Devanshi 29th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 29th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi saying I told you to count down your days, you did not understand. Kusum stares at her. Police takes her. Ambulance comes. Gopi asks why did police come here, where is Kusum. Ishwar says Nutan prepare for new bahu’s grah pravesh. He asks Gopi to help Nutan. Devanshi asks Vardaan to open eyes and talk to her. Ishwar cries. The men take Vardaan inside. Ishwar hugs Devanshi and says you did that, for which you were born, Kusum’s shadow went away from this house forever, its time to double celebrate. Devanshi asks how, my happiness and rasam is with Vardaan. Ishwar says he is with you by heart and soul, he will stand with you in some time, all badness will end in some time, so leave all this and let me do rasam, its my duty and right to do grah pravesh rasam. She smiles.

Devanshi’s grah pravesh happens. Ishwar asks Nutan to do Devanshi’s aarti. Nutan does aarti. Devanshi is about to hit kalash. Kusum comes and kicks the kalash. They all get shocked. Kusum asks what happened, I can appear anywhere and anytime, I have come back. Nutan asks where did you go, we did not wish Devanshi’s grahpravesh to happen without you, but we can’t go against Ishwar’s command.

Kusum asks them to leave grahpravesh, go temple and prepare for puja, I will take answers from Devanshi and Ishwar alone, go. Nutan, Gopi and Golu leave. Kusum asks can’t you believe eyes seeing me here, I m Mata Kusum Sundari. Ishwar says maybe you have run away from police station. Inspector comes. Devanshi asks him to arrest Kusum. He says why will Kusum run away, she said she will stay in lockup, but minister called and said till there is big proof, I can’t arrest her. Devanshi says I gave video proof. He says I will check video and take action, anyone can make video. Devanshi says so she has bought you and minister, I will not let her get free.

She gets camera maang tika from his pocket and says this will go in media, then no police and minister can save you. She sees normal maang tika and says where did camera go. Kusum smiles and sends inspector. She says Devanshi is mad, to do this. Devanshi hits hand on a nail. Her hand bleeds. Kusum says if hand cuts, blood comes out, don’t do this, I m there in everyone’s hearts, this is my land, my every sin gets washed here, you and this old man can try anything, you can’t do anything, Kusum Sundari is Ajay, I will always have my throne.

Mohan comes and says because its just Kusum’s name written on it, what are you saying, say Kusum ki jai. Kusum goes.

Mohan apologizes to Kusum. She scolds him for running away. He says you always get saved. She asks him to move back. He asks her to control her emotions, I m not old Mohan now, about being loyal, I have run away as you are selfish, you can trap anyone. She throws vase at him angrily. He gets angry and stops.

He says come to darbar now, villagers are waiting. He goes. Ishwar asks Devanshi why did she hurt herself. She says I understood well, there is one way to kill Kusum, I should have killed her before. He says this is what she wants, that you attack on her and gets proved wrong. She says I m surprised about Maiyya, she is not favoring us.

He asks her to fight with challenges, if Maiyya keeps challenges, it means she trusts us, so she has given life to Vardaan and made him fill sindoor, you trust yourself, we will win. Kusum goes to darbar. She says I know its big miracle what happened today, I told you all Devanshi is Maiyya’s ansh, we have seen what happened with Vardaan. The lady says we are not disrespecting you, we want Devanshi to get Mata’s status, I want her blessing. Devanshi and Ishwar come there. Kusum looks on shocked.

Kusum sits on her throne. Devanshi is regarded Mata.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ufff…. i dont no wht is going on…. i thot today v vll get som devdan scens….but kusum….huh i’ll kill her

  2. sry for my words….epi vas good but disappointed coz no devdan scens

  3. Renuverma

    Gayatri missing ?

  4. Nice episode but yeah KS vapas aa gaya. Yeah kaise ho sakta hai? kya video, evidence nahi hai. Aur devdaan ki scene bhi nahi tha.
    I saw a news where they said that helly don’t know about the off air news.

  5. Mica

    thanks Amena mam for update…… uuugghhh less Vardhaan 😀 😀
    Hmmmm.. Devanshiiii. why you didn’t put any copy of the prove…. wtg!!!

  6. Devanshi going off Air..

  7. nice epi..yes devanshi go to off air in 6 months…my dear friends..keep patience..for devdaan condition me shadi he kafi hai..let us see and wait.

  8. k lets vait for devdan scens…..

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