time bhol gaye ..?” she said
“Ooops .. sorry … she will come at 6 na ..!” he said
“Hmm ..!” she said ..
“Kunj beta ..! Uv kahan hai ..!?” two woman comes from behind
“Namste maa..! Namste bebe ..!” he said
They r revelaed to be Usna nd Bebe
“jinda reh puttar ..!” bebe said .. he hugged both of them ..
“Haan .. no one cares for me .. only uv bhai ..!” he said
“chal shaitan …!” bebe said twisting his ear ..
“ouchh bebe sorry na .. bebe chodo .. its paining ..!” he said
Bebe left his ear
“jao kunj beta fresh hojao …!” usha said
“Ji maa ..!” he said like an obedient child
Nd moved to his room …
“ohhh .. so tiring day … ohh god … but atleast 1 faida hua … i met her na … now make a plan to trap her kunj sarna … coz she is not like other girls na… she is such a pure soul ., ohh kunj again u started .. she is only a bedmate for u … I have to trap her …! Then .. me nd twinkle alone ….. hahahaahahah …!” he laughed with an evil smirk on his face nd a nasty idea in his mind …

Precap:- Twinkle’s pain nd chinki consoling her
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