Badho Bahu 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jamunaji allows Komal to wrestle. Raghubirji is pleased. Let’s have lunch now. Komal’s training will start from tomorrow. Lucky looks upset. Komal is setting alarm when Lucky enters. He gets upset on her for turning Babuji in her favor always. She says I dint say anything. Babuji asked me himself. He asks her why she dint ask him. She reminds him how he only told her not to talk to him. He repeats the rules at her. Live your life your way and let me live mine. Spare me. he goes. Raghubirji gives new shoes to Komal. They are bit old but Lucky had worn them when he was training to be Iron Man. I want you to start wearing them only. I ordered a new pair for you. Maybe this will be a bit big or small for you. Just manage for a few days. She shares that she is feeling tensed. He advises her to feel happy instead. sleep on time as you have to run in morning. She nods. He leaves. She says Jai Bholenath!

Next morning, Komal gets ready for practice. Raghubirji paces outside. He asks Lucky about Komal who says he might be sleeping. Rana and Teji join Lucky. Raghubirji looks at the watch. Lucky tells him not to wait for her. It isn’t for kids. Raghubirji has full faith that she will come. Komal comes just then surprising everyone. Lucky smiles seeing her (dressed in her usual clothes). Raghubirji tells her she has come here to learn wrestling. You have to take blessings of your Guru before your start. She is about to touch his feet but she tells him to seek blessings of Bajrangbali who is everyone’s Guru. You came here as you are my DIL but no relations will work here. No one is anyone’s anything here. We are all wrestlers here. A sportsman never wears such clothes or jewellery. His dedication his is jewellery. Next time I want to see the same in you. She nods calling him Babuji. He points out that he is no one’s Babuji here. We will live these relations outside. She agrees. Lucky taunts Komal. I don’t think you are fit for wrestling. Raghubirji calls out to Komal. She calls him Guru ji this time.

Lucky notices Komal wearing his shoes. Raghubirji nods. I kept them safely all these years. I gave them to her. Is there any problem? He shakes his head. Komal tells him not to worry. I will keep them safely. He refuses to have them back as she has worn them now. Do whatever you want to with them now. Komal seeks blessings of Bajrang Bali. She turns to Raghubirji. I took out all jewellery as per your saying but I cannot take off this mangalsutra. It is the memento of a married woman. I cannot remove it. He is impressed with her words. They all pray together. Raghubirji offers her coconut to break but her hand is wounded. He asks Lucky to break the coconut instead. Lucky obliges.

Jamunaji speaks to her husband’s photo. Our daughter is going to give a new meaning to herlife by learning wrestling. The way you have been always on her side, with her; be with her now too. She should always win. She should stay happy in her family too. Shankar asks her who she is praying for. His mother asks him why he woke up so early. Are you alright? He says I dint even sleep. You dint feel ashamed before saying yes for Komal wrestling? She says your father would have liked it, Shankar does not buy it than Babuji would want Komal to wrestle. Vardaan asks him why he dint go for it then. I couldn’t do it but you could. Why dint you? Shankar tells him not to lecture. You know about family’s condition when Babuji left us I completed my studies and found a job so you all could survive. You forgot all that so easily? Vardaan says you hid your weakness so easily. You never wanted to be a wrestler. You dint have that much courage. If it was up to me then I would have done it. Shankar tells him not to argue with him or he would forget that he is his younger brother. Vardaan says that isn’t my intention. I am only saying that our Didi will fulfill the dream we couldn’t. If no one else, I will surely support my sister.I have earned some respect after all these years but you both are bent on destroying it. Don’t blame me later? Jamunaji feels bad. Payal says he is not able to take it. I will explain to him don’t worry. She goes after her husband. Vardaan and Jamunaji look sadly at each other.

Raghubirji asks everyone to line up and run so they can warm up. Komal says it is my first day. Raghubirji says this is why I only asked you to take 10 rounds. Start. Komal takes a step forward when Maltiji stands in her way. She tells Komal against it. You wont run. You will have to run over my dead body if you have to do so. Komal and raghubirji are shocked.

Precap: Maltiji says DIL’s are the respect of a home. I wont let my family’s respect get ruined before anyone. Raghubirij reminds her how they spoke about it. Maltiji stays put. Komal says I want to say something.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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