Dev (Colors) 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev makes love to Mahek

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Dev (Colors) 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says to Dev that I met Maa, please give me some time and I will tell you everything, I have taken courage to tell you this, my intentions are not bad, please dont go away from me, I just need a family with you. She cries. Dev sits with her. Mahek says I know I have given you pain, please forgive me, she breakdowns and cups his face, she says you can punish me but dont go away from me, I will die.. she hugs him and says give me a chance and I will answer all your questions, there is nothing more than you for me, nothing, Dev gets emotional and hugs her tightly.

Dev makes Mahek lie on bed, he caresses her face and kisses her face.. lag ja gale plays, Dev kisses her lips, hands, shoulder. She hugs him tightly. Mahek pulls Dev closer. Dev takes off his shirt and makes love to her.. they embrace each other tightly.. Dev opens her saree blouse..
Dwani sees camera footage of DEv making love to Mahek and recalls how she tempered with Mahek’s security camera, she cries and recalls how Dev asked her to stay away from him. She says I know what you are trying to do Mahek.

Narvekar comes to police station and sees pest control cleaning all rooms. He finds Mahek’s picture with Dev’s mom. He asks his officer if he found anything? he says yes I have found Mahek and Jayant’s calls. Narvekar hears Mahek’s call with Jayant, Jayant says that Meera knows your truth.. Mahek says you know what to do. Jayanat says your work will be done. Narvekar thinks I wont spare Mahek now.

Mahek recalls her moments with Dev last night, she looks at video of her killing Dev’s mother and thinks I have to tell this to Dev. Apa sees her pedrive and thinks to steal it. She makes noise, Mahek goes out of her room. Apa comes there and steals her pendrive. She sees Mahek’s video with Dev’s mother. She goes to store room and calls Dwani, she says I got pendrive, I saw video.. suddenly network goes out. Apa calls Dev and asks him to come home. Mahek knocks on store room and says Apa what you saw on laptop is not true. Apa comes out, Mahek says what you saw is not true. Apa says I saw it with my eyes, you are fooling everyone, you killed Dev’s mother and is fooling him? when he knows that his wife killed his mother then.. Mahek says its not true, Apa asks her to go away.. Mahek gets angry and says I wont let anyone come inbetween me and Dev.

Dev is coming to Mahek’s house but sees Apa on road. Apa has injury on head. He comes to her and says Apa I am Dev.. she faints in his arms.

Dwani comes to Mahek’s house and sees blood on table. She looks around for Apa, she tries to find pendrive and looks around for Mahek but doesnt find her.

Dev puts Apa in car and asks her to keep to talking. Dwani calls Dev and says Apa.. Dev says I am going to hospital with Apa, come there with Mahek, he ends call. Dwani thinks to tell everything to Narvekar. Dev sees Mahek’s pendent in Apa’s hand and takes it.

Scene 2
Dev brings Apa to hospital, she is taken to OT. Dev waits outside and thinks that I hope Mahek is fine. Dwani comes there and asks if Apa is fine? Dev says where is Mahek? is she fine? she sees Mahek’s pendent in Dev’s hand, he asks where is Mahek? She says I didnt see Mahek at home. He gets tensed and calls Mahek. Dwani says I know what happened, Mahek is playing a game, Mahek must have attacked Apa and left. Dev shouts shutup, Mahek can never attack Apa, what Apa is for me, its same for Mahek.

Narvekar comes to hospital too. Dwani brings tea for Dev. Dev says if you have a story for Mahek then dont say anything. Narvekar says listen to her. Dev says you have been trying prove that Mahek is behind Meera’s blast without any proof so dont say anything. Narvekar says I have a record.. he stops himself and says if anything happens to Apa then no one can save Mahek. Dwani shows Dev’s Maa’s photo in which Mahek is present. Dev says Mahek already told me that she met my mom. Dwani says Apa took her pendrive. Dev sees no pendrive in pendent. Kinjal comes there and asks about Apa, Narvekar says her surgery is going on, I knew you would be worried so I came.
Doctor asks Dev who is he to Apa? Dev says she is my mother. Doctor says she had head injury but she is fine now, we cant tell if she got hurt or someone hurt her, her coming to consciousness is important, he leaves. Dev says I have to go to Mahek’s house to find her. Narvekar says Mahek’s house is a crime scene and we need forensic there first. Dev says she is missing and pregnant. Narvekar says let police go there, I will tell you what information I find.

Kinjal asks Narvekar if he thinks Mahek is behind Apa’s condition? Narvekar says Apa had Mahek’s pendent in her hand, Mahek must have done that to stop her. Kinjal says but are you sure? Narvekar says proofs tell that Mahek attacked Apa. Kinjal says you should investigate and Mahek might be in trouble herself. Narvekar says she is herself a trouble, I have to leave, Kinjal says I will go home. He leaves.

Dev looks at Mahek’s pendent and thinks that Mahek cant attack Apa and if she didnt then someone took Mahek from there and attacked Apa. He recalls how Mahek pleaded to give her a chance, he thinks that my happiness always get tainted.

Dev and Narvekar comes to Mahek’s house for investigation. Dwani comes there, Dev says I asked you stay with Apa. Dwani says I thought to come and find about Apa’s attacker while you are finding Mahek. They all start to look around.
Dwani thinks that I have to find Mahek’s pendrive, Apa must have hide it somewhere. Dev comes out of house and sees some tire marks, he thinks which car came here? He imagines kidnapper’s car coming there. He finds a garage invoice of Wadala that might have fallen from car. He thinks why would Mahek have it?

PRECAP- Dev comes to Wadala’s garage and shows him invoice.
An old husband and wife gets killed in their house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Aww!!nice epi.but felt like killing could she have that kind of feelings for someone’s husband?we can clearly see that her motive is not about mehak’s truth but to separate mehak from dev.I’m watching this show just becoz of these kind of witches.but here too..they are the real villians but ppl believe they are selfless mahans coz their characters are framed in such a way….?.atleast make her die at the end.just can’t tolerate her.nowadays,extramarital affair is
    a trending thing in colors programs.but apa too is overreacting.she’s reacting like a saas.she would have heard mehak’s explanation.but mehak’s love for dev is just beautiful.I know that’s a kind of obsessive love.but it’s nice.their chemistry is awesome??

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