Moving On ~ An Essential Part Of Our Lives

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“Every time you fall in love, it will be because something in that person reminds you of your first love.”

Losing your first love isn’t easy, letting go is even more difficult. You were the first person I loved and also the first person I lost.

You should always know when to let go, it’s a difficult decision. We often tend to take the blame on ourselves, keep making ourselves believe that the other person wasn’t at fault but there’s a point at which we realize that it just wasn’t worth it.

Relationships are like books, they take years to write but seconds to burn. Taking the decision to burn it is something which requires a lot of will power but once the decision is taken, there is turning back.

When you love someone, you will always try to make the relationship work, you will do anything for the other person’s happiness, you might even decide to walk out of their lives for their happiness. But one thing you have to realize is that you can’t always satisfy people’s needs.

It hurts, the absence of someone who used to be there but then you get used to it, you seek happiness in small things, you try to move on, you try to erase memories. But that’s where we go wrong, we should seriously stop trying to erase memories and learn to move. We should try to accept that forgetting isn’t important, moving on with your past experiences and memories is important.

You might try to be happy in your own life and succeed but you might never forget your first love because he’ll always be there in your heart.

We always say, “There is no way I can ever love someone, the way I loved him!” One thing, we have to realize is that we don’t experience love just once, we experience it time and again. Your first love tells you how it feels to put that one person before anything else, even your own happiness and then walk away. But you will definitely find love again, if not in the form of a life partner, then maybe a friend, child or sibling.

Life isn’t a bed of roses, there are always happy and sad times but always understand that there will always be a rainbow after a shower.

Loving someone again after losing your first love in a painful way will always be difficult but trying won’t hurt. All we need is that one person who will change your entire life in seconds.


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  1. Diya543

    Wow di it was truely an awesome article?. I really loved the way u convey the message. It’s was truly awesome?

    1. Naina0411

      Thank you so much Diya!! ? Glad you loved it! ❤️❤️

  2. Ruhi640

    Oh my God! This is one of the best one shots, I have ever read Di! Loved it to the core. Each and every single thing that you have said is true, when we try to forget things, we always end up thinking about that person the most. We should learn to accept it and move on as you have mentioned. The line you quoted at the start of your OS had the most powerful effect on me. It’s extremely true. Please do write more Di. Love you loads! Take care! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Naina0411

      Thank you so much Ruhi! Glad you loved it! I will definitely write more! Loads of love! ❤️❤️

  3. Ayni942

    Bandarrrrrr! Tu itni achhi likhti hai aur tune aaj tak mujhe nahi bataya! Mein kabhi bhi teri taarif nahi karti, humesha tujhe bandar bulati hu par aaj sachh mein, mujhe bahot khushi ho rahi hai ki tune ye likha..itni khoobsurati se likha hai na ki mein ye das baar padh chuki are the best bandar, love youuuuu…aur likho aur mujhe bataao

    1. Naina0411

      Kulfiii! Teri comment dekhkar bahot suprised hu! Tu meri taarif kar rahi hai?! ? Par thanks! Love you too!! ❤️❤️

  4. Hanna

    superb touched heart

    1. Naina0411

      Thank you! ❤️❤️

  5. AIHA19

    Ur right we should not try to erase the memories! And many of them waste their valuable time thinking of all these kinds of believes that the true love will come again and do something for them it’s all just a dream. The person whom I like the most is the person who whom you will hate the most. How strong relationship maybe one day you should be independent! Forgetting of all the past. People say that signals are unlucky but living independent is the best of all that gives you self belief, self confidence and that is how you reach your goals. Love is never true if it is true you would never lose it. Pyar To Sab karta hai par usse kuch log Nibha sakta hai. I agree with you jisko Ko Hamari Ashu pe Hasi Aati Hai it means that they never understood our love. Ok I am getting more emotional now! Well done Judwaa keep writing! Stay happy may all your dreams come true! ?

    1. Naina0411

      Love you! Agar mere pyaar mein itni hi takat hoti, mein usse kabhi nahi lose karti. Our relationship was the strongest, I have ever shared with anyone other than my family and letting go of him has taught me a lot.Don’t think that I hate him, I never will. Mera pehla pyaar tha aur rahega, usse nafrat kabhi nahi kar sakti aur meine usse nafrat karne ki koshish bhi chod di hai kyunki jab koshish karti hu to usse aur bhi pyaar kar bait thi hu. ?SRK ne kaha hai ki agar kisi cheez ko dil se chahte ho toh puri kainat tumhe uss cheez se milane ki koshish mein lag jaayegi, abhi ke liye, mera dil achhe marks chahta hai. ?

      1. AIHA19

        Ek baat bolunge gussa Mat Hona no one can understand u. And that’s true. ?

      2. Naina0411

        Mein maanti hu? Usse bhool nahi sakti to kyu hua, SRH hai mere liye??

  6. Amazing chapter Di! It really it true. Our first love is a part of our lives which we can never forget. The way you have expressed your views in this short piece of writing is just awesome. I am a silent reader but this OS made me feel the urge to comment. It is by far the best OS I have read till date. Keep writing! Loads of love! ✨

    1. Naina0411

      Thank you Ragini! It’s the first time you’ve ever commented on my works and I’m glad it touched you! ❤️

  7. Prinku942

    Diiiiii! I can’t tell you how much I have started respecting you as a writer after reading this! I’ve always been a huge fan of your writing but aaj aapne kamal kar diya. They say that it’s the people who lose their love who write so well because the words come from their hearts and not minds. Aaj, aapki iss piece ko dekhkar mujhe bahot khushi ho rahi hai kyunki ye bahot hi achhi tarah se likha gaya hai. There are a hundred meanings to each and every line of this OS. Truly a heart warming OS! I love you for this! ?

    1. Naina0411

      Prinku! Itni tareef mat karo! ? It’s definitely true because only those who let go of their love who can express a bit of their pain in words. Love you too! ??

  8. Ooshi

    it was nice and true
    good work keep it up Dear
    beshak wo tumhari kismat nahi pr pyaar tha iss liye us k lie dua krna mt chorna khuda tumhain wo de ga jo tum deserve krti ho bs jb tk tumhara true soulmate na aa jae in thoughts se door rehna (main ye nahi kehna chahati plz. meri baat smjhne ki koshish krna) q k kaheen aesa na ho k tumhare soulmate k aane tk tum apna pyaar itne logon main bant chuki ho k wo tumhain deserve na krta ho plz. meri baat smjhne ki koshish krna love u and want u to be loved but for that focus on other matters except love plz. plz. don’t take me wrong if i hurt u then u can give me any punishment i will obey my punishment truely

    1. Naina0411

      Di, mujhe aapki opinion galat kyu lagegi? Main khud ye maanti hu, bahot achha dost tha vo mera aur mera koi iraada nahi tha usse pyaar karne ka, bas ho gaya. Agar mein apni past change kar bhi paati, shayad mein apna pehla ko change nahi karti. Uske memories ko bhulana, mere liye impossible hai, move on to kar lungi par shayad mere liye abhi pyaar important nahi hai. Mere life mein bahot saare priorites hain, family, studies, friends etc aur mere priorities mein pyaar nahi hai. Aur pyaar to kisi se bhi mil sakta hai, parents, friends aur bhai-behen se bhi. Unhone mujhe bahot kuch sikhaya hai aur unke memories abhi ke liye kaafi hai, mujhe pyaar ke chakkar mein nahi padna, mere liye Shah Rukh Khan kaafi hai. ?

      1. Naina0411

        *pehla pyaar

      2. Ooshi

        good yakeenan boht se log meri baat psand nahi krain ge lakin ye boht km mumkin hai k
        1 lrka aur lrki sirf dost reh sakain
        have u read my article peak of my craziness by Ooshi

      3. Ooshi

        That’s also about love with some of my craziness

      4. Naina0411

        Voh to mujhe nahi pata Di, mere bahot saare dost hai jo ladke hein par sirf uss ek insaan se pyaar kar baiti. Par jo khuda chahta hai, vahi hota hai aur vo ho hi gaya. Mein vo article zarur padhungi.

  9. Priyu

    Yeah nainu u r right. I have heard that first love is hard to forget. But it’s luck to have your first love throughout your life right . You know nainu I’m so happy to have my twin with me. I think she’s my first love ?? and I’m very sure that I would never loose my true love ??but you know sometimes I’m afraid of thinking my death ?? how can I leave her when I die right? I love her right ?
    Moving on is a great thing nainu . U know Neil? He is the stupidest man alive. Like flash is the fastest man alive. Because he isn’t moving on his life!! Just venting out a.ger thinking about Avni. ?
    And Adithya too. ,( Adithya Hooda??) he should move on too right? Thinking about Pooja and trying to take revenge from Zoya doesn’t make any sense. He should have lived peacefully without destroying himself and Zoya ? j feel bad for Adithya Hooda ?
    Great article nainu. ?? Good luck Keep Writing ?

    1. Naina0411

      Thank you Di. You are definitely very lucky to have your first love because very less people get that opportunity. Your first love is not difficult to forget, he’s impossible to forget. Neil should move on, not forget about Avni but not living in pain. Aur Aditya Hooda, I don’t understand his logic of extracting revenge from Pooja by hurting Zoya! ?

      1. Priyu

        Yeah nainu see boys are difficult to understand. They say that girls r difficult to understand but boys (Mr Adithya Hooda ?) are difficult to understand right!!

      2. Naina0411

        Guys are very difficult to understand, Di but Aditya Hooda isn’t difficult to understand, he is impossible to understand. ??

  10. di u r just amazing.but what u have written that’s true.i know there was so much pain u have gone throw.i understand when we love someone & we don’t get the same it’s gives so much pain. first love never let us to forget him. i wish apko accha mark mile jitna ap chahteho usse jyada.

    1. Naina0411

      Thank you so much Tasha! Meri case thodi different thi, vo bhi mujhse bahot pyaar karta tha par unki khushi ke liye mujhe unse door jaana padha. Haan, pehla pyaar kabhi bhulaya nahi jaata. Once again, thank you and take care. ???

  11. welcome di

    1. Naina0411


  12. Naina u have written awesome.. I haven’t experience anything like that bcoz I have seen many people who lost their first love.. I have seen the pain they felt inside.. Really it’s very sad to loose someone especially when he or she loves a person from the core of their heart.. U must move on in your life and become a successful person.. Apne pyaar ko taqaat Banana kamjori nahi.. Take care.. God bless you..

    1. Naina0411

      Thank youuu Di! Definitely bahot dard deta hai jab pyaar dono sides se ho aur ek tarfa nahi par phir bhi relationship nahi chalta. Thank you once again! Take care! ❤️❤️

  13. Mallika4962

    Wow! Aap itna achha kaise likhti ho Di? Just superb! Brought tears to my eyes. Aapka dard har ek word mein chipa hua hai. Loved this article to the core. Aapne ye article mere saath share nahi kiya!! Next time, mujhe link chahiye Di! Love youu loads and take care. Miss all our conversations a lot. Hope you get more marks than you are expecting because you deserve all the happiness in the world Di. You are the best! ??

    1. Naina0411

      Thank youuuu! ???

  14. Pavithra1616

    Actually I don’t know what to say.. I really don’t know.. Should I say this. .. It was superb amazing, just like we all comment in ff and all.. There is no words to say about this! U have written it so well.. And some lines remembered me of avneil.. Because it was similar to them.. And each and every line, u said, is truley meaningful.. And one thing, if u don’t feel bad, we can let go of our first love even though it will be difficult.. But when we let it go, after some months, we will never think about that person or the past… I think its the same for everyone.. And I hope there will me more this type of lessons from you.. Thanks a lot for this wonderful article.. Luv u??

    1. Naina0411

      Thank you Devu! Love you too! ??

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