The destiny-Never let’s you go away (Naamkaran Avniel fan fiction) Episode 9

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Hi guys, I’m here with Episode 9. Now my school is about to resume so I may be unable to write often. So this is my last episode made in ‘sukoon’. Happy reading 🙂 . And read this too #episode_8

Episode 8 here

Neil: So aunty, let me ask you some questions, may I?

Neela: Sure.

Priya: ( making faces ) let me ask you some questions ….

After interrogation :-

Neil: Okay aunty bye. I’ll come tomorrow to meet the children and this foolish girl.

Priya: WHAT?

Neil: Yes….

They give an angry look at each other.


Priya is seen crying. Riya ( Priya’s friend ) and Neela enter there.

Riya: Arrey, what happened to our princess. Seems like you are leaving us after your marriage, huh?

Priya: ( feeling annoyed ) Maa, tell her to shut up…

Neela: Riya, don’t you remember ? Today it has been 11 complete years since we found Avni.

Priya (Avni): Mom, please don’t remind me of that name. It is the name which destroyed my life. And I’m Priya now, not Avni.

Neela: Avni……

neela consoles avni

Avni: Mom, you know the guy who came here, his name was also Neil. That made all my childhood memories fresh again.

Neela: Avni, do you remember how we met.

Avni: (dropping tears) Of course mom. That black day of my life when I lost my granny and Nanno because of that…. that..

Neela: We were below that cliff for a picnic and due to God’s grace I caught you in the right time and you were saved.





Neil’s POV

Neil is seen crying looking at a photo. Shweta enters.

Shweta: Tillu, why are you cryings? It’s Avni rights? Tillu, now what’s the uses of crying? She’s no mo…

Neil: No mom, don’t say that. I know she is alive. And today when I went Sukoon house, I felt her near me.

Shweta: Yeah, you lives in your dream world, I’m going to sleep. Good nights.

Neil: Good night mom.

Shweta goes.

Neil: ( lying on bed ) Something is in that girl, Priya. Something special.♥

neil thinks

He sleeps.

Next day: Sukoon house.

Neil rings the door bell. Avni opens the door and is shocked.

Priya( let’s tell Priya till Neil comes to know the truth ) : YOU???

Neil: YOU??

Tina ( looking at them ) : Oho, Priya.. same guy who fell on you, yeah. Aww, you two look so cute together.


Neil: WHAT?? cute? With this girl? Never. I would not be with this girl even if she is the last girl in the world.

Priya: Me too. Stupid Karela (bitter gourd)

neil avni fight

Mowgli: Hi hero, Neela mom told us about you. Priya dii beat you, right. (wishpering) She is lady Hitler.

Priya: Mowgli …
avni angry
Mowgli gets alert.

mowgli alert

Mowgli: Come on hero, let’s go.

Neil: Let’s go my boy !!

Neela: ACP Neil, you? Good morning.

Neil: Good morning aunty. By the way, this girl…

Tina: Priya…

Neil: Is it her habit to rude or is she same by birth..

Silence for sometimes

Neil: Oops, sorry..

He looks at Priya, she is crying

Neil: Sorry.. sorry Priya..

He wipes her tears. They have an eye lock.♥♥

eye lock

Precap: Neil hugs Priya. Neela gets a call from goons. Neil and Priya go to meet goons. Neil beats goon.

So guys, feedback please. And Shweta uses broken English. It’s not my grammatical error. Comment below ⇓

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Neil and priya’s scene is so cute and nice..will be waiting for the next…

    1. Deeyaana

      Thank you dii

  2. Priyu

    Hope Neil will soon understand that she is Avni . Many mysterious things are there to unfold!! Eagerly waiting to know them. Neil seems to know Mowgli? Aw! Avni seems to be so sensitive!!
    Nice one dear?? good luck

    1. Deeyaana

      Thank you Priya for suggesting a fake name for Avni 😉

      1. Priyu

        ????? no thank you in friendship

  3. Ayesha_malhotra

    Such a cute episode . Deepshu you are an amazing writer . Keep writing more and more – Ayesha

    1. Deeyaana

      Thanks a lot Ayesha

  4. Can you tell me how to add pics in ff’s and the episode was awesome

    1. Deeyaana

      Go to submit article, type in visual form and then if you want to add pics make text form, click IMG option and paste the URL of pic

  5. ImRagela

    Hey Deepshu ..Episode was awesome ..Loved Priya and Neil..Precap was interesting ..Waiting for the next ..Love u ????

    1. Deeyaana

      Achha ji! maska mat maro apna dare pura karo

  6. Pavithra1616

    Superb! Loved Neil and Priya scene.. Waiting for Neil to know aboutpriya being avni.. Many mysteries are there.. Eagerly waiting for the next… Update soon dear??

    1. Deeyaana

      Thank you Pavi.

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