Naagin Season 2 29th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Naagin Season 2 29th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rocky enters Tanya’s room. Tanya busy watching album asks when did he come. He says when she asked. She says she was watching their childhood album, there are so many memories. He says he hates memories. She says he should listen to his wife once. He says he does not want to. She says there is no proof that his wife killed Nidhi, Ruchika and others. Rocky says he himself saw her killing Ruchika and she is icchadhari nagin, but not now. Tanya asks why did she come back. He says he does not know, he wants her to continue engagement drama to know Shivangi’s plan.

Shivangi enters her room and sees Tanya there. She asks what is she doing in her room. Tanya says she is Rocky’s fiance if she remembers. Shivangi says married men don’t have fiance and she knows what they call second woman. Tanya says peace of mind and for wife bad luck. Rocky enters and asks what is Shivangi doing here, hugging Tanya. Sihvangi says he still misses her. He says he is not, he and Tanya want to romance, but cannot in front of anyone. Tanya asks him to come out and leaves. Rocky packs his bag Shivangi says her presence is so meaningful for him, so he wants to go out. He says he does not care and sleeps on bed.

Shivangi sees Yamini and Mahendra walking out of house silently. Yamini calls Tanya’s parents and says they are going and to come soon. She follows them. They all 4 go to babaji’s den where he is doing black magic and boasts that graha are changing and he will attain his goal soon. Tanya’s parents thank babaji for giving them luxuries and let them stay in Yamini’s palace. After a bit of drama, babaji says once Rocky turns 28, they will gain superpowers, anything can happen, even Yamini can lose her luxuries or anyone can die. Shivangi thinks she has to protect Rocky from them and goes back home.

Rocky in sleep sees a woman in takshak mountain’s shiv mandir. He walks out of his room. Shivani follows him and sees him going to takshak mountain and then entering shiv mandir. Rocky reminiscences Shivangi killing Ruchika there. He touches an idol and its heart beats. Mud starts falling slowly and idol getting life. Rocky then walks in further thinking he saw the same shiv mandir in dream. Shivangi comes near idol next and searches Rocky. Rocky then searches whole place and finds his dream woman’s photo frame. He picks it and walks near cliff. Woman’s image flashbacks in his head repeatedly. He feels headache and throws photo frame on ground and falls from cliff. Shivangi reaches on time, turns into snake, extends her long tail and lifts Rocky back on cliff. She thanks god for sending her here on time, thinks why Rocky came here. She sees photo and thinks whose photo it is. Shivangi takes him home and makes him sleep on bed. Rocky gets same woman’s dream and wakes up. He thinks how did he come back home. Shivangi enters with milk and says she brought him here, she saw him getting out of house and followed him. He throws milk glass and shouts she knows only to kill, why did she save her, if she wants to kill her, gives knife and asks to kill him. She says she cannot. He shouts he is dying each day, give him divorce and spare him. Shivangi feels sad. Rocky sees woman’s photo on table, keeps it in cupboard, and leaves. Shivangi thinks she understands his pain, but they all killed her maa, now she will take revenge at once.

Tanya’s mother Manjusha does makeup in front of mirror. Her husband comes and points gun behind her. She turns back and snatches gun, says Yamini is up to something and may kill them, so let us go and confront her. Yamini enters and says should they kill them. They stammer and ask when she wants to kill Rocky later, then why she is waiting. Yamini reveals that Mahendra Pratap is Rocky’s real father and if he knows they are conspiring to kill Rocky, Mahendra will not spare them. They should wait until babaji makes his plan and benefits them.

Shivangi cleans Rocky’s room. Tanya enters thinking she should do whatever Rocky asked to. She argues with Shivangi. Rocky comes out of bathroom and calls lawyer to get divorce papers ready and shouts at Shivangi that her presence is killing him. He gulps alcohol. Shivangi picks bottle and walks out. Tanya says Rocky he should not drink in the morning. He says he cannot withstand his family’s murderer Shivangi. Shivangi walks out with alcohol bottle and thinks she will not let anything harm Rocky.

Manjusha and her husband joke with Yamini that after Rocky does on his 28th birthday, they can perform his terhwan/13th day ritual after 13 days. Mahendra asks whose terhwan. They all stammer and say nobody’s. Mahendra asks what babaji wants to with Rocky on his 28th birthday, if they try to harm Rocky, he will not spare them all. Yamini says nothing will happen to Rocky. Babaji is seen doing black magic and shouting tomorrow Rocky will die.

Rocky gets ready for office walks with Tanya on stairs. Tanya slips and he holds her. Shivangi fumes seeing this. Mahendra gets emotional seeing Rocky. Rocky hugs him. Mahendra thinks he will never tell him that he is his father and killed his mother the reason only he knows. Rocky asks what happened. He says son..then says he reminded him of his son. Rocky leaves for office with Tanya. Yamini watches with her new puppets and asks them not to be with her always, else Mahendra will doubt them. She walks away. Shivangi tells Mahendra that she thought him someone else and he is someone else. He says even he thinks same for her. She thinks if he came to know she is still nagin and reminisces jail incident. She says she knows they are all here to harm Rocky and are up to something. Mahendra says he will not tell. She says she will find out. He says if she informs Rocky, he will not believe his family’s murderers. She stands fuming. He leaves. She then sees Manjusha and her husband’s drama.

Yamini in her room cries that her bee/Avantika and black nagin/Sesha were so loyal, but new puppets/assistants are so foolish. This singham/Mahendra will spoil her plan. Mahendra enters. She asks if he cannot enter knocking door, thinks why he is angry after meeting his son, asks what happened. He says nothing. Manjusha enters and yells Shviangi should get lots of plastic worms in her stomach for yelling at Mahendra. Mahendra says Shivangi thinks they are all planning against Rocky and will harm him, he is Rocky’s father and can do anything, he killed his wife long ago. Yamini asks him to go as they need to meet Babaji soon. He leaves. Manjusha thinks what are they planning. She asks Yamini what is happening. Yamini yells. Manjusha says she knows everything and is just acting. Yamini thinks she is a fool. Shivani hears whole conversation and is shocked to know Mahendra is Rocky’s father.

Yamini with her puppets meet Babaji who does black magic and give blue water to feed Rocky. Mahendra takes it and leaves. Babaji says Yamini today a father will feed blue water to his son and kill him. Yamini happily laughs.

Nagin’s tomorrow’s 2-hour episode promotional video is shown.

Precap: Shivangi confronts Yamini that she killed Rocky’s fake father. Yamini is shocked to know that she knows everything. Sadhvi gives taweez to Shivangi and asks her to tie it on her husband’s shoulder, it will signal her if he is in trouble. Shivangi feels shoulder pain and gets worried that Rocky is in trouble. Yamini with her puppets is seen stabbing Rithik.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice Epi.That Mean Rocky Father Also A Murder.Wil Shivangi Kil Him & Take Rithik Revange Also Who Is Tha Mud Idol Whos Heart Beat Work?Is It Shesha?Plz Kil Ths Yamini Nw I Am So Boring Seing Her.

  2. Hi Nandani Do U Have Any Idea Abt Futur Drama?

    1. Nandhini

      Hi dhananjay! I dont know about the future story…

  3. what is goingi on .i dont understand anything . in precap why shivangi says rockys fake father is kiled by yamini.who is the women
    whom rocky saw in dream.loove rovanghi.

  4. what connection tanyas parents have with yamini. they can be murdurer of shivanya which shivangi didnt know.

  5. Swetha Kannan

    Is rithik kidnapped and kept alive to kill later

  6. Arjun bijlani back in naagin 2. But I think he is not rithik. rocky also wore same clothes as shown rithik also in that dress. Baba gave them a liquid I think it will transform faces. Yamini wants rocky dead for something. But mahendra pratap will kill her if rocky fies. So she changed rocky face to rithik for killing him. I told you on 23rd april written update that shivangi will save rocky. IT BECAMe true. But why ritik’s pic burns it is also in season 1. Rocky is having some dosh in his kundali and why pratap killed his wife for special reason. Tomorrow’s episode must see friends 2 hour special. I won’t miss it. Ask me your queries, you can search for naagin 2 latest gossips in bollywoodlife I will answer you questions tomorrow 11 am. Tanya is a villain for sure and it could be sesha also. Yamini would have revived her by baba. But ritik didn’t look so old . It must be a twist. Hi jia, nandhini, alia, all of you and rose. Reply please.

    1. Nandhini

      Hii arjit! But i think they will show rithik in flash back scenes…like how he was killed…thats why he didnt look old as shown in promo…lets see…

    2. Hei Arjit,thank For Details.Wht Wil Hapen To Yamini?I Am So Boring Seeing Her Joke Acting.Al Super Power 2 Ladies Die But Ths Yamini Stil Alive.

  7. Rithik. Is rithik alive. Rithik ab season2 main ho gaaa kya. Agr hn then i am very excited

  8. SOHAN

    Finally my favourite ritik is back….. I told u guys that was ritik’s voice…… Excited for tomorrow episode…… Loved today’s episode….. But i really don’t like rocky…… If Rudra would be there the show would have been more awesome……..

  9. hi guys,i am new here i love this serial but not this season.I have some questions. Will naagin 3 happen?if it will happen then arjun should be in lead role

    1. Yaaa there is naagin 3 which is going to come in november and naagin 2 will be replaced by chandrakanta and this season 2 will end by rocky knowing all the truth and sivangi losing her powers and both of them die (rocky and sivangi ) and yamini will also be showen in naagin 3 along with sesha ..

      1. Thanks

  10. Rithanya Love

    I wish naagin 3 is reincarnation story of rithik and shivanya..

  11. I think that woman whom rocky saw in the dream is his mother. And may be she was not killed but turned into a stone who is revived by rocky in this episode…

  12. agar rocky ka baap mahendar hai then yeh uttara and yamini ne kise mara tha

  13. and nagin2 mein sab itna illogical kyu hai yeh nidhi agar 6th katil thi to karwachaut wale episode mein to yeh dikhaya gaya tha ki nidhi manav k sath chand ka wait kar rahi thi and shivangi ko us wakt woh 6th killer marne ki koshish kar raha tha and us wakt fighting k baad
    uska sar ko dekhke yeh fully clear tha ki 6th killer ek admi hai and rocky se mar khane k baad woh bhag ke sesha k pass chala gaya tha and agar 6th killer nidhi hai bhi to karwachaut ki puja k din woh manav k sath thi karwachaut mana rahe the and sesha us wakt 6th killer se baat kar rahe the jise dekhke saaf pata chalta hai ki woh koi admi hi hai then nidhi 6th katil kese ho sakti hai and nidhi ko rocky k kapde fit kese ho sakte hai

  14. what would be the secretof rocky?

  15. VINAL


  16. Waohh..Arjun is back..just can’t wait to see him.. without him the essence of Naagin is lost..hope to see him in Naagin 3

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