Devanshi 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan saying I will stop Mohan, else we won’t be able to find truth, I will call you and keep you informed. Geeta asks him to take care. Vardaan gets his cycle and follows Mohan. Kusum asks Rajjo to get the ring. Rajjo takes ring and goes. Malik says Rajjo is not happy with this marriage. Kusum says who said that, I m getting this marriage done for your happiness, you can control her after marriage. He gives her good news that he arranged the blood for her. She gets glad and says you gave me great news, I was after Devanshi, I mean I did everything and failed, I will get fine till your marriage. He says calm down. She says I got much happy.

He says I feel Devanshi came in this village to ruin your rule, do something of her, even now she would be upto something to create problems for you. Devanshi prays to Maiyya that Mohan gets caught, so that the truth can come out, Maiyya help Vardaan.

Mohan stops the jeep and goes somewhere to get wine. Vardaan punctures his jeep tyre. Mohan drinks and comes back. Vardaan hides. Mohan sees the tyres flat and says how did tyre get punctured. He runs to save life. Vardaan sees him and calls Jignesh, asking him to reach fast in police uniform.

Kusum makes Rajjo sit with Malik for the mehendi function. Nutan tells Kusum that diamond ring which Malik got for Rajjo disappeared. They get shocked. Malik says it was 11 lakhs ring, how did Rajjo lose it, did she intentionally lose it.

Devanshi looks on and recalls seeing the ring. Kusum asks Rajjo where did the ring go. Rajjo says don’t know, its true I did not wish to wear this, but I can’t do this fallen thing. Gopi says I will search all servants of this house, truth will come out. He calls out Mohan. He asks where is Mohan. Devanshi says he was going somewhere in hurry. Malik asks why, did Mohan do this. Kusum says no, he can’t do this.

Malik says greed overpowers loyalty, search his room once and send men to stop him. Kusum agrees and asks Gopi to do as Malik said, search Mohan’s room. Kusum asks everyone to sit. Mohan hears police siren and sees the police jeep following him. Jignesh says you can run from a human, not a spirit. Vardaan looks on. Mohan gets shocked seeing Sarju in police uniform and recalls him. He says let me leave please. Jignesh says fine, but accept your crimes first, else I have come to give you same death which was given to me seven years ago.

Mohan recalls killing Sarju. Jignesh asks him to hurry. Mohan says I will accept crimes. Jignesh asks him to go to temple and admit crimes in front of Mata Rani, repent for the crimes, then my soul will get peace. Mohan says I will go right away and runs. Vardaan thanks Jignesh. Jignesh says call home and tell them Mohan is reaching home. Vardaan calls Geeta and says Mohan went to temple to admit crimes, its time to record the truth, reach there fast, we are also coming.

Gopi comes to Kusum, saying he got this empty ring box from Mohan’s room. Kusum gets shocked. Malik asks Kusum what does she have to say now about her loyal servant, he is a thief, its fine, I know to handle him. He calls commissioner and asks him to block all ways, Mohan did theft and run away, I want him at any price. He says I want that ring any way. Devanshi says I have kept the empty box in Mohan’s room to stop him, will Maiyya get annoyed with this lie. Geeta says no, as lie is said for good cause, I have kept ring safe. Devanshi says we will tell truth to everyone. Geeta says Mohan’s secret will come out, he is going to confess his crimes in temple, come we have to go temple and record his confession. Gopi stops Geeta and asks don’t you know about Mohan.

Geeta says I was feeling Mohan is worried for something. Kusum thinks why is Geeta tensed, where was she taking Devanshi, she is hiding something. She asks Geeta why is she tensed, is she hiding something, where is she taking Devanshi. Geeta says no, what will I do, I was taking Devanshi just like that, I really don’t know about Mohan. Kusum says you are his wife, you would know something. Geeta says I m saying truth, I don’t know. Kusum says its fine, he will be found.

Gopi asks them to start rasam. Geeta takes Devanshi and goes. Kusum sees them. Mohan comes to temple and says I have come to repent for my crimes. He sees Sarju with blood stained clothes, and says I m going inside. Kusum follows Geeta and says where is she taking Devanshi at this time, with Sarju’s pic in hand, she is leaving mehendi function, where is Vardaan, what are they going to do. She shouts stop.

Geeta, Vardaan and Devanshi hide and hear Mohan. Jignesh asks Mohan to confess crimes. Mohan admits that he has killed Devanshi’s father, but the real culprit is Mata Kusum Sundari. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice epi.eagerly waiting for next epi…

  2. hope this jignesh is not killed by kusumsundari..

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