Dev (Colors) 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Munim traps Dev

Dev (Colors) 4th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Commissioner sees Mahek’s video. Dev calls him and says Mahek is behind Munim, we have to find her, Narvekar is with me. Commissioner says you need police support, he says to Narvekar that I am restoring your position but your case will be investigated, and dont bring your personal grudge against each other, they say okay and ends call. Dev says Mahek is not taking my call as she is waiting for Munim’s call, if we find Munim then Mahek can be found, he asks Dwani to go to Apa’s house. Dev hears news on radio that bomb blasts happened in city.

Mahek gets a call from Munim. Dev is recording it. Munim says you were waiting for me? Mahek says come to point. Munim says you want to proof to prove yourself innocent to Dev. Mahek says I have your diary and can bring out your tricks and plans. Munim says fine, you will meet me at location I sent, he ends call and messages her the location. Dev sees its Mahek’s house.

Dwani is in Mahek’s house. Munim comes there and closes door. He points gun at Apa and makes her wear the jacket. Dwani is in room and sees him doing it, she hides and thinks he doesnt know I am here. Munim hears police and says I am ready. Police, Dev and Narvekar comes to Mahek’s house. Munim comes out with Apa on gun point. Dev asks him to leave Apa.

Munim calls Mahek and says its good that if you come to your house, I have your Apa on gun point and police is here with Dev, he ends call, Mahek says Apa? Dev calls Munim and asks him to leave Apa. Munim says wont you come inside to meet your father? you dont care about your father, we are meeting second time but it will be last time son. Dev says nothing should happen to Apa. Munim says Mahek is coming here, I will leave Apa when she is here but if you do something then Apa will be blasted into pieces so wait till Mahek is here. He ends call.

Mahek arrives her home. Dev looks at her, Mahek recalls their moments. Mahek says I wanted to say a lot to you but didnt know we will meet in this situation. Narvekar says stay away from Apa, she can get in danger. Mahek says its not her fault or mine. Munim says welcome. He asks Dev to send Mahek inside home. I am coming out of home with Apa but if anything happens then you know.. Munim feels someone in house but Dwani hides.
Mahek is going to Munim, Dev asks where she is going? Mahek says Apa’s life is in danger, I have to go to him. Dev says what about our baby? Mahek says when it was between lie and truth, I chose lie but I cant bear hate in your eyes for me, so today it will be hate or me. Dev says you have to think about our baby, you shot him, he wont spare you. Munim asks Mahek to come. Dev says to Narvekar that Dwani is in house, Munim doesnt know that, call her and asks her to open backdoor and send your officers from there, Narvekar says I will go myself but I need some time. Dev says I will get time from Munim, Narvekar wait for my cue. Dev takes Mahek to Munim. Munim asks Dev to stop, only Mahek is needed. Dev says I will come with her. Munim says only Mahek will come forward. Dev says Mahek is with me in this, we will come together, you can shoot me if you want, he holds Mahek’s hand. Otherside Narvekar goes behind house with his officers, he says to officers that we will go from backdoor when Dwani opens it and catch Munim but nothing should happen to Dwani.
Dwani gets Narvekar’s message. Munim feels some noise and asks Apa if someone is in house? she says no. Dwani gets message from Narvekar to open back door.
Munim asks Dev to send only Mahek. Dev says take off bomb jacket from Apa. Munim says once Mahek is with me then I will give you bomb code. Dev says I dont believe you. Munim says son doesnt trust his father? you dont have a choice, he asks Mahek to show his diary. Mahek takes diary out and shows him. Munim says okay, move ahead. Dev whispers to Mahek that Narvekar must have gone behind, go ahead. Mahek starts moving towards Munim. Apa goes to Dev. Apa looks at Mahek and cries. Dev hugs Apa. Munim grabs Mahek and asks her to give diary, she does. Dev says leave Mahek now. Munim asks Dev to move back. Mahek says you got what you wanted, now give bomb code and proof of my innocence. Munim says you killed Dev’s mother Shria. He points gun at her. Dev says she is pregnant. Munim says so? should I pity even knowing that she killed Shria? she killed your mother, this is a difference between you and me, I couldnt be a father even if I wanted to, you hate me but you couldnt be a son, if you were then you would have killed your mother’s killer. Dev says I dont trust that Mahek killed Maa, if she did then you wouldnt have left for long, I know you couldnt be a good father but you were a good husband and cared for your wife, you said you loved my mother, you told me that. Munim says move back.. save your Apa. Dev says bomb code. Munim says 2018. He takes Mahek inside house.

Munim takes Mahek inside house. He hears mobile sound. Its Dwani’s phone. Narvekar is at backdoor.
Dwani tries to go out of her room, she is in room, she looks around and hears something, she thinks that Munim have put bomb around whole house. she says to Narvekar that there is a bomb in this room, dont come inside.
Munim says to Dev that where is your inspector Narvekar? call him back otherwise your baby and Mahek will be blasted. Dev thinks that I have to save Mahek before Munim does something.

PRECAP- Munim says you all want to enjoy my movie then see. He blasts a bomb in backyard to give example. Munim’s men comes to house and point guns at police. Munim have Mahek at gun point and says if anyone tries to move forward then I will blast everyone. Dev says dont do this, how many people will you kill? Munim says this is my game and I will decide the rules.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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