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Vinni is abt to leave park den she heard Alisha’s voice calling uv’s name and she turns to look wat it is this made her shock that uv is moving towards the truck
A: uv wat r u doing (she is running behind him shouting to stop)
here uv is not listening to alisha and moving towards truck.nd stands in front of it Vinni just runs towards him while truck is coming towards him with a high speed wen truck is abt to hit uv Vinni drags him towards her both fell down .
V: uv r u gone mad????
U: no Vinni u said that if I want to prove my love I must stand in front of that so I can do anything for ur love if u want my life happily I will give it u plzzz trust me
Alisha comes to Vinni slaps her hard by looking this uv also slaps Alisha makes both Vinni and Alisha shock.
U: how dare u Alisha to slap her in front of me , do u know how important she is in my life she is everything for again don’t u dare to behave like this with her got it
A: wow uv for this bl***y b***h u slapped me if she is important and everything for den who I am to u tell me (shouts at him by holding his collar)
U: no Alisha it’s not love between us it was mere attraction I know u must be hurt but it’s true I don’t love u anymore I love only Vinni she thaught me meaning of love,trust .
A: OK now u too listen uv I will see how u will be happy with her I will ruined ur life says this and she left Vinni and uv behind.
U: Vinni plzzz trust give me a last chance to prove my love plzzz I beg u and every human Should get second in their life right ..Think of it
Vinni goes and hugs uv
V: I am sry uv yes I will give u a second chance
Uv breaks hug and says ” Vinni first I should apologize to twinkle I did very bad to her so shall we go their ”
V: OK uv but I don’t know whether bhabi forgives u or not but u must strong enough to face that
U: I know Vinni it is not an easy thing to forgive a person like me but until she forgives me I will keep apologizing her I will loose hopes
V:OK chalo let’s go
Uv said OK and both moves to meet twinj

Twinj flat
Twinkle is working in kitchen (guys now twinkle had learnt cooking for some extent )she has ata plate in her hand just den door gets open and a guys comes inside tip toed and saw twinkle and went towards her without her notice she stand behind her he shouts in twinkles ear twinkle being scared turned due which the aata in plate poured on him den she starts shouting but that person in front her kept his hand on her mouth to prevent her from shouting and that guys is revealed to be our kunj
K: shhhh…. Twinkle it’s me kunj don’t shout and he removes his hand
T(hitting him playfully): kunj are u crazy u sacred me wat was that ..
K: I was just playing a prank with u and see wat u did with me (camera shows from his toe to face with funny tune in bf)
Now kunj face and clothes were full of aata by looking at him twinkle starts laughing like a maniac holding her stomach
T: kunj u r looking like a perfect joker in this attire just that red nose is missing wait I will tell by saying this she takes tomato and cuts it and try to put on his nose but kunj holds her hand and says
K: wat am I looking like a joker den u r my wife means my better half so u also a joker by saying this he poured aata which is in box beside him now u too looks like a joker but frankly speaking this attire suits u a lot says this and he too laugh at her

T: hww kunj how mean u r by saying she pours tomato ketchup and kunj holds it like this they start playing with eatables in kitchen and den with water like this they start running in whole house and they messed up all things shattered everywhere at home .
Twinkle was all wet and kunj too kunj was running behind twinkle while twinkle leg got twist she was abt to fall but kunj catches her wrist and floor was slippery due to water because of this they both lost their balance and falls on the couch kunj on twinkle.
Kunj slowly tucks her hair strand behind her ear which is on her face twinkle felt his touch and closed her eyes den kunj’s eyes falls on twinkle wet red lips kunj slowly leans towards twinkle face and placed his lips on twinkle’s due to this twinkle opens her eyes widely to this sudden reaction kunj .But she was enjoying this and she start rubbing his hair with her hand . At beginning it was slow kiss but it becomes wild one .
Just den Vinni along with uv enters their flat and were shocked to see that Vinni cleared her throat due to this they broke their kiss and looked at Vinni (guys remember uv is behind Vinni) . They composed themselves
V:sry bahi I think I should come after wards u just continue with ur romance (giggles)
K: aree no Vinni it’s ntng like that u come here
While this twinkle was blushing her cheeks were red like tomato and she bowed her head

There was awkward silence which is broken by Vinni
V: Bhai wats all this mess and wat is this by looking at twinj’s faces she starts laughing
K:Vinni don’t laugh it’s all because of ur dearest bhabi says sarcastically
T: hww kunj u scared me first so accidentally I poured aata on u but u did intensionally right
K: yeah y because u were laughing at me after pouring aata on me so I did like that
And twinj start their fight again this was witnesses by uv and Vinni
V: enough Bhai and bhabi u guys are impossible u just fight like small kids and Bhai I want introduce one person to u ppl
K/t: ha Vinni
V: but bhai u shud control ur anger plzzz and bhabi u also
K/ t:ha Vinni but who is he
Vinni moves and twinj were shocked to see uv in front of them with Vinni
Screen freezes

So guys I am winding with this episode
Hope I reached ur expectations .
Plzzz ignore any garmattical errors if any
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