DEVDHAAN, My Office Boy (SS) part 1 by Mica

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Bismillah, Hi i’m back to bore you all again, dedicated to Devanshi Family,
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Sorry for grammatical mistakes and spelling error
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let’s start…


My s*xy Office Boy

Character Sketch :

-Devanshi Matur : 23 years old, Fashion and Fit boutique owner, short temper

-Vardhaan Chaudary : 24 years old, Devanshi’s office boy, Naive

Sakshi Mukherjee :23 years old, Devanshi’s best friend cum partner

Shikhar Madan : 25 years old, devanshi’s fiancee


Devanshi stepped in her boutique,walked toward her cabin when she was noticing few boxes
stack in the corner, she shook her head upset, yelled, “Vardhaan, Vardhaan!” but there
was no sign of Vardhaan’s presence. “Where is this office boy!” she grumbled then continue
her path to her cabin.
” Sakshi! do you know Vardhaan ?” She stopped and asked as she saw Sakshi stood in front
of the cabin, holding some files on her hand.
“Haa.. you are looking for Vardhaan this early morning ? don’t say you miss him already ? ”
Sakshi said dramatically, devanshi shoot her a dagger gaze.
“Shut up! didn’t you see boxes on that corner ha ? i told him to send them to FedEx early
morning! but where is he now ? this lazy ,,uughh!” She stamped her foot and went inside
cabin. Sakshi chuckled, followed her as they shared cabin. She threw herself on chair then
pressed intercom button. “Gauri! if you see Vardhaan, ask him to meet me at my cabin!”
she yelled a bit to Gauri, her employer which stand by on her boutique.

Next moment, Gauri saw Vardhaan run toward the boutique in rush, she waved her hand to him
signaled Vardhaan to move lil fast, “faster Vardhaan! lady hittler is waiting for you at
her cabin!” she yelled in low voice. her Statement increased sweat on Vardhaan’s face and
his breath more uncontrollable due fear and exhausted. He rushed to Devanshi’s cabin
directly murmured thank to Gauri.

“I’m…I’…sorry Miss Devanshi!” Vardhaan yelled in fear once he stood in front of Devanshi’s
desk, Devanshi startled with his sudden arrival, yelled back,” God! vardhaan, don’t you
have manner to knock the door first ?” Vardhaan only bent down, moved back to the door set
and knocking which made Devanshi hit her forehead. Sakshi chuckled to see the scenery, she
muted “you are gone Vardhaan”, Vardhaan widened his eyes then back bent down in front of
Devanshi, “I’m sorry, i’m late Miss devanshi!”
“Again ? don’t you remember that i ask you to send that boxes early morning? will you take
responsibility if only our customers angry to us ?” Devanshi in peak of anger.
“No, i won’t!” Vardhaan still bent down, he answered out of sense due fear.
“Whaaatttt!” Her anger gone abrutly replaced by perplexion to hear Vardhaan’s answer.
“Wohh.. i mean they won’t angry at me instead on you as you are the owner, right?”
he said innocently made Devanshi frowned in disbelief, what she wanted to do was banged
her head on wall, Relax Vanshi! Relax! she tried to calm herself. Sakshi run away from
there as she couldn’t hold her laugh more.

“OK! OK! send them now orelse i’ll cut your salary!” Devanshi greeted her teeth, tried to
surpresse her anger. Vardhaan shocked with her threaten,”Buut miss..! tried to interupt,
but, Devanshi raised her finger, “Chuup! get lost now!”
Vardhaan run from there immediately almost collide with Sakshi, “Be careful Vardhaan, you
got a morning’s nightmare na!” Sakshi said teasingly.
“”Nei miss Sakshi! as i can see how cute miss Devanshi in anger” Vardhaan said sheepishly,
run from there, Sakshi’s jaw dropped.

After sometimes, Devanshi walked out from her cabin as she want to go to canteen to have
breakfast, in the middle of her way, she heard some ladies was fighting over something.
“What happening Sakshi ? ” she whispered to her once she got closer, but her eyes widened
to see Vardhaan still there. “Seem Vardhaan’s fans are fighting” Sakshi whispered back,
“God! ladieesss! stop it! and you Vardhaan! you really want me to cut your salary ha ?”
Devanshi shouted, made all ladies stopped at a moment.” I just want to help Vardhaan, Miss!”
one of them commented which got another reply from other, “Huh! it’s me who want help him
first!” again they started fighting.
“Enough!!!! Neha, Bonny, gauri! back to your division! NOW!” then all of them run away.
Vardhaan started his work silently, Devanshi let out sign and leaving, continued her path
to canteen following by Sakshi.

Both sat on a bench in the corner of canteen when Devanshi’s phone rang, Shikar’s name
flashed on the screen which made Devanshi frowned, she lifted it,
Devanshi: What ?
OS :………..
Devanshi: Sorry i can’t, i have meeting
Devanshi: i told you i can’t ! i have meeting at 3 pm
Devanshi: I don’t know and i don’t care and i won’t cancel my meeting.
Devanshi:Do whatever do you want! i don’t care! bye..

She cut the phone and threw it on table angrily, Sakshi shook her head to see Devanshi’s
act. “It’s only you who get upset when the lovely fiancee calling!”
Devanshi glared her in annoyed, “Shut up! you know the situation na!” she took deep breath
to composed herself.
“By the way, maybe it’s better if you fired Vardhaan!” Devanshi said after sometimes, Sakshi
shocked and perplexed to hear her statement, “whaatt?”
“You know the situation na ? Vardhaan’s presence ruined other employers, mostly girls!”
She shrugged her shoulder.
“Ohhooo.. is that the reason ? ” Sakshi laughed, ” what should i tell him ha? Vardhaan you
are fired and the reason is you are too handsome!” she said dramatically.
Devanshi frowned and gave -you are impossible-look to her. Sakshi poked Devanshi’s shoulder
with hers, lifted her eyebrow playfully, teasing Devanshi, ” Admit it that Vardhaan is
handsome and hot, right ?”
“Ugghh whatever!” she stood up leaving Sakshi to wash her hand.


14.30 pm, afternoon.

Devanshi was ready to go meeting with her client at Horizon Hotel, she asked Vardhaan to
drop her but he seemed to have hesitation.”But Miss Devanshi i should go home at 18.00,
i can’t let my kids alone at evening!”
“Look Vardhaan! i have no driver to drop me! and OK i promise that we will back before it,
happy ?” Devanshi bit pissed off as she had no option.
“With extra salary right ?” Vardhaan grinned to see Devanshi’s shocked face. Both walked
toward her car but suddenly there was a car approached them in harsh way.
The car’s door opened, Shikhar hopped out from it, walked closer to Devanshi. His face
seemed bit upset. Devanshi turned her face to Vardhaan, said,”Can you bring my bag ? seem
i left it on my cabin.” Vardhaan only nodded and run from there.

Shikhar hold Devanshi’s wrist, dragged her behind pillar and pushed to wall harshly.
Devanshi tried to struggle herself from shikhar’s grip,”Leave me! Shikhar! or i’ll shout!
it will be bad for your reputation, right” she smirked. Shikhar released her hand and
tried to composed himself.
” I ask you politely now, come with me Vanshi!”
“Are you deaf ? i told you that i can’t, i have meeting!” Devanshi in stern voice. she
walked away triggered Shikhar’s anger by her ignorance, he again dragged her by hold her
wrist and blabbered, “you should come! you are my fiancee!” she jerked his hold then pointed
finger on him in anger, ” you definitely know that our engagement only a DEAL! so don’t
ever try to force anything on me! you got it!” she was in verge of turned away when Shikhar
pulled and pinned her to wall, “OK! at least give me a kiss!” he tried to kiss her but
somehow in vain as Devanshi struggle to release herself. “Leave me! leave me! ” she shouted
over and over, praying inside. Shikhar still tried to force himself on her when Vardhaan
suddenly come there, cleared his throat. Shikhar released his grip immediately. Both shikhar
and Devanshi composed themselves and adjusted their dress.
“This is your bag Miss Devanshi!” Vardhaan gave the bag to Devanshi but his piercing gaze
only to shikhar. He gave back an evil smirk to Vardhaan, taunted Devanshi, “So, seemed
you prefer to roaming with cheap low class person kinda him!”
Devanshi only replied back the taunt by her death glare on him, turned to Vardhaan,
“Chaloo Vardhaan, i don’t want to be late!” both hopped onto car then drove away, leaving
Shikhar who kicked his car’s Tyre in frustration.

Vardhaan looked at Devanshi by the mirror from his drive seat, how gloomy and sad Devanshi’s
face. “Are you OK miss ?” he asked in concern. Devanshi took deep breath, without looking
at Vardhaan, she snapped,” better you concentrate to your drive” her gaze flied away out
of the window.

The meeting happened more than 2 hours, it was almost 17.15 when it over. Vardhaan was
waiting devanshi impatiently as he remember his kids at home. When Devanshi finally
appeared in front of him, he felt so much relief, opened car door for her happily. Even
Devanshi’s face seemed happy too.
“Seem everything running fine Miss Devanshi! ” Vardhaan started conversation after
sometimes the car run its wheel.
“Ha, you are right! we got the deal!” Devanshi said happily, Vardhaan smiled to see
happiness on her face.
“So we go to boutique or your home now ?”
“No no, we will stop by at restaurant next block, i’m so hungry!” Devanshi gave a direction.
“What ? but it’s almost..” vardhaan protested but Devanshi snapped in the middle, “Don’t
worry we still have time!” in assured way. Vardhaan only nodded.

Once they arrived in front of restaurant, Devanshi started to run when she noticed Vardhaan
only stood there, “Come on ! come with me! we eat together!”
“I’m sorry i can’t Miss, better you enjoy yourself, i’m waiting here!” he smiled.
“Don’t reject! i’m sure even you are hungry now!” Devanshi insisted.
“Yess, but i usually eat with my kids at home, they will disappointed later.”
“Ugghhh Ok! better we leave now!” Devanshi hopped onto her car, “Challo!” she called
Vardhaan who perplexed with her behavior, “But Miss….!
“Challo na, i can eat at home, don’t you want go home soon ?” Vardhaan hurriedly hopped on
to car.

After sometimes, the rain started and they stuck at a trafic jam which irritated them most.
“Can you try other way ?” Devanshi started to loose her temper.
“We can’t do anything Miss! we stuck in the middle!” vardhaan even almost frustrated as
his watch showed that it’s over 18.00.
“Huh! what kind of driver you are! if only you came with me to eat i’m not in this hungry!”
She bit shouted.
“Hei don’t blame me! i even offered you to eat, right ?” Vardhaan kinda shouted back.
“What ? do you think that i’m in human to eat alone when i know you are hungry too ?”
Vardhaan startled with her answer, he never thought that she was thinking about him those
time.”But huh! dare you to shout at me ha ?” Devanshi realized Vardhaan’s tone.
“Woohh! i’m sorry Miss! i just panic to think about my kids, they must be hungry too now,
and this storm, i don’t know their condition at home!” He let out a sigh.
“Oh, relax na! your wife must be take care your kids now!” Devanshi said casually.
“What ? wife ? i’m single Miss!” a slight blush spread on his face, Devanshi confused.
“They are my niece and nephew, and no one at home except them as their parent passed
away years ago!” Vardhaan said sadly.
“Whaattt ? God damn it Vardhaan! how can you let children alone in this storm ha ? ”
Devanshi panicked,” can you try any way to go to your home now ha ?”
“Well, we can do that as the way to your boutique and home the one who got blocked!”
Vardhaan in jolt of joy then started the engine immediately, changed the destination to
his tiny house.
“Stupid! why you didn’t tell me since then ?” Devanshi blabbered, felt upset about it.
“I thought.. you will angry !” Vardhaan grinned, try to hide his fear.
“Huh! am i a monster ?” Devanshi said in disbelief, Indeed you are monster! a very cute
monster! Vardhaan chuckled in his mind.

“By the way, you have food, right ?” devanshi brushed her belly.
“Yess, i will cook later!” Vardhaan then starred Devanshi throught mirror when Devanshi
gave a look at him at same time, “What ?” Devanshi asked in confusion, Vardhaan shook his
head, but later she remembered something, ” OK! you will get extra salary, even i will
pay the food also, stingy!” she grumbled.
“I just wanna say that i only have simple food, Miss!” he chuckled.
“Ugghh! whatever! i’m hungry na!” her lips pouted, which made Vardhaan gulped to get
tempted by her pouted lips, God! i want to kiss it! his mind screamed.


Next 15 minutes, both stood in front of Vardhaan’s house, once he opened the door, 2 kids
run to him, crushed him in bone hugs, “Chacchuuuuu!!!!”
“Are you both scared ?” vardhaan asked in concern.
“Naaa… we are brave kids na, but we are hungry!” The eldest one said in attitude, the
younger only nodded happily.
“Oh my God chacchuu! who is she ? she is so beautiful!” pointed at Devanshi who stood
behind Vardhaan.
“Oh she is Miss Devanshi, my boss!” Vardhaan turned to her, signaled her to go inside,”
Come Miss, sorry it small messy house!” he then started to tidy up the mess of the living
“Hello! I’m Adhitya Chaudary, 10 years old, topper at class and you are so cute Miss
Devanshi!” Devanshi widened her eyes, as Adhi winked at her.On other side, the younger one
only pulled her dress over and over, signaled her to sit on her knees, she did it.
“And i’m Nisha Chaudary, 8 years old, and chachu said i’m the best girl in the world!”
Before she could do something, Nisha touched her face, trance every part of it, then
yelled, ” See Chachuu! this miss so smooth like my doll!”
“Yess, she is cute kinda Barbie doll!” Vardhaan answered out of sense, busy in collecting
books on the table.
“Vardhaan!” Devanshi shouted to hear Vardhaan’s statement. He only grinned.
“Why you shouted to my Chacchu ?” Nisha pouted.
“Well, i’m his boss na, he shouldn’t call me like that!”
“Silly girl, he called you that because he loves you!” Adhi hit his forehead.
“Whaattt? “Devdhaan shouted in unison.
“Chacchu ever said that he loves Nisha and called Nisha barbie doll, na!”
Both sighed.

“Adhi, can you put it on your room ?” Vardhaan pointed a game set, turned to Devanshi,
“Take a sit Miss, let me bring you clothes for change then!”
Devanshi sat on couch, followed by Nisha.
“ Chacchu so handsome right ?” Nisha whispered to her, “What ? she widened her
” Neha didi said that Vardhaan Chacchu is handsome, hot and s*xy!”
“whaaattt ?” Devanshi’s eyes blinked several time in disbelief. “Who is Neha didi ?”
“She is our neighbor, she said she will become my chacchi someday, she want marry to
my chacchu.” Nisha said cutely. Devanshi shooked her head only to heard an elder spoiled
kid’s thought.


hmmmm.. love you all and thank you

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