Kanchi : Never ending love (Part 1)

Hiii guys.. This is the first time am writing
I hope you guys like it..

All the characters as same in the serial and there is no mishra and agarwal thing

So lets come to the story.

Sanchi before going to do internship in SDCH goes to her friend’s marriage.

At her friends engagement day

All are enjoying the function but sanchi just thinking about jaya and anand malhotra and how to reveal the anand’s true colors to all.

Pragya : abeo itna kya soch rahi ho(what are you thinking?)

isha : may be about her prince charming

sanchi: phir shuru hogaye tum donom?

bride: sanchi tumne promise kiya thaki you will enjoy all functions and don’t be sad

sanchi: ofcourse . And i never be sad again ab chalo tumhara fiance wait kar raha hoga tumhara liye

All goes outside beside the swimming pool.

And both bride and groom’s friends are there.

All are started to play truth and dare.

pragya spin the bottle and stopped on isha

pragya: truth or dare?

isha : always dare…

pragya : then see the uncle there who wears red kurta goes to him and say i wanna marry u

isha : its not fair

sanchi : go ahead isha you said na always dare . Go and enjoy now.

isha goes and completes the dare.

And akhil( grooms friend) spin the bottle and stops on sanchi

akhil: truth r dare

all others said dare dare dare..

sanchi : k dare

akhil : then see a man is coming towards here go and propose him

sanchi : hey i don’t know who he is how will i?

others: No you have to and cheers sanchi

sanchi breaths high and starts moving towards him.He wears blach suit and he looks so hot(obviously he is none other than kabir kapoor groom’s childhood friend came to attend his marriage)

sanchi : hii.i know you don’t know me but i wanted to tell you something that usually i don’t believe in love at first sight but when i just saw you i was wrong.I can’t keep my eyes on anything.i want to live my whole life with you .I love you.I don’t know you love or not but i just want to share my feelings towards you.

kabir : are you lost your mind.I don’t have time to listen your stupid pranks.go now.

sanchi nd kabir comes to beside swimming pool

sanchi : How khadus is he?akduu

isha: don’t call him like that look he is so hot

pragya: by the way he is groom’s friend

isha: whats his name?

sanchi : hitler

pragya:hahaa no kabir

sanchi about to turn but slips due to lehanga and about to fall in pool but kabir saves her by holding her waist and they had an eye lock.

After sometime they came into senses and parted away.

At sangeeth :

All get ready for sangeeth

sanchi wearing a blue lehanga and kabir blue suit.

Chits are ready for choosing their partners and

isha – akhil
pragya – sid

sanchi – kabir

All are started danching and kanchi hesistantly stepped into dance floor

Phir bhi tumko chahunga
main phir bhi tum ko chahunga plays

And kabir puts his one hand again her waist and other joins with her hand
sanchi puts her other hand on his chest.

They lost in each other eyes while dancing.

sanchi break the ice and said whatever yesterday she said was a dare and she has no such feelings for him or anyone

kabir: shhh.and places his finger on her lips and says akhil said me that a while ago that Its a dare

sanchi : sorry

kabir : said na its kk

sanchi : friends?

kabir : k

At marriage :

All ladies get ready very beautifully

while they are coming kabir just mesmerised by seeing a girl wearing a beautiful pink lehanga with loose hair and simple ornaments and coming towards him.

kabir : murmering you look so gorgeous

sanchi : what?

kabir : nothing you look good today by the way

sanchi : thank you

And marriage completed and all went to their places.

kanchi just lost in each other thoughts and they don’t realize that they have feelings for eachother.

Next day at SDCH:

kabir:Shouting on some nurse and says all reports are to be in my desk in 1 hour.

nurse : k sir.and goes.

ms.fernadise: dr.Kabir this is the interns list and batch starts from tomorrow.

kabir: k
and he checks the list and found a name familiar


he thinks about her and their dance etcc

He realized he is liking her but thinks i don’t know her surname
this is just a name lets forget it and starts preparing a presentation for interns.

sanchi isha pragya came to SDCH

sanchi : I have to complete my father’s wish

isha nd pragya: u will and we support u

sanchi : Thankyou guys

They enter into SDCH and veer comes there and plays a prank with them .

At class room:
All interns are in class and kabir enters.

kabir:Good morning all of you

all: Gm

kabir: turns to board and starts writing something

sanchi pragya isha nd veer: excuseme sir

kabir: first day also late how you guys think you become doctors and turns towards them

kanchi just look at each other and shocked.

sanchi : kabir..tum yaha

kabir: smiles in mind and says its dr.kabir and come in

sanchi : sorry sir.

After completing the class he distributes the files and goes to his cabin.

pragya nd isha: omg i can’t believe he is dr.kabir the strict and hot doctor here and he looks good in marraige but now he is totally different

sanchi:khaduss but he is nice

pragya isha: starts teasing her

nurse came to them and says dr.sanchi dr.kabir is calling you in his cabin

sanchi:knock the door and may i come in sir?

kabir : yes.why dont you tell me that you are a doctor and you are coming here.

sanchi: you also don’t said you are a senior doctor in SDCH.

kabir: k . you are my student here and in off time you are my friend

sanchi: whispers how khadus ye bhi aisa bol raha hain ki mujh par ahsan kar raha hain

kabir: Did u said something

sanchi : no nothing murmers hitler

In these days kanchi became best friends and both have feelings for each other.
But both are said to themselves that they are teacher nd student relation between them and can’t think like that about each other.

On one day kabir realized that he can’t stay away from her and can’t lose her so he decided to propose her and calls sanchi in his cabin.

sanchi : may i come in sir

kabir : yes.

sanchi : i have study the file of critical condition patients and

kabir stops her and goes near her and says shhhh. its off time and i call you to tell u something

sanchi to herself how khadus sometimes kind and sometimes hitler

kabir : then meet me at 8 pm on parking lot we are going out

sanchi :out but why?

kabir: comes close to her and she steps backwards and hit the wall

he pinned her to the wall and lean on her and says in ear be ready and im waiting for you .

And they parted.

At eve.

sanchi wearing a light pink saree comes towards the kabir’s car and kabir just admiring her beauty.

sanchi: kabir . where are you lost

kabir: no.Get in

At restaurent

kabir: sanchi i want to tell you something .when you first came and said i love you i thought u also like other girls.But after that i realized u r not those type of girls who try to impress me.You r unique and you don’t have any need to try to impress me because i already fallen for you.I love you sanchi.

sanchi with teary eyes : i love you too but my first priority is my goal and my marriage can’t effect me acheiving my goal

kabir: putting finger on her lips and says this relation would never effect your goal and after completion of your internship we will marry.

and kabir started to clean her tears on her cheeks and they share a deep and passionate kiss and they parted after lack of air.

sanchi embrassed by the sudden gesture of kabir and blushes and turns red

sanchi: I need to tell you about my past and shares all about anand deeds

kabir: i don’t believe he could do that and he is a mentor to me and i don’t know itna kuch ho raha hain illegal is hospital mein and iam unaware of that.

sanchi : u know na now.its k

kabir: we will collect the proofs against him .

sanchi : s we will

And they both starts towards the car.

kabir drops her to the hostel.

In hostel :

pragya: kya huan .Tumhare chahere pe itna muskurahat ke vajah

isha: bataona kya hua aur kaha gaya tune

sanchi: i will tell you but keep it as a secret.kabir proposes me

pragya nd isha : aur tune kya kaha bataona jaldi

sanchi: haa kah di aur main usko anand malhotra ke bare mein sab kuch batadi

isha: ab tho hame kabir jiju ki madad bhi milegi proofs ikatta karne mein

sanchi : jiju ?? stop it isha . he is our teacher in duty time

pragya: jo bhi ho wo tho hamare liye jiju hi hain

and they go to sleep

and sanchi messaged him

sanchi : u went home safely

kabir : s

sanchi : k gud night then

kabir : itani jaldi

sanchi: kya karun kal subha mera shift hain aur mera khadus senior tho mujh par uska sara gussa nikal lega agar main late hua tho

kabir: stop taunting yaar


kabir: k gud night tomorrow 7 am report me in my cabin.

sanchi : k bye khadus..

At mrng:

sanchi comes and sees kabir in his cabin

kabir: u come late by 1 min 35 sec

sanchi : not next time

kabir : k .
and they started to collect proofs against anand goes to prohibited area and gets all proofs about anands deeds

At eve:
police comes and kabir gives the evidence to them and lashes out angry on anand and kanchi succeed in sending him behind bars.

kabir offers sanchi to drop her at hostel and they goes towards car and it suddenly starts raining

sanchi starts dancing and feels it and kabir just admiring her.

sanchi grabs kabir and both drenched in rain and dance romantically and share a passionate kiss and parted ways after thundering and starts towards car and sanchi slips due to wet and kabir holds her by waist and screen phrases on their pose.

And they lead a happy life thereafter.

thats the end guys.i hope it reached your expectations and its a bit lenghty and in a fast forward mode.Actually this is my first writing so if any mistakes than forgive me.I need your suggestion guys.

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    1. Hema69

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