Sia ke Maheshwaris Episode 3

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Sanskar’s POV

I forcefully removed the blanket.Ohh no she was giggling damn cute. Almighty, please remain this rejoice in her life forever.
She again stuffed herself inside the blanket and I separated it again from her……

“Kyaa Paapa aap bhi na”

I tried to fed her some food but she refused to have it

“Please Master chef have it look look sorry sorry millions of sorry, I won’t scold you”

“?hmm ok repeat the replica next day too Terminator”

I heaved in fake anger

“Don’t forget I’m ur originator”

I fed her half of the roti amid of our knok njok.

“Offo Paapa avoid this atom like roti pieces ,I’m not a infant now. I am a grown girl”
I fed her the last piece and raised her chin with pampering her with a kiss.

“My doll you are always my infant”

It was the time for dozing off.She used to sleep over my chest always and I will make her lie on the bed after sleep .I started to tell her Cinderella’s story…..

“Then an Angel arrived in her life”

She went to a dream world and whispered

“Haan Angel hai??”

Her eyes were sparkling in wonder. I continued…..

“She gifted a shoo….. aaaahhh”

She pinched me

“Paapa I am so bored with this old rubbish fairy tale ; ohh come on try to make something new. Okay I will tell you what happened next”

And I’m saved ,now she will forward the story

“That Angel was her Mumma. Cinderella and Mumma ruined step mother and all hurdles. Then Mumma Paapa both got married and they lived happily.”

O Wow anticlimax haa.
I sighed and clapped “awesome Gudiya”

Suddenly her eyes were widened like she got a fantabulous idea.

“?? Paapa will you marry my Angel”

I nodded willingly………”but she’snot existing na”

Gudiya: No Paapa I had met her today, she is living in 22B

Mm may be that ophthalmologist Rubina. Suddenly she noticed my torned shirt and long narrow wounds on my chest

Gudi: Who scooped you Paapa

“a ruthless ghost”

I went to some hours back

My body accumulated some courage for running and grasped her hands. We somehow managed to escape from that goons…… They want her to be die. At last we found out ourselves safe at a narrow corridor filled with shimmer light. Now we got the chance just for looking at each other.
I amazingly looked at her eyes, it said me the sorrows and complaints of 11 and half years. Blood is emerging from various parts of her body but she isn’t bothered about it. She was looking at me …. Then hugged me tightly and giving numerous kisses like I am her long lost son. Then securely buried herself on my chest with tightly gripping my jacket.
Both of us were sitting at the old nearby bench and I separated the jacket from me.
Slowly slowly I don’t know but my shock made a way for lust. She was in a s*xy knee length outfit.Her physique and glare said me…..

“Do what ever you want I am yours”

Her thigh was resting on mine ,my fingers started rythmatically running to upside down. My desires are wanting me to ruin my 11 years of celibacy. She grasped my collar and buttons rushed to the ground one by one. I caressed her hair and bited one of her earlobes. The cupid’s arrows had blurred my hatred towards her for a couple of minutes. I licked her lower lip and shrugged it into my mouth. Next turn went to the lower lips. She was moaning and groaning. Sometimes she bited my lips,sometimes me too reciprocated. My hands were moving through her each and every parts.The process has reached it’s highest peak. She madly scooped my chest and back. I tightened the grip of her hair and hugged her tightly with another hand. Post apparently fifteen minutes our grips were weakened. Both of us were gasping hardly but we were still remaining in a slight hugg.

“Please stay close to me, please don’t leave me alone”

But her voice memorized me some another sentences

“That Sahil is assuring me an amazing career and better future then why should I choose you??”

I left that hugg and looked at her. She was hiding her eyes.
“Am I the one who left you!!!”

I primed myself for bursting out and brutally murdered her dignity and reputation in a minute. She was tightly closing her eyes. Her eyelashes were shivering, she cupped her both temples like a psycho…….

“You know what you are a blo*dy characterless sl*t”

Suddenly she burst out at me….

“??enough ………. I am characterless or not but I love you and I want you ??”

How melodramatic it is !!!!!!! just irritating ??, I was dare to leave the venue but she forbid me by holding my hand. I could see the fire of an obsession in her eyes, an obsession only made for me.
“Where are you going ?? I told you na I love you and I want you”

She dragged my collar

“Ek baat kaan kholkar sunn lo”

She pointed on my chest 2 times

“Ki tum mujhe chahiye Tum meri ho Sanskar sirf meri”

I was totally confused about her deeds….

“Swara yeh tum….”

Suddenly her eyes and eyebrows were widened. Sweat drops are rolling from her temples, forhead and neck. She tightened the grip of my collar. Her eyeballs were rapidly moving with staring the ground. Suddenly her arms left my collar. Her ear touched the wall resembled like she is overhearing something. I asked “what?”

“Sssshhhh he is coming”

Her eyes were still widened

” Tumne suna” She indicated with her raising finger that somebody is coming from the another side but was just her thoughts

I again interrogated “what”

“Foots steps”

A massive silence played T20 between us. Painfully I got to know about the truth she is mentally challenged.
She ran towards the bench then concealed herself behind it.
I rushed close to my love, hatred was getting evaporated.
She buried her face once again on my chest…..

“Sanskar Sanskar he is coming close to us please don’t leave me alone”

She started weeping like a lil innocent kid.

In a second difference she had been interchanged into a romantic blonde. She was dare to kiss me again neverthelessly my palm covered her mouth.
She was winking rapidly like a kid. I was getting ecstatic by hearing her peeved voice.
“l am not a good kisser ?? am I ??”

A macro grin blossomed on my lips, I said with wiping her sweat with the handkerchief…. “No baby I wanna do it in our sweet home”…..
I stuffed her inside the car and drived to my previous neighbor psychiatrist. I am still suspicious about whether she is acting or not.
It was a small clinic belongs to that Irish citizen. I am aware of that the clinic is not a famous one but it is necessary for saving her celebrity status. Medias always have an eye on her, that blo*dy werewolves are thirsty to suck her blood.
We reached the venue both had some chit chat with Joann. Swara began to watch a Saas bahu soap and I have narrated our whole past to Joann in that interval…..I started feeling something fishy like something is absent. I forgot something. Awkwardly I stared at the watch it was getting late 10 ?? ohh my God Gu gu Gudiya……… I was forgotten my child amid of this turmoil. Yeah she is ill but I’m still a lil bit angry on her. The 11 years of hatred had rooted in the depths of my life……

“Sanskar tum pakka aayega na”

The question with a lot of expectations had frozen my hatred once again. I nodded willingly and rushed here.
Joann named in a sudden, I think she had found out something.

I looked at my chest, Sia is already slept. I made her lie on the bed and stood up.
The call is received by me and her first comment was
“Sanskar it is complicated”

So she isn’t acting, Sanskar’s heart is beating fastly but his loyal tears aren’t exiting might be it is waiting for the next bombardment.

Joann: Sanskar she has betrayed by someone.

“Then off course it will be that bastard Sahil”

Joann: Sanskar, sorry to say but…… Sahil!!!!……is her imagination.

Her words spontaneously quaked my mind body everything

“No no I can’t believe this rubbishness”

Joann: Nop Mr Maheshwari He was her imagination. Can I ask u something??

Me: Well ask me

Joann : Did u had ever seen him

Yeah I hadn’t met him still now moreover I didn’t wanted to face that blo*dy scoundrel. May be Joann is right cz Swara know me very well and she was guaranteed about I won’t dare meet him.
Joann was continuing but her fluent flow words knotted midst of traffic block. She is hesitating, hesitating to mention me something…..

Sanskar she is…..

She is……

She is schizophrenic

To be continued…………….

Guyyz please pardon me for the grammar errors.

  1. awesome….very different story…loved it

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  5. Simi

    Awesome dear…
    Its a different story…

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you Simi n hw is you do you know I was a lil bit angry at Helly cz I thought she is only choosing Mahan charecters. I just hated Swara post ml track and her blaming of Sanskar after Laksh went missing but now Devanshi compensated everything. The way she chose Vardaan what to say I just fell for her again. I thought that Devanshi resembles like Swara n she will leave him for Sakshi but she double crossed me. I just hope she will forward her charecters like this

    2. Simi

      I’m good.. ?
      Me too thought she will do sacrifice in devanshi…

    3. Arshaanya

      U hate helly ??
      Dats y showing her at fault evrytym ??

  6. awesome…loved it..what is meant by schizophrenic…?

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you dear and Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to understand what is real. Common symptoms include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, hearing voices that others do not hear,

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  11. Arshaanya

    Bt whuz daughter is sia??
    If shez sanskarz daughter n mothr is some1 else dan swara dan m.gonna kill u…
    If shez sanskarz frnz daughter lyk ur prvs ff dan dats ff…
    Bt i dun want her father is sanskar n mother some other women ??

    1. Manjula20

      Exactly that is the twist dear but it will only unfold in the last episodes but I swear I don’t dissapoint you. This is a Swasan story n Sia only belongs to Swasan please wait the saga to unfold the mystery

    2. Manjula20

      I am hating Helly ??U r misunderstanding me dear but I am a lil bit angry on her cz she is choosing Mahan charecters. I thought that Devanshi will sacrifice Vardaan for her sister but the way she married Vardaan I fell for her again. I said that I am hating Swara’s behavior upon Sanskar post ml track and Laksh’s missing. I am hating her mahan avatar n not helly more over she is a talented actress, if you can ,you can check above conversation. I’m angry on her that’s why she’s always choosing Mahan charecters she is such a brilliant actress and she deserves more. And about I am always showing her fault in my every ff. Arshu my previous ff was inspired by Sanskar’s charecter. I am a Sanskarholic , the cvs had spoiled his charecter, Swara is musician and have many talents but what was Sanskar’s charecter he was only her husband. The cvs spoiled his charecter. Instead of Swara’s hubby he also can do something and I wanted to prove a thing that

      If a girl/boy will leave us it is not meant that you are prohibited to be happy and if both of your love is true once it will meet you definitely.

      About this ff,
      Now it is only 3 episodes have passed dear picture abhi bhi baaki hai meri sis ??
      Someone compelled her to do that please don’t misunderstand me. ????

      If you want I will give you the links of one of my previous ff where I am only supporting Swara. It has only 12 episodes
      Please don’t bash me ???

    3. Arshaanya

      Arey m not bashing u manjula..??
      U r sanskarholic n m swasan fan…
      Both r equal for me…
      I can gve rep to ur each n evry about swaraz chrctr bt leavd it wil lead to big argument…
      N abt which talent u r talkin abt…ya swara was musician bt it was nvr used properly in serial… n jus for dis u r saying dis…
      Yup he was swaraz husband… a prfct husband… sanskar was bst chrctr… n swara on d othr hand was not mahaan… it was her chrctr her nature… one of d most strong female lead…
      Yup cvz spoiled both swasanz chrctr later on… bt still dey r love…
      For me both r equal..n
      Cumin to helly its her life she can choose anythin which she finds gud for her…
      Chlo leave othrwse i’l keep on tellin things rltd to dem ??
      N sorry if u felt lyk dat bt i was not bashing u…

    4. Manjula20

      Leave it dear but please don’t tell that I am hating Helly that’s why I am always showing Swara’s fault?? I like her and my respect for her increased after I had seen Devdaan union. I understood that she is always choosing the right charecters. I’m always expecting such bond and support for the pair that she belongs to. And sorry dear if I hurt you. Thank you for sharing your views ??
      Can you please tell me who is KRK aka Kamaal r khan. Is he is a Bollywood actor???

    5. Arshaanya

      Nope hez not..
      Hez one mad person who gives review on each n evrythn….
      Mostly he talks rubbish use bad words bt sometymz talk sense ??

    6. Manjula20

      Yeah you are right he is really an idiot I had seen his fb account. How fool he is, he bashed our super star called him Jocker who got 2 national awards for best actor and a lft colonol too n someone is telling that the hackers hacked his fb account for this reason

  12. Mica

    whaaaaaaaaaatttttt ????? damn it! swara is schizophrenia disorder…..omg!!!

    1. Manjula20

      Mica I expected this sentence from you that you will be shocked
      How is you n ur family dear

    2. Mica

      huh! how mean 🙁 🙁 , my family are fine ty

  13. read it in one go…loved it dear…swara’s character is so bold different

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  14. Awesome……. finally swasan met ….hope all is going well…but it confusing in first episode Kavita talk to sia for marriage with sanskar….plz give a long recap till now if possible in next episode

    1. Manjula20

      Dear I will tell you the story

      Swara is a singer of Bollywood who has all time boozing habits. She is doing it for feeling the presence of Sanskar. An astrologer woman had sent a letter to Maheshwaris about a special girl. The girl is Sia who is Sanskar’s daughter and she hates Kavita who has crush on Sanskar.
      Swara comes to Canada and she befriended with Sia.
      I hope you understand
      Thank you so much dear ?

  15. nice..r u d writer of swasan tere ishq mein?i followed u on

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      Yeah dear I how do you identified me

  16. Seebu_s

    nice story… i never find swara’s character mahaan..if she is so then she would never left sanskar…huh..n coming to helly…hmm…its her life..she will choose best in what she gots…sorry if i hurt anyone by my comments…but i got hurt bcs of that word mahaan…

    1. Manjula20

      Ayyooo I am sorry sorry sorry millions of sorry and sorry Swara I won’t call you Mahan and about Helly yes it’s her life she can choose any character but I don’t want her to be type casted. Bcz indirectly she gave me something. She made me a writer and I am enjoying the mazaa of writing. I want her to do new new various characters exactly like VK he was serious in SR n now look he is a hilarious guy in Savitri Devi college and hospital. And your point was right dear If she was a Mahan she would never left Sanskar. I agree with you… Thank you for opening my eyes. ??

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    interesting…continue soon

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